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The Dwarfs tech tree consists of technologies that unlock new advantages throughout the game. Research takes place constantly, but the rate at which discoveries occur can be increased by using heroes to spy or building additional research buildings at your settlements.

Tech tree[]


Tech Prerequisite Cost Effects Description
Wh main dwf civic development.png The Way of the Guilds A powerful, authoritative voice in any Hold, the Guilds dominate Dwarfen civil life, controlling trade, finances and labour.
Wh main dwf dwarf treasuries.png Dwarf Treasuries
Dwarf treasuries are often as deep as their vaults… which can be very deep!
Dwarf treasuries are as famous as their beards - vaults stocked high with coin and gold collected as tribute from outposts, Clans, and Guilds in the area of the Karak's influence. Such fame has been to the race's detriment, as Greenskins and other filth have raided the deeps in search of Dwarf treasure as a result!
Wh main dwf settlement subsidies.png Khazid Subsidies
To grow the Everlasting Realm, the Guilds send subsidies to make settlements old and new sustainable.
  • Income from Settlements: +5%
There are many abandoned outposts, mines and other Khazids in the Karaz Ankor - settlements that are no longer sustainable due to raids, invasion or for simply existing during the Time of Woes. However, as the Dwarf Kingdoms expand again, expeditions are sent out with large subsidies from the local King or the Guilds to make these places secure and viable again.
Wh main dwf include related families.png Include Related Families
Nepotism is not a dirty word in Dwarf society. The Guilds encourage it, for family honour is prized.
The Guilds, much like the Clans, are run by highly-placed families, often of Royal blood or able to trace back their lineage back to the very first Guild Master. The hiring of siblings, sires, cousins, and lesser kin is seen as a "good thing" in Dwarf society, for a family may uphold its honour by being highly capable in its chosen field.
Wh main dwf dwarven diplomats.png Dwarfen Diplomats
Grumpy, straight-talking Dwarfs do not make the best diplomats, yet some are better at it than others!
  • Diplomatic relations: +10 with all factions
Dwarfs have a grim outlook on life and rarely waste words on meaningless platitudes and empty gestures. They see these behaviours in others and detest it. Dwarfs say it as they see it, which can make already-delicate negotiations… somewhat tricky. However, there are Dwarfs that can play political games who are known as "azril-tongued", for they make the best messengers and diplomats.
Wh main dwf toolmakers guild.png Toolmakers' Guild
The august Toolmakers are a young but powerful Guild, as all Dawi that practise a craft need tools.
  • Income from Toolmakers: +10%
The Toolmakers' Guild is only a few centuries old, which makes it an infant organisation compared to some of the ancient, venerable Guilds, yet its rise in power and influence has been meteoric and uncomfortable according to some Longbeards. The Guild's greatest play was securing a Royal Decree stating that even if a journeyman makes his own tools, he must still pay tribute to the Guild.
Wh main dwf tool market.png Tool Market
When a Dawi is in need of decent hammer or az, the tool market is the place to find it.
  • Income from Toolmakers: +5%
Tools - and quite a few weapons beside - can be found at the tool market. Of course, no knowledgeable customer pays the marked price, and Dwarf haggling is notoriously straightforward, being of the "I want this, I'll pay you this and not a copper more." variety, the vendor then following up with a "wazzock" grumbled underneath his beard.
Wh main dwf thanes authority.png Thane's Authority
Thanes speak with the word of their King, and so the Guilds' rarely question such direct commands.
  • Hero action cost: -20%
The relationship between the Guilds and the Clans, especially the Royal Clans, is complex. Most of the time they work in unity, although war between Guild and Clan is not unknown. Thorgrim takes a dim view of such things, stating there are more than enough urks out there for Dawi to be slaying. Still, when a Thane speaks he does so, in theory, with the power of his Lord and King.
Wh main dwf scrutinize guild leaders.png Scrutinise Guild Leaders
As Dwarf Guilds wield such power, it makes sense that the Clans keep an eye on them, ensuring competence and honesty.
  • Masters of Steel and Stone commandment: additional -5% to recruitment cost
Although no Dawi would state it - as to challenge another Dwarf openly would question his honour and infer insult and cause a grudge to be recorded in a Guild's own Book of Grudges - the Clans do scrutinise Guilds and their powerful leaders. They do this not just out of rivalry, as most Clan members belong to a Guild as well, but to ensure they are competently run as the backbone of industry.
Wh main dwf dwarven emissaries.png Dwarfen Emissaries
Dwarfen Emissaries use their forbearance of other races to play the game of diplomacy as well as any Elf, lacing palms with oathgold as needed.
  • Diplomatic relations: +20 with all factions
After several hundred years of being around manlings and elgi, Dwarf diplomats can become emissaries and ambassadors, using a tolerance built up over decades to bite their tongues and match wits with the snarkiest of the beardless scum. In this way, they serve the Karaz Ankor by brokering alliances and treaties. Other Dwarfs look upon this occupation with disdain, ignorant to how many Dawi lives have been saved through carefully-brokered peace treaties.
Wh main dwf storage vaults.png Storage Vaults
In the lower deeps of any Hold are the sealed vaults. They are cool and dark, perfect for storing foodstuffs and other vital supplies.
