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This page is about the tradeable resource. For currency, see our page on money.

Gold Resource gold.png (or golden idols Resource gold idols.png for some races) is one of the many resources available on the campaign map which can be traded, used in certain game mechanics and grants income and/or unique race-base effects if extracted by building the relevant building chain.

Gold vs Golden idols[]

In Total War: Warhammer II, the Dark Elves Naggarond.png, Dwarfs Dwarfs.png, High Elves Eataine.png, Lizardmen Mon 256 Hexoatl.png and Tomb Kings Khemri.png racial factions produce golden idols Resource gold idols.png instead of gold. It is functionally identical to gold.

Extraction building chain[]

In order for this resource to be available for use, it must be extracted by building its corresponding building, which may include a chain of up to three buildings in total.

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Associated race mechanics[]

Certain racial game mechanics use this resource.

Game mechanic Races
Mortuary Cult Bullet tmb crafting.png Tomb Kings Khemri.png
The ForgeIcon forge.png Dwarfs Dwarfs.png

Unique effects[]

This resource may grant income and also bestow unique bonus effects to a number of racial factions.

Races Game mechanic
Dwarfs Dwarfs.png
  • Lord recruitment rank: +2
  • Thane hero recruitment rank: +1
Lizardmen Mon 256 Hexoatl.png
The Empire Reikland.png


The presence of gold is a sign that a mine can be placed and the wealth it brings harvested.