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"We all are Gisoren, and our very diversity grants us strength."

Duke Hagen of Gisoreux.[1a]
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General data
LeaderTristran le Junglear
CampaignsThe Season of Revelation
Start LocationDuchy of Gisoreux

Gisoreux is a minor Bretonnia faction introduced in Total War: Warhammer. It only appears in the Season of Revelation mini-campaign, as in the Grand Campaigns it is combined with Artois.


The Dukedom of Gisoreux is a founding Dukedom that lies within the treacherous slopes of the Pale Sisters and upon the low woodlands of the Arden Forest. Unlike in other parts of Bretonnia, where much of the land is either one type of landscape and of one type of people, the diversity in geography of this Dukedom has also created a diversity in cultures and customs. Those living within the arable plains to the south contain the typical farmers and peasants that is universal within all the realms. To the east, the lands are filled with harsh woodlands, where a different people live life as expert trappers and wild woodsmen.[1a]

Finally, to the north, those people that can eek out a living within the Pale Sisters are seasoned mountaineers who can brave harsh conditions. The Dukedom also contains the Gisoreux Gap, one of only three locations within the entire Grey Mountains that allow passage between Bretonnia and the Empire. The current ruler is Duke Hagen.[1]


The Season of Revelation


The ruler, Tristan le Jungelear, is a reference to two characters in the lore. Tristan the Troubadour and Jules le Jongeleur. Their lore is attached particularly to a battle of Montfort.

When Tristan abandoned this life to quest for the Grail, Jules, his faithful Jongleur begged to go with him. Together they roam Bretonnia accepting hospitality in the castles of dukes and barons where they provide entertainment in return for lodgings and sustenance.[1][2]

Over the years of Tristan's quest, the mismatched duo have seen many strange things and battled countless terrible foes, ranging from the diminutive but viscious Goblin Warlord, Gawbuj, to the mighty Beastlord, Brax the Horned.[2]

Tristan himself has risen to become one of the most renowned heroes in all Bretonnia, a mighty warrior blessed with a near-magic voice. As they journey through Dragon-infested country Tristan sings his songs of noble valour to give him courage. Driven by dreams sent to him by the Lady of the Lake, the quest for the Grail has drawn Tristan to many battlefields, where his talents have been greatly welcomed by the embattled Knights. Their spirits are raised and their hearts made bold by Tristan's songs, allowing them to snatch victory from the brink of despair.[2]