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Hotfix 1.3.2 was a small hotfix for Total War: Warhammer III which was released on 19 July 2022. It came after Compatibility Hotfix 1.3.1.


Good day, WARHAMMER III fans! Today’s hotfix comes with a fix for a major issue highlighted by the community following our last game update: a performance problem that scales based on the number of mods being run in the game.

In a recent hotfix, it appears that we inadvertently removed some data that the game was continuing to search for—a search that would end up being run more often as you added mods. While recent changes made this an issue for Steam users, today’s fix should result in small performance gains during Battles on ALL PC platforms where Total War: WARHAMMER III is available! The build will be available on Steam and Epic now and will be released on the Microsoft Store within the next hour.

As always, thanks to the individuals and communities who dug into the issue, provided the details that helped narrow down the problem, and brought it to our attention! Your persistence (and patience) will continue to lead to gains on the performance front, so keep the feedback coming!

See you on the battlefield!

— The Total War Team

HOTFIX 1.3.2[]

The game will no longer search for files that do not exist and will no longer scale the number of searches based on the number of mods being run by the game.