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Map showing all starting locations on Eye of the Vortex. Click to expand. Credit: Reddit user /u/Henite

Eye of the Vortex is the base campaign of Total War: Warhammer II.


At the heart of the Elven homeland the Great Vortex coils, siphoning the excess magic that spills from the Realm of Chaos; but now, after many millennia, it falters. The Vortex is vulnerable and four great powers seek dominion. Choose a legendary champion and guide them in a race to control it and achieve ultimate power. What awaits at the Eye of the Vortex? Let the race begin!

The map[]

This is a large, varied map divided into four major regions, each with their own, unique elements:

  • Lustria (southwest) is largely covered by lush jungles, with the Spine of Sotek mountains separating them from the dry west coast. The area is contested mostly by Lizardmen, but also contains Vampire Coast, Skaven, and High Elves. In the north, a land bridge connects it to Naggaroth.
  • Naggaroth (northwest) is a cold bleak land of eastern forests, the Black Spine Mountains in the center, and desert in the west. It is dominated by Dark Elves, with some Beastmen and Skaven. Norscan Tribes are in the frozen north.
  • Ulthuan (northeast) is the temperate island-continent where the Vortex is located, surrounded by various High Elf factions. Ulthuan's mountains and Fortress Gates make it hard to conquer.
  • The Southlands (southeast) is the most varied area. The searing northern deserts dominated by Tomb Kings factions, with some Bretonnian crusaders. The southern savannah and jungles have Lizardmen and Skaven.
  • In addition, there are numerous small island provinces.

Victory objectives[]

The campaign is heavily story-focused, and factions can complete story objectives to win:

Players can still do a domination/conquest victory as well, by wiping out all the other major factions.

Playable factions[]

Unlike in the previous game, each playable faction is led by its own legendary lord.

For a list of minor factions, see the navbox at the very bottom of the page.

Playable factions in Eye of the Vortex
Race Faction Legendary lord Start region Start province Objective Required DLC
High Elves Eataine Tyrion Ulthuan Straits of Lothern Rituals Base game
Order of Loremasters Teclis Lustria The Turtle Isles Rituals Base game
Nagarythe Alith Anar Naggaroth The Broken Lands Rituals Free download on Steam
Avelorn Alarielle the Radiant Ulthuan Avelorn (province) Rituals The Queen and the Crone
Yvresse Eltharion the Grim Ulthuan Northern Yvresse Defeat Broken Axe The Warden and the Paunch
Knights of Caledor Imrik The Southlands Shifting Sands Rituals Free download on Steam
Dark Elves Naggarond Malekith Naggaroth Naggarond (province) Rituals Base game
Cult of Pleasure Morathi Naggaroth Iron Peaks Rituals Base game
The Blessed Dread Lokhir Fellheart Lustria Culchan Plains Rituals Free download on Steam
Har Ganeth Crone Hellebron Naggaroth The Road of Skulls Rituals The Queen and the Crone
Hag Graef Malus Darkblade Naggaroth The Black Flood Other The Shadow and the Blade
The Thousand Maws Rakarth Sea of Chaos Albion Rituals Free download on Steam
Lizardmen Hexoatl Lord Mazdamundi Lustria Isthmus of Lustria Rituals Base game
Last Defenders Kroq-Gar The Southlands Kingdom of Beasts Rituals Base game
Tlaqua Tiktaq'to The Southlands Western Jungles Rituals Free download on Steam
Cult of Sotek Tehenhauin Lustria Culchan Plains Rituals The Prophet and the Warlock
Spirit of the Jungle Nakai the Wanderer Lustria The Creeping Jungle Other The Hunter and the Beast
Itza Gor-Rok Lustria Northern Great Jungle Rituals Free download on Steam
Ghosts of Pahuax Oxyotl Naggaroth Road of Skulls Heart of Darkness The Silence & The Fury
Skaven Clan Mors Queek Headtaker The Southlands Southern Jungles Rituals Base game
Clan Pestilens Lord Skrolk Lustria The Lost Valley Rituals Base game
Clan Rictus Tretch Craventail Naggaroth Shadow Wood Rituals Free download on Steam
Clan Skryre Ikit Claw Lustria Volcanic Islands Rituals The Prophet and the Warlock
Clan Eshin Deathmaster Snikch The Southlands Land of the Dervishes Other The Shadow and the Blade
Clan Moulder Throt the Unclean Naggaroth The Chill Road Other The Twisted and the Twilight
Tomb Kings Khemri Settra the Imperishable The Southlands Land of the Dead Books of Nagash Rise of the Tomb Kings
Followers of Nagash Arkhan the Black The Southlands Land of Assassins
Exiles of Nehek Grand Hierophant Khatep Naggaroth Plain of Spiders
Court of Lybaras High Queen Khalida Lustria Copper Desert
Vampire Coast The Awakened Luthor Harkon Lustria The Vampire Coast Amanar Curse of the Vampire Coast
Dreadfleet Count Noctilus The Great Ocean The Galleon's Graveyard
Pirates of Sartosa Aranessa Saltspite Gulf of Sufaga Sartosa
The Drowned Cylostra Direfin Naggaroth Grey Guardians
The Empire Huntsmarshal's Expedition Markus Wulfhart Lustria Scorpion Coast Other The Hunter and the Beast
Bretonnia Chevaliers de Lyonesse Repanse de Lyonesse The Southlands Coast of Araby Other Free download on Steam
Greenskins Broken Axe Grom the Paunch The Southlands Southlands World's Edge Mtns. Defeat Yvresse The Warden and the Paunch
Wood Elves Heralds of Ariel Sisters of Twilight Naggaroth The Witchwood Other The Twisted and the Twilight
Beastmen Slaughterhorn Tribe Taurox Naggaroth Shadow Wood Heart of Darkness The Silence & The Fury
Dwarfs Ironbrow's Expedition Thorek Ironbrow Lustria Southern Spine of Sotek Reforge Lost Artefacts Free download on Steam

