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Forge of Daith is a unique campaign mechanic for the Heralds of Ariel faction, part of the Wood Elves race, introduced in Total War Warhammer II The Twisted and the Twilight DLC.

The master smith Lord Daith will periodically gift you special equipment. Once all items of a given type have been gifted, Daith will instead offer to improve your armies' war gear to provide them with small bonuses.

Forge of Daith (Idle)[edit | edit source]

No Forge items owned yet.

Lord Daith has yet to gift you any ancillaries. Once his initial gifts have been received, the Sisters can visit him after each time they win a battle to refine or reforge them, but once visited he cannot be approached again for another two turns.

Forge of Daith (Smouldering)[edit | edit source]

The Sisters have either not won a battle since your last visit to the Forge, or have already visited within the last two turns.

Each time the Sisters win a battle, Lord Daith will open the Forge to either refine or reforge one of his gifted items. After the works have been done Daith requires time to relight the Forge, so it cannot be revisited again for another two turns.

Forge of Daith Active![edit | edit source]

Lord Daith informs you that the forge fires are lit and invited one of you to pay your respects. Depending on who enters the Forge, he will either refine or reforge a gift of his choosing.

Gifts From Lord Daith[edit | edit source]

Lord Daith, the legendary Elven smith of Athel Loren and your 'surrogate uncle', has sent word that he has been busy at work within Vaul's Anvil. AMongst the searing heat of the temple's enchanted fires, the blind craftman forged four pieces of magical equipment. He has delivered these gifts via his emissaries to aid you with your grave task.

Lord Daith gifts new equipment every 10 turns

Lord Daith has gifted you four pieces of equipment

The Forge of Daith can only be accessed once every 2 turns

Lord Daith will offer to improve his gifts after the Sisters win battles

The Forge Is Lit![edit | edit source]

Following your previous foray into battle, you have received word from Lord Daith that the forge fires are now lit and ready. THe old master is now ready to lend his unrivalled smithing skills to your great cause.

The Forge of Daith can only be accessed every 2 turns

The Forge of Daith button is now active!

turn 2 items given free to ST, 4 in tot!

Eagle Bow

Dreaming Boots

Dragon Pendant

Twilight Horn

A Gift From Lord Daith[edit | edit source]

This dilemma activates every 10 turns.

on turn 2 Daith gives 4 items - add list!, others have to be gifted at a later time

In-game description[edit | edit source]

The Sisters of Twilight have access to unique items and armaments crafted in the Forge of Daith. Lord Daith, most celebrated of Elven smiths, regularly gifts special equipment to the Sisters throughout their campaign while also offering his legendary smithing skills to improve his gifts' powers. When approached in his temple-forge, Daith will either indulge Naestra's obcession with perfectly honing her equipment by upgrading them for her, or accept Arahan's ardent insistence to carry newly-reforged equipment into battle.

Items[edit | edit source]

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Reforged or Refashioned

Item chain Item type Item tier Tier I Tier II Tier III Tier IV
Category Basic Refined Perfected Refashioned / Reforged
Rarity Icon rarity uncommon small.png Uncommon Icon rarity rare small.png Rare Icon rarity legendary small.png Unique Icon rarity crafted small.png Crafted
Dragon Cuirass Wh main anc armour.png Armour Dragon Cuirass Refined Dragon Cuirass Perfected Dragon Cuirass Reforged Dragon Cuirass
Dragon Mask Wh main anc armour.png Armour Dragon Mask Refined Dragon Mask Perfected Dragon Mask Reforged Dragon Mask
Dragon Pendant Wh main anc enchanted item.png Enchanted Item Dragon Pendant Refined Dragon Pendant Perfected Dragon Pendant Reforged Dragon Pendant
Dreaming Boots Wh main anc armour.png Armour Dreaming Boots Refined Dreaming Boots Perfected Dreaming Boots Reforged Dreaming Boots
Dreaming Bow Wh main anc weapon.png Weapon Dreaming Bow Refined Dreaming Bow Perfected Dreaming Bow Reforged Dreaming Bow
Dreaming Cloak Wh main anc enchanted item.png Enchanted Item Dreaming Cloak Refined Dreaming Cloak Perfected Dreaming Cloak Refashioned Dreaming Cloak
Dreaming Ring Wh main anc talisman.png Talisman Dreaming Ring Refined Dreaming Ring Perfected Dreaming Ring Reforged Dreaming Ring
Eagle Bow Wh main anc weapon.png Weapon Eagle Bow Refined Eagle Bow Perfected Eagle Bow Reforged Eagle Bow
Eagle Mask Wh main anc talisman.png Talisman Eagle Mask Refined Eagle Mask Perfected Eagle Mask Reforged Eagle Mask
Eagle Quiver Wh main anc enchanted item.png Enchanted Item Eagle Quiver Refined Eagle Quiver Perfected Eagle Quiver Reforged Eagle Quiver
Eagle Vambraces Wh main anc armour.png Armour Eagle Vambraces Refined Eagle Vambraces Perfected Eagle Vambraces Reforged Eagle Vambraces
Twilight Helm Wh main anc armour.png Armour Twilight Helm Refined Twilight Helm Perfected Twilight Helm Reforged Twilight Helm
Twilight Horn Wh main anc talisman.png Talisman Twilight Horn Refined Twilight Horn Perfected Twilight Horn Reforged Twilight Horn
Twilight Standard Wh main anc enchanted item.png Enchanted Item Twilight Standard Refined Twilight Standard Perfected Twilight Standard Refashioned Twilight Standard

add to item list only at the end!!

Dragon Cuirass

Dragon Mask

Dragon Pendant

Dreaming Boots

Dreaming Bow

Dreaming Cloak

Dreaming Ring

Eagle Bow

Eagle Mask

Eagle Quiver - need to update desc, extra outdated!

Eagle Vambraces

Twilight Helm

Twilight Horn

Twilight Standard

Perfected Dragon Cuirass

Perfected Dragon Mask

Perfected Dragon Pendant

Perfected Dreaming Boots

Perfected Dreaming Bow

Perfected Dreaming Cloak

Perfected Dreaming Ring

Perfected Eagle Bow

Perfected Eagle Mask

Perfected Eagle Quiver

Perfected Eagle Vambraces

Perfected Twilight Helm

Perfected Twilight Horn

Perfected Twilight Standard

Refashioned Dreaming Cloak

Refashioned Twilight Standard

Refined Dragon Cuirass

Refined Dragon Mask

Refined Dragon Pendant

Refined Dreaming Boots

Refined Dreaming Bow

Refined Dreaming Cloak

Refined Dreaming Ring

Refined Eagle Bow

Refined Eagle Mask

Refined Eagle Quiver

Refined Eagle Vambraces

Refined Twilight Helm

Refined Twilight Horn

Refined Twilight Standard

Reforged Dragon Cuirass

Reforged Dragon Mask

Reforged Dragon Pendant

Reforged Dreaming Boots

Reforged Dreaming Bow

Reforged Dreaming Ring

Reforged Eagle Bow

Reforged Eagle Mask

Reforged Eagle Quiver

Reforged Eagle Vambraces

Reforged Twilight Helm

Reforged Twilight Horn