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Mysterious techniques and tricks from the distant east enable the Eshin Sorcerer to weave fiendish spells of pain and misdirection."

The Sorcerers of Clan Eshin.[4]
Eshin Sorcerer is a Skaven Hero unit introduced in The Shadow and the Blade. The Eshin Sorcerer is classified as a Wizard hero type, being a Spellcaster. Along with the Warlock Engineer, he's a part of the Sorcerer Skaven Hero class.


The Art of the Silent Death wasn’t the only thing Clan Eshin brought back when they returned from Cathay. A few Skaven delved into the black arts of magic. Blending what they already knew of the warp with the techniques used by Cathay sorcerers, they developed a new lore, one that serves to enhance their Clan’s power and mystique. Eshin Sorcerers are mysterious, rare, and keep to themselves; they are well aware that the Grey Seers brook no competition from other Skaven spellcasters.

Versed in the dark arts, the magic of an Eshin Sorcerer may seem paltry beside the might of a Grey Seer, but their arcane power is still considerable. Their magic is focused upon the strategies of deception, concealment and swift death favoured by Clan Eshin. An Eshin Sorcerer is a valuable asset to any warband, but one a wise Assassin will keep a wary eye on.

At level 7 the Eshin Sorcerer can get the unique Cathayan Training skill, which grants 40 experience per turn to every allied unit in the region.

Campaign abilities[]

Embed Hero[]

  • Scouting

Constant Local Effects[]

  • Spread Corruption
  • Discover Under-Cities


  • Settlement: Damage Walls
  • Hero: Wound
  • Army: Hinder Replenishment


  • Spellcaster: This unit can cast spells.
  • Vanguard Deployment: This unit can deploy in an expanded deployment area, allowing it to start the battle within striking distance of the enemy - or somewhere unexpected.
  • Stalk: This unit can move hidden in any terrain.




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They work well alongside assassin type units/play style and are notable for having 30% physical resistance which makes them significantly more tanky than the average spellcaster. They also have concealment Bombs for a swift escape from enemy attention.

The Eshin sorcerers arsenal of spells are quite underwhelming, and lack a good bombardment options. avoid if possible, and instead use plague priests/ grey-seers.