Interactive map[]

You can click on provinces on this map.

Red DesertIron MountainsIronfrost GlacierNaggarond (province)The Chill RoadThe Road of SkullsDeadwoodAghol WastelandsAlbionCothique (province)Chrace (province)Nagarythe (province)Phoenix GateAvelorn (province)Saphery (province)The Isle of the DeadEataine (province)Southern YvresseYvresse (province)SartosaSouthern BadlandsAsh RiverLand of the DeadSouthlands World's Edge Mtns.Kingdom of BeastsHeart of the JungleShifting Mangrove CoastlineThe Jungles of the GodsSouthern JunglesThe Red RiversWestern JunglesShifting SandsLand of the DervishesThe Great DesertCoast of ArabyCobra PassLand of AssassinsStraits of LothernCaledor (province)Eagle GateGriffon GateUnicorn GateEllyrion (province)Tiranoc (province)The Broken LandsThe Clawed CoastThe Black FloodShadow WoodObsidian PeaksThe Black CoastIron PeaksPlain of SpidersAshen CoastGrey GuardiansForests of The ViperCoast of SquallsIsthmus of LustriaSettler's CoastJungle of PahualaxaJungles of Green MistThe Dragon IslesThe Creeping JungleScorpion CoastMosquito SwampsThe Vampire CoastRiver QurvezaNorthern Great JungleNorthern Spine of SotekThe Forbidden JungleThe Turtle IslesCopper DesertCentral Spine of SotekSouthern Spine of SotekSouthern Great JungleThe Lost ValleyHeadhunter's JungleCulchan PlainsThe CapesWh2 main great vortex map.jpg
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Province list[]