  • Leadership: +10 when under siege
Dwarfs don't just store gold and gems in their vaults. Half the space will be used to store the supplies necessary for the Dawi to hold out during a siege. So, casks of ale (obviously), loaves and loaves of stone bread (which can last decades before going stale), grain, arms, armour, and even some livestock will be taken from mountain pastures and set up in rudimentary pens as the enemy approaches.
Wh main dwf heavy quarnstones.png Heavy Quernstones
Dwarf grinding stones are always perfectly round and decorated with geometric scrawls and runes, usually of Valaya's making.
  • Growth: +10
Quernstones of Dwarf origin are the only tools that can grind the flour needed for stone bread, as the meal used is a mixture of ground stone and grain. They are also used for grinding the base minerals used in black powder and often the same pair of grinding stones will be used for both tasks on the same day, lending the next day's stone bread a peppery taste appreciated by the Longbeards.
Wh main dwf underway trade caravans.png Underway Trade Caravans
Dwarfholds tend to trade with each other via the Underway, which keeps prying eyes out of Dawi business.
  • Income from trade: +5% trade agreement tariffs
While much of the Underway remains in ruin or under control of the grobi, over the last few centuries Grudgebearer has spent considerable resources to make the ancient underground Dwarf roads usable again. This way, the Guilds can freely treat with each other in relative secrecy and prevent manling bandits from attacking. Sadly, it doesn't always stop the grobi and thaggoraki.
Wh main dwf autonomy of the holds.png Autonomy of the Holds
Karaz Ankor states that, while all Dwarfholds swear fealty to the High King, they are ruled independently.
  • Empower the Guilds commandment: additional +15 Icon growth.pnggrowth
The influence a High King has on the Holds waxes and wanes depending on the ruler in question. Thorgrim is very much a traditionalist in that he expects each Karak to pay tribute to Karaz-a-Karak, but otherwise lets them govern themselves. However, should a Hold join his call to arms in the Age of Reckoning, then all power to them! Therefore, in recognising their independence, Grudgebearer makes the Karaz Ankor all the more united.
Wh main dwf oaths of loyalty.png Oaths of Loyalty
Every Dwarf must make unbreakable oaths to his King. Only the most scraggiest of beard-wearers would think to break them.
To Dwarfs, an oath is as unbreakable as the mountains themselves. Whether for Clan or Guild, a Dwarf's oath is his honour and that of all his Ancestors going back to the very start of his family. To break it would be to his eternal shame, for which self-expulsion or the Slayer Oath may be the only option.
Wh main dwf improved blast charges.png Improved Blast Charges
Dwarfs are not ones for innovation, but refining a process to perfection is a totally different matter!
  • Income from Iron Mines, Gold Mines and Stone Quarries: +10%
Powdermakers shun the perceived Dwarf wisdom that tradition has already created the best that could possibly be. Their Guild aligns itself more closely with the faction in the Engineers' Guild that embraces innovation. To this end, they are always refining their formulation - changing the weighting of different elements to increase charge or explosive power.
Wh main dwf the gromril picks.png Gromril Picks
Dwarfen picks of Gromril are rare, but only needed when mining for star-iron ore, as like finds like.
  • Income from Iron Mines, Gold Mines and Stone Quarries: +5%
Star-iron or Gromril, as it is known in Khazalid, is a rare metal that only the Dwarfen smiths can work. They fashion it into weapons and suits of the hardest armour. To release it from the mountain's grasp in the first place, the miners need tools of Gromril, because even the strongest steel mattocks and drill bits just break upon it.
Wh main dwf the kings share.png The King's Share
The Royal Clan is entitled to its tithe. The Reckoners guarantee that the Guilds pay up.
  • Income from trade: +10% trade agreement tariffs
As well as resolving grudges between Dawi, Reckoners account for lost coin, tributes and tithes, for the Hold's King is entitle to his cut of any transaction in his realm. He, in turn, will offer tribute to the High King, and so the finances of the Karaz Ankor turn and the Dawi continue to fund their expansion and resurgence.
Wh main dwf high kings authority.png High King's Authority
Thorgrim brooks no fools, Dawi or otherwise. He is stern - even for a High King - and his authority is absolute.
The High King is rarely troubled by his own kith and kin, yet there have been times in the past when grumbles have turned from being merely sour and scathing to full-blown insurrection. Thorgrim does not tolerate such behaviour. In the throne chamber of Everpeak, a stern glance from him is enough to shut even the staunchest naysayer up.
Wh main dwf steam drills.png Steam Drills
Steam-powered automated drills are a recent, if noisy, invention by the Engineers' Guild.
  • Income from Iron Mines, Gold Mines and Stone Quarries: +15%
Boring or chipping away the rock bed at the bottom of freshly-sunk mineshafts are the steam drills, a recent arrival from the Engineers' Guild. These cacophonous contraptions have sped up digging times, but can only range as far as the thick pipes which carry the water needed to create the steam allow. This drawback hasn't stopped the Clans requesting drills for battle and investigating new ways to weaponise such technology.
Wh main dwf uncover new earth layers.png Prospecting
Dwarf prospectors are experienced miners. It is said they can even uncover new seams by smell rather than sight.
  • Income from Salt Mines and Dyemakers: +5%
Dwarfs dig ever deeper, seeking out wealthy new seams of ore and gems. It is the prospectors they turn to when a fresh seam is needed. Many rely on their gut instinct, but others have started using Guild-supplied gadgets to filter the earth and give clues about where to sink the next shaft.
