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Immortal Empires art

Official promotional art of Immortal Empires, showing Karl Franz flying over the Great Bastion.

Immortal Empires is a vast sandbox campaign encompassing the entire Warhammer world, with open-ended objectives that provide the ultimate Total War: Warhammer experience.
~ Official description

Immortal Empires is the title for a campaign which was added to Total War: Warhammer III on 23 August, 2022. Initially, the campaign was tagged as a beta, but was generally "content-complete." With the release of Update 2.4.0, Immortal Empires left the beta status.

Some parts were spun off: Immortal Empires special buildings and Immortal Empires province list are two major articles.

Creative Assembly has made an Immortal Empires FAQ here.

Overview[ | ]

The campaign combines all playable content from all 3 games in the Total War: Warhammer series, so that players can play with all playable races, factions, lords and units from Total War: Warhammer, Total War: Warhammer II and Total War: Warhammer III. This works similarly to Mortal Empires in Total War: Warhammer II, which combines content from both the first and second games.

Access[ | ]

As of Update 2.4.0, Immortal Empires is now available to all Total War: Warhammer III players. You don't need to own any other games or other content, just Total War: Warhammer III. See the official Immortal Empires FAQ for more information.

Map[ | ]

Features[ | ]

Immortal Empires is the largest Total War campaign ever both in physical map size and number of factions, featuring over 272 factions on turn 1, over 80 of which are playable and led by a unique legendary lord. Virtually all playable content from the entire Total War: Warhammer series is playable in Immortal Empires.

Sea Lanes[ | ]

As the world map of Immortal Empires is extremely huge, there are several Sea Lanes at certain points on the map. Embarked armies and heroes can enter the sea lane to traverse between two waterways, even if they are far apart. Traversing a sea lane takes 2 turns for most races, but some races (Norsca, High Elves, Dark Elves, Vampire Coast and Slaanesh) are considered "skilled navigators", and only take 1 turn. Sea Lanes can be turned on or off in campaign settings, before starting a campaign.

  • Blue: The Jade Sea and Sea of Squalls
  • Green: The Jade Sea and The Far Sea
  • Purple: The Jade Sea and The Sea of Dread
  • Red (The Underworld Sea Lane): The Sea of Malice and The Boiling Sea
  • Orange (Uzkulak Canal): River Ruin and Frozen Sea

In addition to sea lanes, there is also a ford between Lustria and Naggaroth, as well as the Grand Canal in Cathay, which allow easier passage for embarked armies and heroes.

End-game scenarios[ | ]

New dynamic end-game scenarios: randomised mid- to late-game challenges have been introduced to challenge the late-game steamroll—where the player is so powerful that there’s little-to-no challenge left and less of a reason to complete the campaign.

Endgame scenarios can be customised before starting a campaign (eg: which scenarios can occur, when they can occur, and how strong/difficult they will be - you can even make all scenarios occur together in one campaign).

Victory conditions[ | ]

Starting a campaign on this map, each faction will have a total of 3 victory conditions presented. End-game scenarios will add a further condition based on overcoming said crisis. The normal conditions are sequential, with the first two offering a global buff of some kind if you wish to continue playing afterwards. Some of the requirements are faction-specific, either accomplishing part of their original campaign objectives or eliminating specific enemy factions, while the last requirement of razing or occupying a certain number of unique settlements is present for all factions.

Short victory:

More oriented around a shorter campaign and the immediate situation the faction starts in.

Long Victory:

Much higher requirements requiring the faction to reach much further outside of their starting regions.

Domination Victory:

Requires a dominating position on the worldmap with a massive number of settlements razed or occupied.

Other features[ | ]

See also: Total War: Warhammer III#features

  • Points of interest return from The Realm of Chaos campaign. These offer lore, and many have unique battle maps for battles fought nearby.
  • The Sword of Khaine global mechanic returns from Total War: Warhammer II

Playable factions[ | ]

Immortal Empires starting positions

IE start positions, up to the reveal of Valkia.