Province Settlements Climate Special buildings Trade goods Starting owner
Aghol Wastelands
  • Province capital:Fortress of the Damned (Chaotic)
  • Palace of Princes (Chaotic)
  • The Palace of Ruin (Chaotic)
Chaotic Aghol
  • Province capital:Albion (Chaotic)
  • Pack Ice Bay (Chaotic)
  • Troll Fjord (Chaotic)
Chaotic Skaeling
Ash River
  • Province capital:Numas (Desert)
  • Quatar (Desert)
  • The Salt Plain (Desert)
  • Resource salt.pngSalt (The Salt Plain)
Necrarch Brotherhood (Quatarl rest destroyed)
Ashen Coast
  • Province capital:Sulpharets (Wasteland)
  • Scarpel's Lair (Wasteland)
  • Tyrant Peak (Mountain)
Wasteland/Mountain None (destroyed)
Avelorn (province)
  • Province capital:Gaean Vale (Island)
  • Evershale (Island)
  • Tor Saroir (Island)
  • High Elves strategic location
  • Province capital:Vaul's Anvil (Island)
  • Caledor's Repose (Island)
  • Tor Sethai (Island)
Island Caledor (Repose is destroyed)
Central Spine of Sotek
  • Province capital:Chiquibol (Mountain)
  • Caverns of the Great Bat (Mountain)
Mountain Spine of Sotek Dwarfs (Caverns)
  • Province capital:Tor Achare (Island)
  • Elisia (Island)
  • Tor Gard (Island)
  • High Elves strategic location (Tor Achare)
Coast of Araby
  • Province capital:Al Haikk (Desert)
  • Copher (Desert)
  • Fyrus (Desert)
  • Martek (Mountain)
Desert/Mountain Thegan's Errantry

Knights of Origo (Copher)

Coast of Squalls
  • Province capital:Macu Peaks (Jungle)
  • Monument of the Sun (Savannah)
  • Shrine of Sotek (Savannah)
Savannah/Jungle None (destroyed)
Cobra Pass
  • Province capital:Vulture Mountain (Mountain)
  • Eye of the Panther (Mountain)
Mountain Greybeard's Prospectors
Copper Desert
  • The Dust Gate (Desert)
  • Province capital:The Forgotten Isles (Desert)
  • The Golden Colossus (Desert)
Desert Sentinels of Xeti (Colossus, Dust Gate), Court of Lybaras (Forgotten Isles)
  • Province capital:Tor Koruali (Island)
  • Mistnar (Island)
  • High Elves strategic location (Tor Koruali)
Culchan Plains
  • Province capital:Chupayotl (Savannah)
  • Kaiax (Savannah)
  • The Southern Sentinels (Savannah)
  • Xlansec (Savannah)
Savannah Southern Sentinels (ibid., rest destroyed)
  • Province capital:The Frozen City (Frozen)
  • Dargoth (Frozen)
  • Nagrar (Frozen)
  • Shagrath (Frozen)
Frozen Deadwood Sentinels (Nagrar and Shagrath, rest is destroyed)
Eagle Gate
  • Province capital:Eagle Gate (Island)
  • Fortress gate (large garrison, no economic buildings)
  • Province capital:Angerrial (Island)
  • Shrine of Asuryan (Island)
  • High Elves strategic location (Shrine of Asuryan)
Cult of Excess (Angerrial)

Shrine is destroyed

  • Province capital:Tor Elyr (Island)
  • Reaver's Mark (Island)
  • The Arcspan (Island)
  • High Elves strategic location (Tor Elyr)
Forests of the Viper
  • Province capital:Mirror Pool of Tepok (Jungle)
  • Chotec's Causeway (Jungle)
  • Fallen Gates (Savannah)
  • Lizardmen strategic location (Fallen Gates)
Clan Gnaw (Mirror Pool and Causeway, Gates are destroyed)
Grey Guardians
  • Province capital:Ss'ildra Tor (Frozen)
  • Grey Rock Point (Frozen)
  • Titan Peak (Mountain)
Frozen/Mountain Ss'ildra Tor (ibid., rest destroyed)
Griffon Gate
  • Province capital:Griffon Gate (Island)
  • Fortress gate (large garrison, no economic buildings)
Headhunter's Jungle
  • Province capital:Altar of the Horned Rat (Jungle)
  • Marks of the Old Ones (Jungle)
Jungle Clan Spittel
Iron Mountains
  • Province capital:Altar of Ultimate Darkness (Mountain)
  • Cragroth Deep (Mountain)
  • Rackdo Gorge (Mountain)
  • Shroktak Mount (Mountain)
  • Dark Elves strategic location (Altar of Ultimate Darkness)
Clan Septik (Altar; rest is destroyed)
Iron Peaks
  • Province capital:Ancient City of Quintex (Frozen)
  • Ironspike (Frozen)
  • The Moon Shard (Frozen)
  • Dark Elves strategic location (Ancient City of Quintex)
Cult of Pleasure (Quintex)