Wh main dwf construction duty.png Construction Duty
Dwarfs are industrious. When the Guilds call for construction, their members gather and work their beards off!
  • Treasury.png Construction cost: -10% for all buildings
An indolent Dwarf is a rare thing. By and large they are an industrious folk, that when contracted to do a job will get to it pronto. Dwarfs on construction duty, be they stone masons, builders, overseers et al, work in an impressive and ant-like parity; each Dwarf has a job and they will perform it to the best of their ability, as honour demands.
Wh main dwf ancestral tombs.png Ancestral Tombs
The tombs of the Ancestors are shrines, for Dwarfs revere age, experience and unbroken blood lines.
  • Venerate the Ancestors commandment: additional +1 Icon corruption untainted.pngUntainted
The Dwarf gods are their Ancestors, actual beings that strode the mountain chains, created the first master runes, founded Karaz-a-Karak and made war with the Chaos Gods. All Royal Clans, and even many Guilds, can trace their lineage back to the Ancestor Gods or their progeny, their remains found in sacred tombs deep within the oldest Karaks.
Wh main dwf sealstones.png Sealstones
Some tombs lay closed, forever sealed with stones covered in ancient runes that glow when evil lurks nearby.
  • Untainted: +1
The creation of Sealstones has been lost. The knowledge died with a Runelord several centuries past, yet there are a few older tombs in the lower deeps that remain sealed by the protective wards the Sealstones are laced with. Even in lost Dwarfholds there are revered tombs that remain untouched by enemy hands, as the Sealstones keep evil away.
Wh main dwf runic seals of quality.png Dwarfen Grims
The 'Grims' - small Dwarf tokens attached to their products - are a sign of quality even the manlings understand.
  • Income from Breweries and Gem Cutters: +10%
Even since men began fashioning their own metalwork, they have tried to copy Dawi methods using inferior materials. These things are inevitably shoddy works or 'Umgak', to use the Khazalid. To distinguish Dwarfen products made within the Karaz Ankor from manling reproductions, the Guilds have taken to attaching Guild tokens or 'Grims' to their work. Whether it's an ale cask or even Dwarf cut gems, a grim is a sign of quality.
Wh main dwf waterproof packaging.png Water-Proof Packaging
Using tar and hide, the Dwarfs can effectively waterproof certain supplies that are otherwise prone to spoilage.
  • Income from Salt Mines and Dyemakers: +10%
Certain goods spoil more easily than others, especially when water is introduced. There is no such thing as soggy stone bread - that stuff just won't get wet, which explains why manlings moan about its dryness and insist on slavering it in butter. However, even Dwarfs realise that salt and cinnabar cannot be transported when wet and so seal it in a mixture of tar and treated hides.
Wh main dwf construction guilds.png Construction Guilds
Along with the Engineers, the Construction Guilds are some of the most powerful, for every Dwarf needs a home.
  • Hero recruit rank: +2 for Master Engineers
  • Construction time: -2 for Province Capital/Settlement buildings
The stone masons, the scaffolders, the tunnellers, the carpenters; Construction Guilds make up the majority of larger civic organisations within the Karaz Ankor. This makes them a powerful faction within inter-Guild politics and even gives them significant clout against the Clans and some Kings. However, having them on-side guarantees any building project a boost.
Wh main dwf carve throne rooms.png Grand Throne Chamber
The grander the Throne Chamber, the more envious and intimidated the King's audience or 'guests' will be.
  • High King's Tribute commandment: additional +5% tax rate
  • Lord recruit rank: +1
  • Lord recruit rank: +1
Dwarfs don't always like to flaunt their wealth, preferring to keep it locked up in deep vaults. However, the Kings of old learned that to impress both allies and rivals' emissaries, an impressive throne room is needed. No Hold wants to be known for its humble audience chamber, so the Kings try to outdo each other with exquisitely carved stone thrones, flanked by grim statues of the Ancestor Gods.
Wh main dwf valaya protection.png Valaya's Protection
Dwarf Runepriests are rare, but when they visit the Holds they inscribe the Protection of Valaya upon home and hearth.
  • Hero recruit rank: +2 for Runesmiths
  • Untainted: +3
The iterant Runepriests are the keepers of the Ancestor Gods' bloodlines. They are able to recite the names of every generation going all the way back to the Ancestor Gods themselves. This is sacred knowledge, and powerful wisdom to boot, as from it comes the Protection of Valaya. However, like their kin, the Runesmiths, Runepriests can go years without finding a worthy apprentice, and some die without passing on their holy lore.
Wh main dwf hall of great guilds.png Halls of Great Guilds
It is in the Guild halls where the ruling councils meet to discuss policy, tariffs, and to further their goals.
  • Income from Gem Cutters and Obsidian Quarries: +20%
A Guild's controlling council meets in the Guild hall. The location depends on where it is principally located. The Engineers' shrine and Guild halls are in Zhufbar, for example, although most of the larger Guilds have their own halls in all major Karaks. The inner workings of the Guilds remain clandestine - all manner of secret handshakes, passwords and unusual rituals are needed to gain entry!
