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Followers are a type of inventory ancillary item which characters, including lords Commander.png and heroes Icon hero.png, can equip in the campaign map to provide a number of temporary campaign or battle buffs Unit effect positive.png to their army units.

They have to be equipped using the character inventory slots and only one copy can be equipped at any one time. There may be restrictions regarding the type of character or unit that can equip and/or benefit from follower effects. The so-called generic followers are available to all racial factions.

How to obtain?[]

Similar to other items, there is a small base chance for followers to be dropped after a victorious battle and randomly but according to rarity and subject to the relevant racial restrictions. Therefore, common followers are more likely to drop than rare ones and in greater quantity. You can only earn followers of your race or those termed generic and available to any racial faction. Drop chances can be increased with a variety of abilities, skills and items.

In addition, there is also a small base chance to steal a follower from an enemy lord after a victorious battle. Conversely, there is also a small chance for you to have a follower stolen after a defeat subject to the relevant racial restrictions. That is to say that you cannot lose a racial follower against an army of a different race. Steal chances can be increased with a variety of abilities, skills and items.

Followers can also be obtained via specific game mechanics, missions Event Mission Neutral.png and quests Event Mission Neutral.png.


Items such as followers are ranked according to rarity. However, in this page they are all labelled with the common Icon rarity common small.png rarity so it is obvious some followers are stronger than others. Therefore, it is assumed the game developer is still to address this perceived rarity display bug.


By game[]

There is a dedicated page for each set of followers introduced in each game, namely:

Followers are used cumulatively so, for example, those added in Total War: Warhammer are also available on Total War: Warhammer II and Total War: Warhammer III.

By race[]