Bleak Holds

Ironfrost Glacier
  • Province capital:Bear Isle (Chaotic)
  • Dagrak's End (Chaotic)
  • Ironfrost (Chaotic)
  • Mung Encampment (Chaotic)
Chaotic Mung
Isthmus of Lustria
  • Province capital:Hexoatl (Jungle)
  • Monolith of Fallen Gods (Jungle)
  • Ziggurat of Dawn (Jungle)
  • Strategic location (Hexoatl and Ziggurat of Dawn))
Hexoatl (Hexoatl)


Jungles of Green Mist
  • Province capital:Spektazuma (Jungle)
  • Pillars of the Unseen Constellation (Jungle)
  • Wellsprings of Eternity (Jungle)
Jungle Blue Vipers (Spektazuma)

Clan Skryre (Pillars)

Jungles of Pahualaxa
  • Province capital:Pahuax (Jungle)
  • Floating Pyramid (Jungle)
  • Monument of the Moon (Savannah)
  • The High Sentinel (Savannah)
Jungle/Savannah Blue Vipers (The High Sentinel)
Kingdom of Beasts
  • Province capital:Temple of Skulls (Jungle)
  • Serpent Coast (Jungle)
  • The Cursed Jungle (Jungle)
Jungle Last Defenders (Temple of Skulls)

Clan Mordkin (Serpent Coast)

Land of Assassins
  • Province capital:Lashiek (Desert)
  • Wizard Caliph's Palace (Desert)
  • Sorcerer's Islands (Desert)
Desert Knights of the Flame
Land of the Dead
  • Province capital:Khemri (Desert)
  • Black Pyramid of Nagash (Desert)
  • Springs of Eternal Life (Desert)
  • Zandri (Desert)
  • Strategic locations (Khemri and Black Pyramid)
Necrarch Brotherhood (Khemri and Springs)

Strygos Empire (Black Pyramid and Zandri)

Land of the Dervishes
  • Province capital:El-Kalabad (Desert)
  • Elven Ruins (Desert)
  • Sudenburg (Desert)
Desert Sudenburg (El-Kalabad and Sudenburg)
Mosquito Swamps
  • Province capital:Xlanhuapec (Jungle)
  • Xahutec (Jungle)
  • Tlax (Jungle)
  • Strategic location (Xlanhuapec)
Xlanhuapec (Xlanhuapec and Tlax)
Nagarythe (province)
  • Province capital:Tor Anlec (Wasteland)
  • Tor Dranil (Wasteland)
  • Shrine of Khaine (Wasteland)
  • Strategic locations (Tor Anlec and Shrine of Khaine)
Nagarythe (Tor Dranil)

Scourge of Khaine

  • Province capital:Naggarond (Frozen)
  • Kaelra (Frozen)
  • Har Kaldra (Frozen)
  • Strategic location (Naggarond)
Naggarond (Naggarond)

Clan Septik

Northern Great Jungle
  • Province capital:Itza (Jungle)
  • Qu'ittax (Jungle)
  • Chaqua (Jungle)
  • Quetza (Jungle)
  • Strategic location (Itza and Quetza)
Itza (Itza)

Clan Eshin (Quetza)

Northern Spine of Sotek
  • Province capital:Hualotal (Jungle)
  • Cavern of the Mlexigaur (Jungle)
  • Monument of Izzatal (Jungle)
  • Resource marble.pngMarble (Cavern of the Mlexigaur)
None (destroyed)
Obsidian Peaks
  • Province capital:Keshta Vault (Mountain)
  • Ice Spire (Mountain)
  • Temple of Addaioth (Mountain)
  • Ice Rock Gorge (Mountain)
Mountain Hag Graef (Keshta Vault, rest destroyed)
Phoenix Gate
  • Province capital:Phoenix Gate (Island)
  • Fortress gate (large garrison, no economic buildings)
Scourge of Khaine
Plain of Spiders
  • Province capital:Clarak Spire (Wasteland)
  • Pits of Zardok (Wasteland)
  • Strategic location (Clarak Spire)
Drackla Coven (Clarak Spire)
Red Desert
  • Province capital:Drackla Spire (Wasteland)
  • Rothkar Spire (Wasteland)
  • Resource salt.pngSalt (Rothkar Spire)
Drackla Coven
River Qurveza
  • Province capital:Axlotl (Jungle)
  • Mouth of Qurveza (Jungle)
  • Strategic location (Axlotl)
None (destroyed)
  • Province capital:White Tower of Hoeth (Island)
  • Port Elistor (Island)
  • Shadow Peak (Island)
  • Tor Finu (Island)
  • Strategic location (White Tower of Hoeth)
  • Province capital:Sartosa (Temperate)
Temperate Pirates of Sartosa
Scorpion Coast
  • Province capital:Chotec (Jungle)
  • Temple of Tlencan (Jungle)
Jungle Xlanhuapec (Chotec)
The Sea of Dread
  • Province capital:Tor Elasor (Island)
  • Tower of the Sun (Island)
  • Tower of the Stars (Island)
Island Tor Elasor
Settler's Coast
  • Province capital:Skeggi (Savannah)
  • Swamp Town (Savannah)
  • Port Reaver (Savannah)
Savannah Skeggi (Skeggi)