Wh main dwf deep resource extraction.png Deep Resource Extraction
Thanks to the Guilds, Dwarfs excel at getting resources out of the ground - no matter how deep!
  • Income from Salt Mines, Pottery production and Dyemakers: +15%
When led by the powerful Engineers' Guild, there is no seam, or resource that cannot be reached. In the past, all manner of platforms, steam drills, hydro-belt conveyances and alcohol-powered engines were used to excavate valuables from deep under the ground. As the Dawi saying goes: "If it's in the bloody ground, then it's ours!" Perhaps there's a bit more poetry to it when heard in the original Khazalid?
Wh main dwf grungnis blessing.png Grungni's Blessing
The Runepriests bestow Grungni's Blessing on Guild works, ensuring profitable ventures for all.
  • Income from all buildings: +5%
The Runepriests, through their ancient knowledge of the Ancestor Gods - their works and gifts to the Dawi kin - are able to bless great endeavours that would please their patron ancestors. So it is that Grungni, the Great Maker, confers his favour on the Guilds, ensuring wealth for their members as the true artisans of all Dawi.
Wh main dwf rat poison.png Rat Poison
The putting together of great Dwarfen heads always results in the optimal solution, even when facing the foulest, most abominable problem.
  • Untainted: +1
  • Income from Iron Mines, Gold Mines and Stone Quarries: +5%
Feeling at home – as they do – in the dark, dank tunnels beneath the surface of the Old World, it was only a matter of time before Dwarfs and Skaven clashed. Whereas the Dwarfen race, although grim and bad-tempered, are essentially a force for order, the Skaven are a thoroughly evil, scheming, nefarious bunch of ratmen, who act accordingly at every given opportunity. Once the ever-enterprising Dwarfs became aware of the Skaven presence beneath their Holds, they immediately got their heads together to come up with ways of beguiling, confounding, and – usually and ideally – killing the despicable ratmen stone dead as efficiently as possible. As such, Dwarf Engineers and Powder Masters have developed a number of substances that, although harmless if ingested by Dawi, are fast-acting and very effective when introduced to Skaven bloodstreams. The method of delivery varies between lobbing canisters of the stuff at enemy lines to carefully lacing water supplies and known feeding spots where ravenous Skaven feeling the Black Hunger gather; the results speak for themselves…
Wh main dwf make ready for war.png The Way of the Clans When the Thanes call to gather the throngs, it is the Clans that answer, for they have bonds stronger than Gromril.
Wh main dwf militia training.png Militia Training
Every Dwarf practices a trade, but as war is common each Clan readily forms into one or more regiments.
  • Melee attack: +5 for Dwarf Warriors and Miners units
  • Melee defence: +5 for Dwarf Warriors and Miners units
Most Dwarfs belong to a Guild and a Clan. When war calls, a Dwarf will put down his tools, don his armour and pick up his axe, joining a Clan regiment and, if needs be, beginning practice drills. It doesn't take long for Dwarfs to lock shields and lash out with axes in a co-ordinated strike, for it is in their blood and they have no doubt been fighting since before they had whiskers.
Wh main dwf gather the throngs.png Gather the Throngs
Once word is given that it's war, the message quickly passes down the ranks from Kings to Lords to Thanes.
  • Recruitment cost: -5% for Dwarf Warriors units
  • Recruitment cost: -5% for Miners units
When the horns of war sound throughout the Dwarfhold, the throngs will gather. The Clans form up into their own groups, proudly showing their colours and runes. The Guilds are duty-bound to release their folk to defend the Hold or the King's honour, or even settle a grudge. And so they march forth or seal the gates and await the foe.
Wh main dwf levy marksmen.png Levy Missile Warriors
Dwarfs with a penchant for picking the urks off from afar will form Thunderer or Quarreller units.
  • Recruitment cost: -5% for Quarrellers units
  • Recruitment cost: -5% for Rangers units
  • Recruitment cost: -5% for Thunderers units
Dwarfs are an honourable race, but have no problems with the missile combat that makes the so-called "chivalrous" Bretonnians so queasy. To the Dwarfs, this is "silly umgi thinking". If the ancestors have given you the ingenuity to create weapons that fly far and strike with lethal accuracy, then you'd be foolish not to use them, no? Thunderers and Quarrellers are particularly good at operating their chosen weapons.
Wh main dwf masterwork crossbows.png Masterwork Crossbows
Puresteel crossbows are precision-crafted instruments, able to accurately deliver death from afar.
  • Missile damage: +10% for Ranger Units
  • Missile damage: +10% for Quarrellers units
While the crossbow as a weapon design has stood the test of time, younger members of the Engineers' Guild are always on a quest for perfection, even if that gets a grumble from the traditionalists. With Grudgebearer's blessing, they developed crossbows that dropped the wooden stock in favour of one made entirely from puresteel, which increases tension and accuracy.
Wh main dwf clans proud legacy.png Call to Clan
All members of the Clan will answer its call, swearing oaths against those who have wronged them.
  • Unit experience: +2 for Miners unit recruits
  • Unit experience: +2 for Dwarf Warriors unit recruits
When the call to Clan is invoked, every Dawi must answer. They proudly yell out their Clan's many deeds and achievements, its heritage and all grudges still to be settled. Warriors and miners alike ready their weapons, desperate to seek and kill the urks!
