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Gotrek & Felix Offer Their Services is a Dilemma for Empire, Bretonnia, and Dwarf factions. It appears after the player receives a notification of rumors that the duo are nearby. They will show up in one of the players provinces on the campaign map. One only needs to send a lord to meet them in order to activate this event.

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You have managed to meet the legendary duo Gotrek and Felix while they travel through the province. Over some tankards of ale, Gotrek reveals to you that he is seeking the most heroic death possible. Felix suggests that he and Gotrek join your cause. The Slayer seems unenthusiastic at first, but is soon persuaded that you can help him achieve the great doom he craves. Felix tells you privately that really he welcomes the safety in numbers our forces will provide...


Hire Them[]

  • Following your acceptance of their offer to fight with you, Gotrek and Felix are now yours to command.

This gives the player access to an immediate new army with Gotrek as lord and Felix as a unique hero. They last for 20 turns before the duo wander off in search of other adventures. After they leave, they can be replaced with another lord and any units they recruited kept.

Leave Them Be[]

  • Nothing Happens