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In Total War: Warhammer, the Elven Council is a campaign mechanic for the Wood Elves faction led by Orion. It is one of the Wood Elves Offices variants.

From Total War: Warhammer II onwards, Orion's faction has been renamed to Talsyn and as of The Twisted and Twilight Update, the Elven Council has been replaced by Orion's Chosen.

Description and strategy[]

In order to benefit from faction wide positives of creating an office on the Council a Glade Lord simply needs to be given the position after the associated building (which can bring a faction wide bonus itself) is built. One offices does allow forming trade agreements with non-Wood Elf factions and a decrease in local corruption. The trade benefit is factionwide and seems to occur no matter where the officeholder is (though-due to geography-is likely initially limited to Bretonnian factions). The local benefit of decreased corruption only occurs in the province the officeholder currently is in.

To gain access to each council position build each building related to it-a different council position related building can be built in each part of the forest. For example the building that makes available the council position allowing to trade with non-Wood Elf factions can be build in Argwylon. One way to create the full council is to confederate with each of the other factions in Athel Loren and then build the respective building in each location.


Initially available:

  • The King in the Woods: +20% income from razing a settlement (Lord's army) -initially occupied by Orion
  • Protector of the Oak: +30 Leadership for Dryad, Tree kin, and Treeman units (Lord's army), -50% enemy hero action success chance (local province), -20% recruitment cost for Treeman units (Lord's army).
  • Elder Speaker: +50% aura size, +80 experience gain per turn (Lord's army), +20% income from trade agreements.

Locked behind technology research:

  • Warden of the Wildwood: The Warden provides an increase to public order, decreased construction costs, and improves Wildwood Rangers
  • Herald of the Hunt: The Herald of the hunt will be chosen to take part in any Wild Hunt events and provides upkeep reductions to Wild Rider units and movement range bonus to the army.
  • The Tickerster's Masque: Enables trade with non-Wood Elf factions and improves Wardancer units
  • Starlight Craftsman: Economy bonuses and improves Glade Guard units