Wh main dwf dwarf resolve.png Dwarfen Resolve
The resolve of the Dwarfs is legendary. Once they are set upon a task, nothing can stop them.
  • Leadership: +5 for Dwarf infantry units
Dwarfs' stoic nature - their stubborn resolve - is as much part of them as their beards. Of course, there are a few - shameful - incidents scattered throughout history where Dwarf warriors have fled the battlefield, but such indecency among 'yellow-beards' is thankfully rare.
Wh main dwf oath stones.png Oath Stones
By standing atop an Oath Stone, followers' resolve is increased, ensuring a champion's foes can find him in the scrum.
  • Leadership: +5 for Icon general.pngLords and embedded Icon hero.pngHeroes
  • Melee defence: +3 for Icon general.pngLords and embedded Icon hero.pngHeroes
The planting of Oath Stones in the midst of battle is a grand gesture. It is a grim message to the foe that the Thane or Lord stands ready to take on all-comers and that he will not shirk or run from a fight. With his oath and honour on the line, it is now up to the enemy to try and take it.
Wh main dwf ammunition wagons.png Ammunition Wagons
Dwarfen wagon trains transport case loads of shot, buckets of crossbow bolts, and casks of black powder to the coming fight.
  • Ammunition: +20% for Dwarf missile infantry units
Wagons have been traditionally pulled by mules. The poor beasts heft heavy wagons full of ammunition. However, recent innovations have seen more beastless wagons, powdered by alcohol engines. The mules still have a job for the foreseeable future though, as the engines have proven temperamental, and a fair few simply drive off cliffs and dash the valuable stock upon the mountainsides.
Wh main dwf first class marksmen.png Renowned Deadeyes
Deadeyes can pick off a grobi's nose at a hundred paces. For really good ones, it's twice that range.
  • Unit experience: +2 for Ranger unit recruits
  • Unit experience: +2 for Quarrellers unit recruits
  • Unit experience: +2 for Thunderers unit recruits
Thunderous and Quarrellers have good eyes above and below the ground. Those who truly excel at shooting urks dead are formed into elite regiments renowned for their accuracy, firing shots that punch through the eye slits of a Chaos Warrior's armour or coolly bring a Bretonnian lance formation to a halt, bringing down the lead charger and watching as the remaining Knightly destriers trip, stumble and break formation.
Wh main dwf dwarf shieldwall.png Interlocking Shields
Dwarfs excel at shieldwalls. Over the years, the Guilds, at the Clans' request, have experimented with interlocking shield designs.
  • Armour: +5 for Dwarf shield units
  • Melee defence: +5 for Dwarf shield units
A Dwarfen shieldwall is an intimidating thing to face. The tactic extenuates a Dwarf's stocky, squat and strong build, allowing a formation of Dawi to effectively create a mobile fastness on the battlefield. As the enemy is repelled by a curtain wall of shields, axes will snap out to lop off limbs and heads. Dwarfs shield designs complement this strategy, allowing them to be locked quickly during battle.
Wh main dwf retainers vows.png Retainers' Vows
A Dawi Lord's retainers are his loyal servants and bodyguards, be they shield or throne bearers.
  • Hero recruit rank: +1 for Thanes
  • Armour: +3 for Icon general.pngLords and embedded Icon hero.pngHeroes
  • Weapon strength: +3% for Icon general.pngLords and embedded Icon hero.pngHeroes
To increase his fighting prowess, a Dwarf Lord may be accompanied by loyal, strong and powerful retainers. These will be some of the Clan's best fighters and have lengthy, well-kept beards as denotes their status. Long before any battle, the faithful servants will make vows to Grimnir regarding the protection of their Lord, also making bets about how many each will slay in the forthcoming encounter.
Wh main dwf volley fire.png Volley Fire
Dwarfs prefer accuracy to firing rates, as they realise that increased firepower does not necessarily cause higher casualties.
  • Reload time reduction: +15% for Ranger Units
  • Reload time reduction: +15% for Quarrellers units
  • Reload time reduction: +15% for Thunderers units
Dwarfs like to mark their targets and kill with one shot, making each bolt or bullet count. Still, encouraged by younger beardlings, they have realised that the umgi maybe onto something by filling the air with hot lead, so have started drilling and firing in volleys. This involves taking some misses on the chin, knowing that when it averages out, there'll be more urks dead than not.
Wh main dwf superior blast powder.png Superior Black Powder
The Clans constantly order in black powder and make demands for better quality, deadlier batches as well.
  • Missile damage: +10% for Thunderers units
Clans buy black powder in bulk, which makes the Powdermakers' Guild increasingly wealthy. It also gives the Clans some power, as being such heavy users they can demand a better quality product and "not that same snuff you send to the Empire". Powdermakers oblige by constantly refining the formula, making it more lethal with each successive batch.
Wh main dwf veterans pride.png Veterans' Pride
If you want a job doing properly, albeit with some moaning, then get a Longbeard.
  • Upkeep: -5% for Longbeards units
A Longbeard unit in a battle line is likened to a reliable anchor bolt or bulwark that stands fast and supports other formations. Woe betide any beardlings that falter under the Longbeards' stern eyes, because they will be admonished within inches of their lives. For the breaded veterans, it is a point of pride - if you're going to do something, then do it properly, including death!
