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Fatigue or vigour is a mechanic that affects units in battle.

Units tire as they move and fight, meaning that they cannot engage in combat as effectively. The vigour/fatigue level of a unit is shown on its tooltip. Troops recover vigour slowly over time if allowed to stand still. Walk units where possible and only charge them at the last moment to prevent them from tiring.

For undead races such as Vampire Counts and Tomb Kings, the different levels of fatigue have different names. This represents the fact that undead units don't get tired, but instead the magic sustaining them can run out.

Fatigue effects[]

Fatigue level Undead animation level Fatigue point thresholds Modifiers
Speed Melee Attack Melee Defence Melee Damage Armour Charge bonus Reloading
Fresh Animated 0
Active Active 2,800 -5%
Winded Fading 6,600 -5% -5% -10% -10%
Tired Diminished 12,600 -10% -15% -10% -10% -15%
Very tired Drained 18,000 -15% -25% -10% -10% -25% -25%
Exhausted Debilitated 27,000 -15% -30% -10% -10% -25% -30% -35%
Maximum Maximum 30,000

Action effects[]

Status Effect per tick
Activity Ready -7
Idle (rain or snow) -10
Idle -18
Limbering +6
Shooting +18
Combat (melee) +19
Working +20
Climbing (ladders or walls) +10,000
Movement Walking -1
Walking (artillery/horse) +2
Walking (artillery) +12
Running +4
Running (artillery/horse) +6
Running (cavalry) +6
Charging +34

Relevant attributes[]

Fatigue immune.png Immune to Vigour: Vigour has no effect on this unit.

Fatigue immune.png Perfect Vigour: Even when performing the most fatiguing actions, this unit never loses vigour. (Perfect Vigour)