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For the Warriors of Chaos version, see Chaos Feral Manticore.

Feral Manticore is a Beastmen, Norsca, Dark Elves and Wargrove of Woe melee flying monster unit. The Manticore is a killer, above all. Born of Chaos, mutations and madness, but a killer all the same.

This unit can also be summoned via the Transformation of Kadon spell from the Lore of Beasts. The following races have access to this spell:


Manticores are huge, leonine beasts that soar on leathery wings. They are amongst the most powerful of all the predators that live in the north’s mountain ranges. The mutating power of Chaos ensures that no two Manticores are truly alike. Some have manes of writhing serpents, others pelts of iron scales, and many sprout spiked tales with a poison strong enough to boil a man’s blood in his veins. However, all Manticores are berserk killers saturated with primal fury. They are so fierce that they are held by the Dark Elves to be incarnations of Khaine, God of Murder.


  • No Forest Penalty: Large units do not suffer penalties when moving through forest, simply smashing through the undergrowth instead.
  • Causes Terror: This unit can cause terror, making its melee target rout for a short time. Units that cause terror are immune to terror and fear themselves.


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The Feral Manticore´s greatest weakness is being prone to rampaging even when at high health and subsequently picking fights it is not equipped to handle, like charging right into a wall of spearmen. Its melee abilities are much better than Harpies, just short of a Black Dragon. Using it for disrupting artillery crews and missile units gives a good chance that it will at least not rampage into the thickest cluster of enemy elite anti-large units.


  • Manticores are also able to be recruited by the Wargrove of Woe Wood Elves faction.
  • Feral Manticores were only added to the Beastmen in The Hammers & Herdstones Update. Prior to this, Beastmen could only summon the unit using a spell.