Wh main dwf call upon oaths of old.png Call Upon Oaths of Old
No Longbeard would ever consider breaking an oath. If he promised to come, there he will be.
  • Recruitment cost: -5% for Longbeards units
An oath is a pact - a sworn promise that when needed then the Dwarfs will come. Only death can cheat them out of their obligation, so when a Lord calls upon his Longbeards to attend the grouchy veterans will dust off their armour, sharpen their already keen axes and come to make war.
Wh main dwf mastercrafted weapons.png Master-Crafted Weapons
Dwarfen weaponsmithing is the finest in the world - a gift from the Guilds to their fellow Clans-kin.
  • Weapon strength: +10% for Dwarf units with hand weapons
  • Weapon strength: +10% for Dwarf units with mining picks
It is no coincidence that the Warhammer known as Skull-Splitter, or Ghal Maraz in Khazalid, the most venerated of manling weapons, was made by Dwarfen hands, for the Dawi are the greatest smiths in the world bar none. And while they excel at mass-producing weapons of fine quality, the bespoke axes and hammers, those master-crafted by the finest smiths, are the greatest of their kind to be found anywhere.
Wh main dwf volatile volley.png Volatile Volley
The alchemical brew used to fuel the flaming drakeguns can be made more potent, if a tad more unstable…
  • Missile damage: +8% for Irondrakes units
  • Range: +5% for Irondrakes units
Drakeguns and the other flaming weapons in the Dwarfen armoury use a secret formulation devised by the Engineers' Guild to power them. It is a war secret that the Dwarfs do not share with their umgi allies, partly because they don't want it to ever be used against them and partly because they simply don't trust manlings to use it sensibly. Even some of their younger peers have started tampering with the formula to make it even more volatile and dangerous!
Wh main dwf vanguard proficiency.png Vanguard Proficiency
Skilled in fighting at the vanguard of the Dwarfs’ main force, Rangers fulfil a dangerous role fraught with risk and unimaginable peril.
  • Speed: +10% for Ranger units
  • Melee defence: +5 for Ranger units
As befits their chosen roles as scouts, Rangers rarely join the main Dwarf battle lines, preferring instead to fight as ‘irregulars’, occasionally banding together to carry out a tricky operation, but happiest when engaged in solo actions against the foe. As such, they deal in sabotage and misdirection ahead of Dwarf throngs – something many of their kin consider to be sneaky and, well, just not the Dawi way. Regardless, Rangers poison enemy water supplies, cause rock-falls, lead savage, ravenous beasts into enemy camps – the list goes on. Of course, little more than a cursory acknowledgement of Rangers’ assistance is all that can be expected from most Dwarfs - after all there’s nothing so final as a straight-up fight face-to-face - but their Lords recognise the valuable contribution these brave, independent warriors make whenever they are called to fight for Clan and Hold.
Wh main dwf tales of many wars.png Tales of Many Wars
Dwarfs like to drink, sing and tell tall-tales. However, some stories concerning veterans may actually be true.
  • Unit experience: +2 for Hammerers unit recruits
  • Unit experience: +2 for Longbeards unit recruits
Dwarfs don't suffer liars or fools, unless in story-form. In refectories and feasting halls across their realm, once the night is under way and with the fire roaring, a veteran will light his pipe and tell of sagas past or stories of more recent events involving the veterans of that very Hold. Some stories are tall, others ribald, but many are true - in this way the Dwarfs' chronicle an oral history of their Holds' greatest warriors.
Wh main dwf marching songs.png Marching Songs
A rolling Dwarfen song contains many verses and a constant rhythm, used to keep in step and up to pace.
  • Speed: +5% for infantry units
Dwarfs have many different types of songs; ribald ones for telling after a good few tankards of Bugman's XXXXXX, but also choruses with more practical applications. Marching songs have many verses and a repetitive meter, so stepping in time to the chant quickens the Dwarfs' pace. For enemies, the sound of singing Dwarfs - with lyrics such as "hi-ho, its off to slay we go" - is a clarion call to escape or at least raise battle lines.
Wh main dwf rune bearing relics.png Rune-Bearing Relics
Dwarfen runes empower weapons already forged by the finest smiths, making a potent axe a truly deadly item.
  • Weapon strength: +10% for Dwarf units with two-handed axes
  • Weapon strength: +10% for Dwarf units with hammers
While the majority of Dwarf-forged weapons do not bear a Runesmith's mark, those that do are highly-prized and scattered throughout the Karaz Ankor and beyond. For whole regiments to have rune-bearing weapons is rare, but not unheard of. If a Clan is rich enough they may be able to contract a willing Runesmith to ensorcel an entire armoury, but such a feat can take years.
Wh main dwf interchangable parts.png Interchangeable Parts
Artillery Engineers soon found that the benefit of keeping certain parts modular allowed for improvements in the manufacturing process.
  • Recruitment cost: -5% for artillery
  • Upkeep: -5% for artillery
The Dwarf industrial machine, when in full flow, is impressive. The workshops and forges of the Engineers' Guild would make any umgi die of envy. These Hold smelteries use modularity for scale, allowing firing pins, cranks, cogs, barrels or carriages to be used on various war machines, ensuring that artillery pieces are produced at a cracking rate, as well as reducing storage and repair costs.
