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For the settlement of the same name, see The Road of Skulls
Playing as Har Ganeth requires The Queen and the Crone

Har Ganeth is a playable Dark Elves subfaction in Total War: Warhammer II, led by Crone Hellebron. They were introduced as part of The Queen and the Crone paid DLC.

They are playable in campaign, custom battles and multiplayer.


Har Ganeth is the center of Khaine-worship in Naggaroth. Ruled by Crone Hellebron, the Hag Queen, the Blood Queen, the leader of Khaine's Cult, it is here that said cult is strongest. Ironically, Har Ganeth is also one of the most law-abiding cities in Naggaroth, with it's harsh laws enforced by the sharp blades of the Har Ganeth Executioners. However, when a Death Night is called, the Witch Elves and Death Hags of the Cult of Khaine remain free to murder and slaughter and abduct future Khainite Assassins. Har Ganeth has a fierce rivalry with Morathi and her followers, and the two groups often vie for influence in the Witch King's court.

How they play[]

For general information about Dark Elves, see that page.

  • Units: Dark Elves unit roster is fairly well-rounded, with a focus on elite infantry and cavalry, backed up by hydras and spellcasters.
  • Murderous Prowess: In battle, Dark Elf armies gain extra bonuses after inflicting a certain amount of damage.
  • Slaves: In campaign, Dark Elves gather the slaves resource, which boosts the economy at the expense of public order.
  • Black Arks: These are powerful naval units which can be used to recruit armies at sea.
  • Sacrifice to Drakira: A unique rite for Har Ganeth which grants bonuses to Witch Elves and Death Hags.
  • Death Night and Blood Voyages: Sacrifice slaves and summon Blood Voyages, to avoid increasing penalties from Hellebron's aging.
  • Names of Power: Dark Elf lords can acquire different Names of Power which have varying effects.
  • Loyalty: Dark Elf lords have a loyalty stat, which can cause them to rebel, taking their army with them. High Loyalty lords can offer items.
  • Sword of Khaine: As a Dark Elf faction, Har Ganeth can draw the Sword of Khaine.

In battle[]

Har Ganeth uses the Dark Elves unit roster.

In campaign[]

Legendary lord choices[]

Death Night and Blood Voyages[]

Death night.png Death Night is a campaign mechanic for Har Ganeth. Hellebron is ancient, even for an elf, and she has been denied the secrets of Morathi, who has eternal youth. So instead she resorts to extreme measures to retain her youth and vitality.

Due to Hellebron aging, Har Ganeth will take gradually more penalties to faction wide public order as well as Hellebron's stats in battle.

To reset this and (temporarily) regain her youth, Hellebron can periodically call a Death Night by sacrificing Icon slaves.pngslaves. This will reduce the penalties and turn them into buffs. The number of slaves required for the first Death Night is 800, and it rises each time. However the effects are temporary and eventually another Death Night will need to be called.

A Dlc10 blood voyage.pngBlood Voyage is a single-army faction which will spawn the turn after Hellebron calls a death night. They can be controlled and directed to attack enemies.

Sacrifice to Drakira[]

The Sacrifice to Drakira is a rite unique to Har Ganeth which replaces the Sacrifice to Hekarti that other Dark Elves factions have. It buffs Witch Elves, Death Hags etc.

Faction effects[]

  • Hero capacity: +2 for Death Hags
  • Casualties captured post-battle: +25%

Starting territory[]

Eye of the Vortex
Mortal Empires

Victory Conditions[]

Short Campaign
Long Campaign


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The Har Ganeth faction should start by defeating Ghrond and securing the nearby production of strategic scrolls. Next defeat or confederate with the Deadwood Sentinels to build up a power base for further expansion. As that will give you a border with Aghol, it may be necessary to conquer them at some point. The starting army should be build around Witch Elves and Sisters of Slaughter to take advantage of the legendary lord. You should consider expanding to the High Elves territory as one of the key feature of this faction is the Blood Voyages mechanics which will spawn armies that will invade High Elves territory. Generally it is best to be allies with Malekith and focus on the High Elves, but if one wanted to challenge him he is very close by.

On the Mortal Empire map beware the Chaos Invasion armies that will spawn in the North of Naggarond, they can easily wipe out Malekith and will happily turn to your cities next. Build defensive buildings in all of your home settlements or meet the invasion with your armies to survive (or just give it up and move to Ulthuan).


Campaign Strategy Guide[]