New World Colonies

Shadow Wood
  • Province capital:Clar Karond (Frozen)
  • Daldrach's Lair (Frozen)
  • Circle of Destruction (Frozen)
  • Venom Glade (Frozen)
  • Strategic location (Clar Karond)
Clar Karond (Lair is destroyed)
Shifting Mangrove Coastline
  • Province capital:Teotiqua (Jungle)
  • Temple-Avenue of Gold (Jungle)
  • Resource gold.pngGold (Temple-Avenue of Gold)
Clan Mordkin (Teotiqua)
Shifting Sands
  • Province capital:Ka-Sabar (Savannah)
  • Plain of Tuskers (Savannah)
  • Antoch (Desert)
  • Bhagar (Desert)
Desert/Savannah Necrarch Brotherhood (Ka-Sabar and Bhagar)
Southern Badlands
  • Province capital:Galbaraz (Wasteland)
  • Gor Gazan (Wasteland)
Wasteland Top Knotz
Southern Great Jungle
  • Province capital:Gwakmol Crater (Jungle)
  • Mortuary of Tzulaqua (Jungle)
  • Xhotl (Jungle)
Jungle Southern Sentinels (Gwakmol Crater)
Southern Jungles
  • Province capital:Yuatek (Jungle)
  • Scrag Hole (Savannah)
  • Dawn's Light (Jungle)
  • Strategic location (Yuatek)
Clan Mors (Yuatek)

Fortress of Dawn (Dawn's Light)

Southern Spine of Sotek
  • Province capital:Mine of the Bearded Skulls (Mountain)
  • Thrice-Cursed Peak (Mountain)
  • Resource iron.pngIron (Mine of the Bearded Skulls)
  • Resource gold.pngGold (Thrice-Cursed Peak)
Spine of Sotek Dwarfs
Southern Yvresse
  • Province capital:Elessaeli (Island)
  • Shrine of Loec (Island)
  • Cairn Thel (Island)
Island Yvresse
Southlands World's Edge Mtns.
  • Province capital:Karak Zorn (Mountain)
  • Mount Arachnos (Mountain)
  • Lost Plateau (Mountain)
  • Karag Orrud (Mountain)
Mountain Karak Zorn (ibid)

Arachnos (rest)

Straits of Lothern
  • Province capital:Lothern (Island)
  • Tower of Lysean (Island)
  • Glittering Tower (Island)
  • Strategic locations (Lothern and Glittering Tower)
  • Resource salt.pngSalt (Tower of Lysean)
Lothern (ibid)

Cult of Excess (Lysean and Glittering)

The Black Coast
  • Province capital:Bleak Hold Fortress (Frozen)
  • Hag Hall (Frozen)
  • Arnheim (Frozen)
  • Vaul's Anvil (Frozen)
  • Strategic location (Vaul's Anvil)
Bleak Holds (Bleak Hold Fortress)

Clar Karond (Hag Hall and Vaul's Anvil)

Tiranoc (Arnheim)

