Total War: WARHAMMER Wiki

A Wood Elves army in Use Worldroots stance, being intercepted by Bretonnia.

Not to be confused with Evasion (skill), a character skill for spellcasters.

Certain stances have a chance to cause an intercept if an enemy army is nearby. If an intercept happens, then a battle will occur, similar to an ambush battle, where the intercepted army is in a bad position. The battle will be fought on an Underway, Worldroots or Beast-Paths battle map.

The opposite of intercepting is evading - where the army using the special stance is able to evade and not get intercepted.

The following stances give a chance to be intercepted by enemy armies:

If an enemy army is using those stances, then sometimes the player will be given the option to intercept them or not.

Certain items or lord effects can make your more likely to intercept enemies, or more likely to evade the enemy. For instance the Crown of Domination.