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Fang of Taalroth is a Legendary Talisman item unique to Drycha.

Many in the realms of men believe this powerful dampener was once carried by the God of Nature, Taal himself.

Effect[edit | edit source]

  • Attacks cause the Dampen! effect
  • Winds of magic cost -1 for Okkam's Mindrazor
  • Winds of magic cost -2 for Okkam's Mindrazor upgraded
  • Enables completion of the quest chain to free the imprisoned Legendary Hero Coeddil
    • Passive ability: Fang of Taalroth
    • Type: Hex of the Winds
    • Duration: Constant
    • Target: Around self, affects enemies in range
    • Cannot target if: Doesn't have casting ability
    • Active if: Casting
    • Effect Range: Map-wide
    • +15 Ability recharge (Seconds)