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Gryphon Wood is a province introduced in Total War: Warhammer II's Mortal Empires campaign, with The Twisted and Twilight Update.


The Gryphon’s Wood around Bechafen has long been the centre of Ostermark’s political and economic life, especially since the destruction of the old capital at Mordheim in 1999 IC. The region’s main exports are lumber and riverboats, the latter often built on the spot from some of the trees harvested that season. The logs float down-river from as far as Fortenhaf and Remer to Bechafen, where skilled boatwrights build craft that are considered among the best in the Empire. Not as dangerous as other forested areas, the Gryphon’s Wood is home to many small villages and isolated steads, while ruins of older villages, and even small towns, lie deep within it. Since the war began, the eastern end of the Gryphon’s Wood below Fortenhaf has become home to Kislevite refugees fleeing the devastation of their lands. Outlaws and river piracy have become a problem there, and the government in Bechafen is considering sending a force to aid the Margrave Röntgen in restoring order.


Settlement Type Port Climate Starting faction Resources Special buildings
Gryphon Wood Forest settlement Magical forest Wargrove of Woe Temple of Ereth Khial

Overgrown Temple of Ereth Khial

Healing mechanic[]

The reward for healing this magical forest is reduced recruitment costs.

Other magical forests[]