Total War: WARHAMMER Wiki

Encamp.pngEncamp is a stance that armies can adopt on the campaign map. It has different effects for different races, but always disables movement and allows recruitment. Armies in this stance are said to be encamped.


Set up a defensive camp, allowing for recruitment and replenishment, regardless of territory.

Normal factions[]

  • Minimum remaining movement required to adopt: 50%
  • Enables replenishment and access to the global recruitment pool
  • Immune to attrition
  • Leadership +5 in battle (all units in army)
  • Melee defence +5 in battle (all units in army)
  • Campaign movement disabled


Horde factions include the Warriors of Chaos, among others.

  • Enables unit replenishment and recruitment
  • Enables construction of buildings in the horde
  • Immune to attrition
  • Campaign movement disabled

Different races[]