Horn of the First Beast

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Horn of the First Beast
Wh main anc enchanted item.png
TypeEnchanted item
RarityIcon rarity rare small.png rare
Required DLCCall of the Beastmen

Horn of the First Beast is an item for Beastmen Lords.

When this ancient, fossilized horn is sounded a cloud of disarray fall upon the enemy but emboldens the Gors.

Effects[edit | edit source]


Type: Augment

Target: Self, Ally in radius

Duration: 35 seconds

Recharge if: Engaged in melee

Effect Range: 55m

  • +18% Charge Bonus
  • +8 Leadership
  • +24 Melee attack

Strategy[edit | edit source]

Good ability for shoring up leadership and giving large bonuses to melee attack on a decent sized radius. Use as you are charging in or your units are involved in an even fight. Notably the ability only recharges in melee so it cannot be spammed, although are you really a Beastlord if you aren't in the melee?