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Heinrich Kemmler is a Vampire Counts Legendary Lord introduced in Total War: Warhammer. He is a powerful spellcaster, and can summon a unique Wight King called Krell.

In Total War: Warhammer II, he was moved to his own faction, The Barrow Legion, with the release of the Aye-Aye! Patch.


The dead answer my call. When you are dead, you will answer too!

Heinrich Kemmler burns with the need for power. Having recognised the limits that mortality placed upon him in his early years, Kemmler made it his life's work to escape them. He plunged into the world of Necromancy as a young man, and by the time he had reached his fortieth year he was able to raise entire graveyards of corpses to do his bidding. Kemmler became a great and much-feared Necromancer, plundering every Wizard's tower and ancient temple he could find in his search for dark truths. His star was in the ascendant for many decades until ambitious rivals united to bring him to his knees. Although he finally managed to scatter his attackers with a great spell of confusion, Kemmler's body was broken and his mind blasted in the battle. For many years Heinrich wandered as little better than a half-sane beggar. By some quirk of fate, he uncovered the tomb of a long-dead Chaos Champion, whose burial mound was so magnificent it towered high above him. Here Kemmler struck a terrible pact with the Gods. They restored him to his former power and in return, Heinrich swore to slay and destroy in their name. Now, the name of the Lichemaster once again strikes terror into the hearts of ordinary folk.


Active Abilities[]






  • The Ravenous Dead

Campaign effects[]

If chosen as starting lord:

  • Additional Starting Units
  • Lord Effects
    • Military spending VC.png Upkeep: -50% for Necromancer heroes
    • Treasury VC.png Raise dead cost: -25%
    • Spell ability.png In battle, Kemmler can call upon Krell, a powerful hero, with a unique summoning ability
    • Suitable climate mountains
    • +30 diplomatic relations with Beastmen and Warriors of Chaos



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