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Empire Captain is a Empire melee infantry unit in Total War: Warhammer. A Captain of the Empire is a Hero, a specialist in melee who leads by his courageous example.


The armies of the Empire are led by warriors who have been trained to direct their forces as effortlessly as a swordsman wields a blade. First and foremost amongst these great leaders are the Elector Counts, inspirational and famous individuals whose mere presence can steady a wavering battle line. The knowledge that their count is personally fighting beside them is enough to embolden the courage of a province's soldiers and strengthen their resolve. In practice, however, it is unfeasible for Elector Counts to command every force that must be despatched, for the Empire is a dangerous land, and its territories are forever under attack from savage monsters and marauding armies. Often, command is delegated to a trusted soldier considered to be an honourable leader of men, and this officer will lead the province's forces when the count cannot. Of course there are always exceptions, and some of the more bellicose counts, such as Valmir von Raukov of Ostland, have an unhealthy love for the clash of swords and the thunder of cannons, thus taking to the field of battle whenever they can. Many of the men appointed by an Elector Count to lead an army will also be nobles of the Empire, educated in martial pursuits from an early age - falconry, swordsmanship and hunting Beastmen in the forests. Others have risen through the ranks, having first stood amongst the rank and file with a bloody halberd in their hands. These officers vary greatly in standing, depending on the size of the force they lead, and can be known as captain, marshals, generals or simply commanders. Regardless of their station, the vast majority will be tried and tested veterans of many years who have a fine understanding of the craft of soldiering, having spent most of their lives fighting in defence of the Empire.


  • Armoured & Shielded: Armoured units can block damage from any source apart from Armour-Piercing damage. Shields have a chance of blocking arrows, bolts, rifle shots and similar small arms fire - but only in a forward facing arc.


  • Training
  • Assault Garrison
  • Wound Hero
  • Assault Units

Constant Local Effects[]

  • Spread Public Order


Items (MP)[]



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Empire Captains are common soldiery that have survived longer than usual and partook in great and numerous battles. They are an early hero of the Empire and in RPG terms they are the "Tank" class, taking great damage and dealing just as much. Use them to bodyguard the General against assassinations and aiding in frontline combat as a sidekick to the General or to bolster the leadership and aid the soldiers that your Lord cannot be with as the skills of the Captain are just three of the General's.

The ability Hold the Line will help noticeable to keep troops around the captain alive and in the fight. The boost to melee defence allows them to endure more attacks and the boost to leadership (on top of the natural Encourage aura of characters) prevents soldiers from routing easily. This synergy can be used on the front line of combat or with the Captain mounted and riding with other Empire cavalry units like Demigryph Knights or Empire Knights.

On their pegasus mount, they can be a useful protector for Balthasar Gelt on his unique pegasus to ensure control of the skies.

Skill Tree[]

Standalone Skills[]

  • Mount
  1. Mount warhorse.pngWarhorse
  2. Mount barded warhorse.pngBarded Warhorse
  3. Mount imperial pegasus.pngImperial Pegasus
  4. Icon stat charge bonus.pngCharge Bonus (Imperial Pegasus mount): +10%
  5. Icon stat speed.pngSpeed (Imperial Pegasus mount): +10%
  • Hold the Line!
  • Sigmar's Ward
    • Resistance missile.pngMissile resistance: 10%
Character Skills
Blade Master
Melee attack: +5
Devastating Charge Full Plate Armour Hard to Hit Deadly Blade
Charge bonus: +6 Armour: +3 Melee defence: +2 Melee Attack: +2
+16 +8 +5 +5
+30 +15 +9 +9
Grants the ability Foe-Seeker
Wound-Maker Scarred Veteran Indomitable Blade Shield
Weapon strength: +3% Hit Points: +3% Leadership: +2 Melee defence: +2
+8% +8% +5 +5
+15% +15% +9 +9
Deadly Onslaught
Grants the ability Deadly Onslaught
Campaign Skills
Inspire Populace action: Public Order is increased by an additional 1
Patrol Ambusher Authoritarian Defender Inspirational
Assault Units action: Additional 4% casualties inflicted Discourage Population action: Public Order is modified by an additional -1 Siege holdout time: +1 (local region) Recruitment cost -3% (forces in local owned region)
10% -2 +2 -8%
18% -3 +3 -15%
Assassinate action: Additional 8% chance of killing target
Exemplar Barracks Raider Drill Master The Pious
Unit experience: +1 for all unit recruits (forces in local owned region) Assault Garrison action: Additional 5% casualties inflicted Grants the ability to perform the Training action.

Training: Grants 30 experience per turn to units serving in the parent army

Reduction in Icon corruption chs.pngChaos and Icon corruption vmp.pngVampiric corruption: +1 (local province)
+2 15% Experience per turn is increased by an additional +10 +2
+3 30% +15 +3
Wound recovery time: -1