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Ironbrow's Expedition is a playable Dwarfs faction introduced as free DLC in Total War: Warhammer II and led by the legendary lord Thorek Ironbrow. It is playable in both campaign maps, custom battles and multiplayer.

They can be downloaded free on Steam.


Hailing from Karak Azul, Thorek Ironbrow is one of the greatest Runelords of this age, or any age. King Kazador of Karak Azul has sent Thorek on an expedition, ranging to far southern lands, to uncover the lost artefacts of the Dwarfs.


For general information about how Dwarfs play, see that page.

  • Artifact vault tab icon vault.png The Artifact Vault: An extra panel in Icon forge.pngThe Forge full of powerful relics to be crafted, provided Thorek can find the required pieces...
  • Bullet icon dwarf unit roster.png Ironbrow's Expedition uses the Dwarfs unit roster.

Campaign gameplay[]

The Artifact Vault[]

Main article: The Artifact Vault

It is Thorek Ironbrow's personal quest to seek out the lost Artifacts of the Dwarfs' Golden Age. By collecting parts of ancient items recorded in the Book of Grudges, he can return them to the Artifact vault tab icon vault.png Artefact Vault and reforge them to receive their powerful benefits. Accessed via the Forge, the Artefact Vault reveals the location of each Artefact part which can only be retrieved through occupation or Treaty Military Alliance.png military alliances.

Faction effects[]

0 placeholder.png Masters of the Runes

The Master Runelord and his apprentices buoy up the Dwarf battle lines, perpetuating family traditions of crafmanship to blend magic and metal by use of mighty runes.

Lord effects[]

Thorek's lord effects:

Trait Dwarf.png The Old Ways Are Best

Thorek does not abide new technology, using ancient techniques to lend his council and strong arm to the cause of the old Dwarf Empire.

Starting Location[]

Eye of the Vortex

Mortal Empires


Starting agreements[]

Eye of the Vortex:

Mortal Empires:

Diplomatic traits[]

When controlled by the AI, Ironbrow's Expedition has the following diplomatic traits:

  •  ???

Victory conditions[]

Eye of the Vortex campaign map[]

Vortex Victory:[]

  • Reforge at least 5 Artefacts in the Artefact Vault
  • Win the following battle: Lost Vault

Domination Victory:[]

  • tbc

Mortal Empires campaign map[]

Long campaign victory (incomplete list)[]

  • Reforge all 8 Artefacts in the Artefact Vault
  • Ensure that there are no active grudges remaining in the Great Book of Grudges
  • Destroy the following factions: Grimgor's Ardboyz, Hag Graef, Clan Mors, Clan Eshin, Knights of Caledor

Short campaign victory[]

  • Reforge at least 5 Artefacts in the Artefact Vault
  • Ensure the total severity of grudges in the Great Book of Grudges is no greater than 19
  • Destroy the following factions: Grimgor's Ardboyz, Hag Graef, Clan Mors, Clan Eshin
  • Reclaim the following fallen Dwarfholds: Red Eye Mountain, Mount Gunbad, Black Crag, Ekrund, Karak Azgal, Galbaraz, Karak Eight Peaks, Mount Silverspear, Karak Azul

Chapter Objectives[]

Chapter I: A New Beginning[]

Rank Name Objective Reward In-game description
Primary objective A New Beginning Occupy, loot, raze or sack 4 different settlement(s). Icon treasury.png 2000 If Thorek hopes to succeed in restoring the lost glory of the Dwarfs, he must first gain a sure foothold in the surrounding lands. By the valour and might of those under his command, the Dawi will march onwards to victory.
Bonus objective I Strength in Numbers Maintain 20 units in total. Icon treasury.png 1000 The courage and prowess of the Dawi is fit to overcome any threat that stalks the lands. No weak and feeble force shall march under Thorek's proud banner!
Bonus objective II The Pursuit of Knowledge Reach rank 5 with the following character: Thorek Ironbrow Icon treasury.png 1000 The path ahead is fraught with danger, yet in pursuing the ancient knowledge and practices of the Ancestors, Thorek will surely prove himself worthy of inheriting their legacy.
Bonus objective III At the World's Edge Maintain control of the following 1 province(s), either by direct ownership or through vassals and military allies: Southlands World's Edge Mountains Icon treasury.png 1000 Enemies have long infested the ancestral homeland of the Dawi, nestled among the southernmost peaks of the World's Esge Mountains. Reclamation of the province would be a cause to celebrate for all Dwarfs.
Bonus objective IV Every Able Arm Ensure that the following building has been constructed: Mustering Hall Icon treasury.png 1000 When the call of war beckons, the Dawi will always answer. Their bravery in unshakeable, for no coward is fit to call himself a Dwarf.
Bonus objective V The Runelord's Work Perform any ritual of the following category: Crafting Icon treasury.png 1000 In Thorek's workshop, there the Master Runelord practices his craft, the great forge is always ablaze. The runes and weapons crafted there arm the outposts of Karaz Ankor.


You start somewhere in the south of Lustria, with Lizardmen to the north, Dark Elves and High Elves to the west, and Skaven to the northwest. Remove the Skaven Clan Mange to finish your initial missions, secure more territory, and build your economy with the mission rewards.

The Spine of Sotek Dwarfs are to your northwest. They can be a barrier against Lizardmen and Dark Elves invasions.

Once you complete the mission "Wayward Sons", you may be given a chance to confederate with the Spine of Sotek Dwarfs. You could add their settlements and armies to your control, but this will cost a lot from your treasury. Be sure to build up your economy first before you could add them to your command.