Wh main dwf large scale shell production.png Large Scale Shell Production
Again the Dwarfen forges speak, casting a new type of ammunition - large shells filled with cinderblast.
  • Ammunition: +10% for artillery
  • Upkeep: -5% for artillery
The newest of ammunition types are large shells. A few modified cannons were used for testing and while the initial results were disastrous, later iterations have been very promising. Larger cannons are being developed for use with shells, as Clans closely aligned to the Engineers' Guild see great potential in siege scenarios.
Wh main dwf iron readiness.png Iron Readiness
In the deeps, the Ironbreakers are always on call, ready to defend the Hold from threats below.
  • Recruitment duration: -1 turn for Irondrake units
Ironbreakers guard a Karak's many under-surface entrances, gates that connect to the Underway and outlying mines further out from the main halls and deeps of the Hold. For this reason, the Ironbreakers are always in a state of readiness, always on duty as an attack can happen anytime, night or day - for the sun or moons do not shine beneath the mountains.
Wh main dwf iron price.png Iron Price
The so-called "Iron Price" is not the wage, but the cost of having troops away from normal duty.
  • Recruitment cost: -5% for Ironbreakers units
  • Recruitment cost: -5% for Irondrakes units
Ironbreakers' and Irondrakes' primary duty is the protection of the deeps and gates that lead into a Dwarfhold from the Underway. These are experienced, capable warriors whose Gromril and rune-inscribed armour makes them a necessary expense. However, the so-called "Iron Price" is not the gold for outfitting and upkeep, but the cost to the Hold when these brave warriors are away fighting on a battlefield far from the deeps they are charged to protect.
Wh main dwf mastercrafted armour.png Master-Crafted Armour
Dwarfs are expert armourers, both as creators and wearers. They have the skills to fashion it and the sturdy frames to bear its weight.
  • Armour: +5 for infantry units
Dwarfs often excel in areas where the Empire seems merely competent. Dwarfen armour is the envy of both its foes and allies - they can produce well fitted, highly-articulated and lobstered plate that sits well on the sturdy frames of their kin. They can also do this at scale, fitting not just their Lords and champions, but whole regiments in tough Dwarf-forged steel.
Wh main dwf field engineers.png Field Engineers
At a Clan's request, Field Engineers are sent by their Guild, attached to artillery to ensure increased rates of fire.
  • Reload time reduction: +15% for artillery
Master Engineers are not shut away in their workshops, many need to test improvements in their designs or simply wish to be out in the field of battle to put their targeting eyes to good use. When attached to war machines, they ensure their proper and continued use in the heat of the battle and also bark orders at the gun crew to increase firing rates.
Wh main dwf assembly lines.png Assembly Lines
Automated assembly lines increase production but also safeguard quality, according to the Guilds anyway.
  • Recruitment cost: -10% for Gyrocopter and Gyrobomber units
  • Recruitment duration: -1 turn for Gyrocopter and Gyrobomber units
Assembly lines are still a relatively new phenomenon in the Karaz Ankor, again an innovation championed by the younger faction within the Engineers' Guild under the auspices of the High King. The Guild itself is loath to fund such "dangerous free thinking", so it has been left to the richer Clans who desire swifter production and reparation methods to fund the venture.
Wh main dwf iron veterans.png Iron Veterans
Even amongst the Ironbreakers there are Ironbeards - veterans that have fought and survived countless underground battles.
  • Unit experience: +2 for Ironbreakers unit recruits
  • Unit experience: +2 for Irondrakes unit recruits
To fight in the tunnels, leagues underground in the dark, is a harrowing experience, but not for the Ironbreakers and Irondrakes. To them, it is their sworn duty. The fights are brutal, for their foes - chiefly the thaggoraki and grobi - give no quarter and fight without honour. Any veteran of such battles is a warrior to have at your back, for he has survived horror that even other Dwarfs would find truly disturbing.
Wh main dwf sacred duty.png Sacred Duty
Ironbreakers and their kin, the Irondrakes, have a sacred duty to protect the deeps of their Karaks.
  • Upkeep: -5% for Hammerers units
  • Upkeep: -5% for Ironbreakers units
  • Upkeep: -5% for Irondrakes units
The Iron Kin - the elite Dawi brotherhood that don Gromril armour to defend a Dwarfhold's deeps are a tough band of warriors, who see it as their sacred duty to stand guard no matter what. A Dwarf is only as good as his bond, and these warriors have some of the strongest among their race within their ranks.
Wh main dwf multilayer gromril platemail.png Forge-Proven Armour
With the aid of Runesmiths, new armoured suits have been developed to withstand high temperatures, as well as enemy strikes.
  • Armour: +5 for Irondrakes and Ironbreakers units
  • Melee defence: +5 for Ironbreakers and Hammerers units
Ironbreakers have always been blessed with the greatest suits of Gromril Armour a Hold can provide. With the advent of the Irondrakes, these suits have been further improved with fresh runes woven into the metal, making them tougher still and able to resist high temperatures when the Drakegun is deployed.
Wh main dwf artillery entrenchment.png Artillery Entrenchment
Dwarfs excel at artillery placement and creating bulwarks and trenches for their defence.
