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Eltharion's Mistwalkers are a unique group of units in The Warden and the Paunch, recruitable only in campaign when playing as Yvresse or custom battles. They are not like Regiments of Renown (being a basic unit with max veterancy and one or two abilities), they are generally quite different and more similar to a Legion of Legend or Elector Count State Troops.


  • The Skyhawks: Swift and energetic, the Skyhawks never weary of battle, always standing ready to fight to the death if necessary.
  • Sentinels of Astaril: Former training partners to the Warden himself in his youth, the Sentinels are amongst his most trusted servicemen.
  • Spire Guard of Tor Yvresse: The honour guards of the Warden’s tower are Tor Yvresse’s foremost defenders, and the anchor around which its armies gather.
  • Athel Tamarha Faithbearers: Once of the household of Eltharion’s late father, the Faithbearers’ guilt over their master’s death drives them to fight to reclaim their valour.
  • Knights of Tor Gaval: Thanks to the challenges of training in their murky homeland, the Knights of Tor Gaval are rightly said to be amongst the most talented of wingmen in all Ulthuan.


Lords and characters after reaching a certain point, will present a dilemma to the player. They can be inducted into the Mistwalkers ranks for three different permanent buffs.

The Sentinel[]

  • +5 Public Order
  • +10% Physical resistance
  • +8 Melee defence
  • +100% Leadership aura size

The Watcher[]

  • +10% Speed
  • +5% Campaign Movement range
  • +5% Campaign line of sight
  • +6 Untainted

The Shadow[]

  • +20 Winds of magic reserves (Lord's army)
  • Enables magical attacks
  • -70% Enemy hero action success chance
  • +50% ambush success chance
  • Stalk attribute