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For the Fortress of Dawn settlement and province, see Fortress of Dawn (province).

Fortress of Dawn is a High Elves faction introduced in Total War: Warhammer II. It is led by ??? and can be found in ???.


The Fortress of Dawn is a fortified outpost of the High Elves. The spires of this port city are built around a single colossal waystone, a rare and valuable remnant of the days when the sun never set upon the Phoenix King's empire.[1]

Starting territory[]

Eye of the Vortex[]


Diplomatic traits:

Eye of the Vortex:

  • ?


The Fortress of Dawn is first on a island and on land. On land they must defeat the Skaven Clan Mors. They have also war with Zlatan and they must defeat Zlatan before they have peace.


  • Tyrion once claimed to have sailed past the Citadel of the Dawn. It is unclear if he meant the Fortress of Dawn or the Citadel of Dusk.
  • The three runes in the upper right of the Fortress of Dawn's flag are Darlioth, Edra, and Yennla; and the rune at the bottom is Indrast. Darlioth represents fearlessness, the Mirai underworld, and harvest; Edra represents laughter and cruel fate; Yennla represents the seed and the promise of Isha; and Indrast represents awakened heavens and fulfilled fate.