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Into the Heart of the Dark is a Beastmen Dilemma.


One of your Bray-Shamans - one of some renown - wishes to leave the herd and make a journey to the Heart of the Dark. Do you wish to allow this pilgrimage?


Allow his pilgrimage:[]

  • Chaos Corruption (5 turns)
  • The Great Herdstone at the Heart of the Dark calls out. Who are we to stop the pull of that foul and powerful monolith?
  • Recent events had led to an an increase in Chaos corruption.
  • Chaos corruption: +2 (all characters)

Forbid it:[]

  • A Bray-Shaman's Magic (10 turns)
  • Your Bray-Shaman, unable to make a pilgrimage to the Heart of the Dark, instead resolves to make the Winds of Magic blow stronger across the blood-grounds!
  • Winds of Magic power reserve +10 (all armies)