The Black Flood
  • Province capital:Hag Graef (Frozen)
  • Temple of Khaine (Frozen)
  • Storag Kor (Frozen)
  • Strategic location (Hag Graef)
Hag Graef
The Broken Lands
  • Province capital:Karond Kar (Frozen)
  • Blacklight Tower (Frozen)
  • Black Creek Spire (Frozen)
  • Slaver's Point (Frozen)
  • Strategic location (Karond Kar)
  • Resource salt.pngSalt (Black Creek Spire)
Karond Kar
The Capes
  • Province capital:Fortress of Dawn (Island)
  • Citadel of Dusk (Savannah)
Savannah/Island Fortress of Dawn

Citadel of Dusk

The Chill Road
  • Province capital:Ghrond (Frozen)
  • Ashrak (Frozen)
  • The Great Arena (Frozen)
Frozen Ghrond (Great Arena is destroyed)
The Clawed Coast
  • Province capital:Hotek's Column (Frozen)
  • The Twisted Glade (Frozen)
  • The Monoliths (Frozen)
Frozen The Forgebound
The Creeping Jungle
  • Province capital:Tlaxtlan (Jungle)
  • Temple of Kara (Jungle)
  • Tlanxla (Jungle)
  • Strategic location (Tlaxtlan)
Tlaxtlan (ibid.)

Blue Vipers (Temple of Kara)

The Dragon Isles
  • Isle of the Crimson Skull (Island)
  • Province capital:The Blood Hall (Island)
Island Blood Hall Coven (Blood Hall; Isle of the Crimson Skull is destroyed)
The Forbidden Jungle
  • Province capital:Sentinels of Xeti (Jungle)
  • Chamber of Visions (Jungle)
Jungle Sentinels of Xeti (ibid.)

Blood Hall Coven (Chamber of Visions)

The Great Desert
  • Province capital:Black Tower of Arkhan (Desert)
  • Pools of Despair (Desert)
  • Bel Aliad (Desert)
Desert Strygos Empire (Bel Aliad is destroyed)
The Jungles of the Gods
  • Province capital:Tor Surpindar (Savannah)
  • Caverns of Sotek (Jungle)
Jungle/Savannah Fortress of Dawn (Tor Surpindar)

Clan Moulder (Caverns of Sotek)

The Lost Valley
  • Province capital:Oyxl (Jungle)
  • Subatuun (Jungle)
  • The Sentinel of Time (Savannah)
  • Strategic location (Oyxl)
Southern Sentinels (Subatuun)
The Red Rivers
  • Province capital:Zlatlan (Jungle)
  • Nahuontl (Jungle)
  • The Golden Tower (Jungle)
  • Cuexotl (Jungle)
  • Strategic location (The Golden Tower)
Zlatlan (Zlatlan and Nahuotl)

Tlaqua (The Golden Tower and Cuexotl)

The Road of Skulls
  • Province capital:Har Ganeth (Frozen)
  • Spite Reach (Frozen)
  • The Black Pillar (Frozen)
  • Kauark (Frozen)
  • Strategic location (Har Ganeth)
Har Ganeth
The Turtle Isles
  • Province capital:Great Turtle Isle (Island)
  • Mud Isles (Island)
  • Golden Ziggurat (Island)
  • Strategic location (Great Turtle Isle)
Order of Loremasters (Turtle Isle)

Sentinels of Xeti (Golden Ziggurat)

The Vampire Coast
  • Province capital:The Awakening (Jungle)
  • The Blood Swamps (Jungle)
  • Pox Marsh (Jungle)
  • The Star Tower (Jungle)
Jungle Vampire Coast (faction)
The Witchwood
  • Province capital: The Witchwood
Magical forest
  • Province capital:Tor Anroc (Island)
  • Whitepeak (Island)
  • The High Vale (Island)
  • Salvation Isles (Island)
  • Strategic location (Tor Anroc)
Tiranoc (all; Tor Anroc is destroyed)
Unicorn Gate
  • Province capital: Unicorn Gate (Island)
  • Fortress gate (large garrison, no economic buildings)
Western Jungles
  • Province capital:Tlaqua (Jungle)
  • Deaths-Head Monoliths (Savannah)
  • Statues of the Gods (Savannah)
Savannah/Jungle Tlaqua (Tlaqua)
Northern Yvresse
  • Province capital:Tor Yvresse (Island)
  • Tralinia (Island)
  • Sardenath (Island)
Island Yvresse



Factions in Eye of the Vortex
Provinces in Eye of the Vortex