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For the Fortress of Dawn settlement and province, see Fortress of Dawn (province).

Fortress of Dawn is a High Elves faction introduced in Total War: Warhammer II. It is led by ??? and can be found in ???.


The Fortress of Dawn is a fortified outpost of the High Elves. The spires of this port city are built around a single colossal waystone, a rare and valuable remnant of the days when the sun never set upon the Phoenix King's empire.[1]

Starting territory[]

Eye of the Vortex[]


Diplomatic traits:

Eye of the Vortex:

  •  ?


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  • Tyrion once claimed to have sailed past the Citadel of the Dawn. It is unclear if he meant the Fortress of Dawn or the Citadel of Dusk.


The fortress of Dawn is first on a island and on land. On land they must defeat the Skaven Klan Mors. They have also war with Zlatan and they must defeat Zlatan before they have peace.