In Immortal Empires, every single faction and legendary lord in the series is playable. However,

Here is a list of the base factions that you will be able to play, even if you don't own any other games or DLC:

Immortal Empires free base game playable factions
Race Faction Lord name Required DLC
Couronne Bretonnia Couronne Couronne King Louen Leoncoeur Base game
Carcassonne Carcassonne Fay Enchantress Base game
Chevaliers de Lyonesse Chevaliers de Lyonesse Repanse de Lyonesse Base game
Bordeleaux Errant Bordeleaux Alberic de Bordeleaux Base game
Wh3 main dae daemon prince 256 Daemons of Chaos Wh3 main dae daemon prince 256 Legion of Chaos The Daemon Prince Base game
Grand Cathay Grand Cathay The Northern Provinces The Northern Provinces Miao Ying Base game
The Western Provinces The Western Provinces Zhao Ming
Khorne Khorne Exiles of Khorne Exiles of Khorne Skarbrand the Exiled Base game
Kislev Kislev The Ice Court The Ice Court Tzarina Katarin Base game
The Great Orthodoxy The Great Orthodoxy Kostaltyn Base game
Ursun Revivalists Ursun Revivalists Boris Ursus Base game
Nurgle Nurgle Poxmakers of Nurgle Poxmakers of Nurgle Ku'gath Plaguefather Base game
Slaanesh Slaanesh Seducers of Slaanesh Seducers of Slaanesh N'Kari Base game
Tzeentch Tzeentch Oracles of Tzeentch Oracles of Tzeentch Kairos Fateweaver Base game
Warhost of the Apocalypse Warriors of Chaos Shadow Legion Shadow Legion Be'lakor Base game

Playable factions exclusive to the Immortal Empires campaign[ | ]

The following playable factions are exclusive to Immortal Empires and not found in any other campaign in the series (eg: not found in The Realm of Chaos campaign or Mortal Empires campaign either).

Playable factions exclusive to Immortal Empires, not present in any other campaign
Race Faction Legendary Lord Required DLC?
Dwarfs The Ancestral ThrongThe Ancestral Throng Grombrindal* Free download on store
Nurgle Tallymen of PestilenceTallymen of Pestilence Epidemius Free, no DLC required
The Empire Cult of SigmarCult of Sigmar Volkmar the Grim* The Grim and the Grave
Vampire Counts Caravan of Blue RosesCaravan of Blue Roses Helman Ghorst* The Grim and the Grave
Warriors of Chaos Warhost of the ApocalypseWarhost of the Apocalypse Archaon the Everchosen* Chaos Warriors Race Pack
The Decadent HostThe Decadent Host Sigvald the Magnificent* Chaos Warriors Race Pack
Heralds of the TempestHeralds of the Tempest Kholek Suneater* Chaos Warriors Race Pack
Shadow LegionShadow Legion Be'lakor Free, no DLC required

* - LL existed in previous games/campaigns as part of another faction, but now have their own unique faction and starting location.
† - Be'lakor appears in the Realm of Chaos campaign as a unique lord recruitable by other factions, but doesn't have his own playable faction there. He is now fully playable with his own faction in Immortal Empires, for free (no paid DLC required).

Development[ | ]

Total War: Warhammer was, from the beginning, planned to be a trilogy - and the huge combined map was planned from the start as well.[1]

Our first game will have four playable races, but we’ve already announced that we’ll be doing a trilogy. We’ll have another installment with another chunk of campaign map and new races. It’ll be a stand-alone game, but if you own this first game as well you can bolt them together and have an even bigger map. Then we’ll have another installment after that. By the time we finish the trilogy, you’ll have the biggest Total War map and game you’ve ever seen.
~ Ian Roxbourough via Venturebeat, July 2015

In the beta launch of Immortal Empires, Khuresh and the Kingdoms of Ind (the lands south of Grand Cathay) are not be available. They are impassable jungles that cannot be entered, although it is possible the map could expand in that direction.

Immortal Empires was released together with the Champions of Chaos DLC.

With Update 2.4.0, Immortal Empires left beta, and also was made free to all Warhammer III players. This means you no longer need all 3 games to play it, only Warhammer 3.

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