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The Intrigue at the Court menu.

Bullet hef intrigue.pngIntrigue at the Court is a special menu for High Elves where influence can be spent to influence diplomacy between factions.

Influence icon.pngInfluence is a special resource/currency used by the High Elves factions in campaign mode, alongside money.


Current Influence icon.pnginfluence is displayed in the top center of the screen, near money. Influence cannot go into the negative.

Influence is gained in the following ways:

  • Using a Noble to carry out a gather influence action on an enemy settlement.
  • The Court of the Phoenix King landmark provides +1 influence per turn for the controlling player.
  • Many of the High Elves dilemmas have options to increase influence at the cost of something else (usually a reduction in treasury or another negative effect).
  • Nagarythe can gain Influence by killing a targeted enemy Lord, whether in battle or by assassination.

Influence can be spent on the following things:

  • Many High Elves dilemmas have options to spend influence in return for a beneficial effect such as increased public order, leadership for armies, or money.
  • Influence can be spent to recruit powerful characters:
    • Some High Elves characters cost only money, however these tend to have negative character traits.
    • Other characters may have beneficial (sometimes very powerful) character traits but cost influence. Usually this is between Influence icon.png10 and Influence icon.png60 influence depending on how powerful their trait is.
    • Alastar the White Lion is a unique High Elves lord who costs Influence icon.png30 influence to recruit.
  • Influence can be spent in the Intrigue at the Court menu. See below.

Intrigue at the Court[]

Intrigue at the Court is a menu accessed via a button with the influence icon, in the bottom right of UI while viewing the campaign map. This menu gives the player a list of all factions they have discovered so far in this campaign. Additionally, it will show the names of the two factions' leaders, and their current status towards each other (diplomatic relations, and also whether they are at war, in an alliance etc). Players simply select two factions from the drop down menus, and then click the "increase relations" or "decrease relations" button. This will instantly increase or decrease relations between the two factions.

The amount of influence required to raise or lower diplomatic relations depends on how much those factions already like/dislike each other. For instance if two factions at -90 (strong dislike) then raising relations will cost a significant amount of influence. The reverse is also true - lower relations between two trusting friends is very costly.

Each time you increase or decrease relations between two factions, an event with a small story will appear, notifying you of how much relations increased by (typically no more than 10 - 30 either way)

Positive increase events[]

High Elves factions:

  • A Poem: Our kin take great store in words and verses. Send them a poet so they they may sing a verse, commissioned by us, of the great relations between them and [faction].
  • The Prince's Ward: Taking on a ward or squire from another house is a good way of exerting soft power and strengthening lasting bonds between two houses or kingdoms. And so [faction] has taken a princeling of [faction].
  • Favour of the Phoenix King: The favour of Finubar will do wonders for any great elven house. Ensure that [faction] recieves the favour of the king, and that it was fostered by [faction].
  • Over Wine: Business at the Phoenix Court rarely happens while the king attends and deals with matters of state. It is when the princes and nobles split off into the alcoves and form informal sub-committees that things get done. And so, over a few cups of wine, the binding of [faction] and [faction] can begin.
  • Play the Game: The game of court has winners and losers; the fate of houses can be lost not just by invasion but by the Prince's performance in court. Lending vocal support to [faction] at court will enhance their relationship with [faction].
  • Tame the Younger Ones: While the younger races frolic and fight we take advantage for our gains. Let us advice [leader] of [faction] to make overtures with [leader] of [faction]. If they think this is their own idea, then more's the better!
  • Just Bribery: There's nothing clever or subtle here, simply our agent disguising ourselves through mundane and arcane means into a factor of [leader] or [faction] and giving a large gift of precious things to [leader] of [faction].
  • Invitation to the War Council: Finubar's war council is not an official organisation, more the Phoenix King's close associates that guide and advise on matters of war. To be invited into the council is a great honour, so engineer [faction]'s participation with [faction] to improve their relations.
  • Blood and Gold: Diverting an enemy into the ambush range of [leader] is the first part of the ploy; letting them keep the gold we planted on the convoy will lead them to a more favourable relationship with [leader] of [faction], whose sigil is stamped on the board.
  • Favourable Trade Relations: Let the races believe in the notion that we dwindle but that our reach is still vast, our power to adjucate and even dictate trade relations remains unchallenged. Granting [leader] of [faction] and [leader] of [faction] favorable trade relations will strengthen relations between them, for our gain.

Other factions:

  • Ambassador, you are Spoiling Us: Our embassies are often thought of as neutral ground to even the most hated of foes. Nothing could be further from the truth, obviously, but we control the environment and manipulate everything from ambiance to the subject of conversation, ensuring that [faction leader] and [faction leader] are more predisposed towards each other.

Negative decrease events[]

  • Stolen Trinkets: A caravan of precious baubles important to [leader] of [faction] has gone missing. Our agents may have been responsible, but placing a few corpses belonging to [leader] of [faction], should switch blame to them.
  • Economical With The Truth: While our certain ambassadors will not outright lie, they can target certain truths that may sound far worse out of context. And so we whisper in the ear of [leader] of [faction] that [leader] of [faction] is not to be trusted.
  • False Spawning: A dark deed, one which Isha would not approve even if Ereth Khial does. A potion delivered into a spawning pool will sour the water and stunt Lizardmen growth. This will anger [faction]; leave the phial close by, with the imprint of [faction].
  • Punish the Young: Some dare defy us - we shall sour relations between [leader] of [faction] and [leader] of [faction]. In the long-term, this will be far more destructive than a direct strike.
  • Pillow Talk: Not all brave Asur are on the battlefields, some commit to a covert life hidden in Druchii society for the good of Ulthuan. This one has taken the role of paramour and can influence through bed sport, suggesting to [faction] that [faction] is not an ally but a foe.


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