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Great Stag is a Mount for the Wood Elves characters introduced in The Twisted and the Twilight. With its magnificent frame and the great plumes of steam of its snorting breath, the Great Stag instills its unflinching valour into those who ride it.


It is said that when a Great Stag emerges from its dark arboreal shelter, great deeds are at hand. Thus, in a great many lands, the appearance of a Great Stag is thought to signal the onset of portentous times. This has led many an unscrupulous wizard to bind a Great Stag to their will purely as a means of gathering wealth and support from their more credulous allies. That such plans inevitably backfire in a spectacularly gory fashion — the Great Stag invariably chafes at servitude to an unrighteous master, and will likely trample the fool to death the moment the spell lapses — seems to serve as little warning to the next charlatan.

There is no chance of mistaking a Great Stag for any of the lesser herd beasts that roam the forests of the world. It is a powerfully built animal, whose every snorting breath releases plumes of steam. The antlers of the Great Stag are both impressive and formidable, about whose iron-hard points dances a ghostly nimbus of magic. However, what is most remarkable about a Great Stag is its noble presence; the creature moves with on unsurpassed grace, for it is a king amongst beasts and the natural spirit of the world made manifest. Such a creature can be tamed for brief periods, perhaps, but never truly mastered. Only when the Winds of Magic blow strong will such a proud beast ever answer a wizard's summons.


  • Causes Fear



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Comparing the Great Stag to the Elven Steed (Wood Elves), the first thing to note is the base 20% physical resistance the unit gains from being a forest spirit. Secondly, the unit gains 15 charge bonus which helps make their charges impactful. Also the unit causes fear to surrounding enemies. Aside from that there are few differences (the Glade captain gets slightly more armour-piercing melee damage and both units gain 10 armour).

Overall, bring this mount if you want your lord to be mounted, but want the defensive capabilities from the physical resistance/armour buff and the offensive boost from an increased charge bonus.