  • Missile resistance: +30% for artillery
The Dwarfs learned long ago that such effective artillery draws the attention of the enemy, who are always desperate to silence Dwarfen firepower due to the high death toll it causes. The Dwarfs, in turn, know that to protect their prized assets they need to entrench machines or create bulwarks - defences that make it very difficult for the urks to attack good, honest, Dwarfen artillery.
Wh main dwf operations training.png Operations Training
Not just any beardling can operate war machines, so the Engineers' Guild ensures only approved crew operate its instruments.
  • Unit experience: +2 for artillery recruits
  • Unit experience: +2 for Gyrocopter and Gyrobomber unit recruits
There is a lot of expertise needed to operate the Dwarfen war machines. Crew need to know not just how to reload cannons, but set firing arcs, detonation times, fuse lengths and, most importantly of all - if operating a flame cannon - monitoring pressure gauges. Occasionally, in-battle training is needed, but a wise Thane ensures his crew have plenty of practice in the Hold's testing chambers.
Wh main dwf royal guard.png Royal Guard
As both honour and sworn duty, the Hammerers are the royal guard, accompanying Lord or King into battle.
  • Leadership: +15 for Hammerer units
  • Melee attack: +6 for Hammerers units
As the most elite warriors, Hammerers enjoy a high status within their Holds. When not personally shielding their Thane or King, they are tasked with guarding key elements such as the throne chamber or vital gates in the upper halls and the royal chambers themselves.
Wh main dwf recite ancient grudges.png Recite Ancient Grudges
To read aloud from the Hold's Book of Grudges is to enrage all Dawi and bring them to battle.
  • Replenishment.png Casualty replenishment rate: +3%
  • Army.png Local recruitment capacity: +1
Whether it is the High King reading from the Dammaz Kron itself or a Lord reciting grudges against the Clan or Hold, nothing can bring a Dwarf to anger quicker. Should the Hold's Book of Grudges be cracked open, word will travel fast and soon, the Clans gathering, desperate to join the throng and avenge the wrongs entered in the tome.
Wh main dwf heavy armour plating.png Heavy Armour Plating
Combining runes of lifting with heavy armour plate increases protection without compromising a 'copter's ability to fly!
  • Armour: +10 for Gyrocopter and Gyrobomber units
Gyrocopters, while still a relatively recent invention, have been active for a while - enough time for most major Holds to establish aircorps and hollow out mountain peaks to create hangers. However, they are too fragile for many Dwarfs' liking. Collaborations with Runesmiths of late may have solved this issue, allowing the use of heavier armour yet remaining air-worthy.
Wh main dwf improved gyrocopter engines.png Improved Gyrocopter Engines
Innovations in engine mechanics means faster 'copters. Even now, many aircraft are being retro-fitted with improved engines.
  • Ammunition: +20% for Gyrocopter and Gyrobomber units
  • Speed: +10% for Gyrocopter and Gyrobomber units
Gyrocopter engines have been constantly iterated ever since their first use. Early prototypes look positively crude now compared to the craft currently used by the largest aircorps. These engines have improved not only in speed, but lift capacity, allowing larger craft to be built. Rumours persist of even larger carrier-type aircraft being developed to transport entire fleets of Gyrocopters!
Wh main dwf slayers onslaught.png Slayer's Onslaught
A Slayer's wrath is not something enemies wish to see - they do not fear death, they crave it!
  • Charge bonus: +20% for Slayers units
  • Weapon strength: +5% for Slayers units
A Slayer has no petty concerns for death, so will launch himself into the enemy with savage fury. The urks rarely encounter foes who have little care for their own well-being and generally find this vexing and difficult to deal with. The Slayers are no slouches and will strike out with axe and without fear, even when facing the toughest and largest of foes.
Wh main dwf slayers grudge.png The Slayer Oath
Those that have taken the Slayer Oath must seek their doom in combat to appease an earlier shame.
  • Melee attack: +5 for Slayers units
  • Melee defence: +5 for Slayers units
Dwarfs are a proud people and none of them cope well with failure or personal tragedy. The loss of family, honour or hoard makes them inconsolable. In such dire circumstances they go in self-imposed exile, forsaking family and Clan and all possessions, save their axes. They take the Slayer Oath and seek repentance by seeking out their doom, fighting the largest and most dangerous monsters the world has to offer.
Wh main dwf grimnirs favour.png Grimnir's Favour
When the Runepriests enter a Karak, they will stop at the Shrine of Grimnir, granting his favour to any who wish it.
  • Unit experience: +1 for all unit recruits
  • Army.png Local recruitment capacity: +1
The Runepriests' numbers thin each year, as their numbers shrink further. Yet they are still a respected, if increasingly rare, sight in many Holds. When they arrive at a Dwarfhold they always visit the Shrine of Grimnir to give thanks to the Warrior God and grant his favour to any other Dawi present who wishes it.
Wh main dwf pressure regulating valves.png Pressure-Regulating Valves
Regulating pressure is an important aspect of many Dwarf devices. New, self-releasing valves heighten such performance.
  • Range: +15% for Flame Cannon units
  • Range: +10% for Gyrocopter and Gyrobomber units
Another fresh innovation from Field Engineers in the employ of the Clans locked in constant battle - for nothing forces innovation like a war - are pressure-regulating valves. These ensure maximum pressure can be retained to increase performance and range in steam and flame-spewing weaponry. They also release any excess pressure to prevent misfire or explosion, much to the relief of pilots and crew!