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Jade Wizard is an Empire hero unit. Acolytes of the green Wind of Magic use the natural world and its seasons to heal and protect their companions.


The Wizards of the Jade Order embrace the Wind of Ghyran, symbolized by the Coil of Life. The wandering mages of this Order are druids who harness the energy of nature. Jade Wizards wear green robes and traditionally carry a sickle as a badge of office. They often walk barefoot to better feel the energy of Ghyran through their feet. A Jade Wizard's power is linked to the seasons, being vigorous in Spring, powerful in the Summer, waning over the Autumn and weakest in the Winter months. With a gesture they can summon forth forests to obey their commands, and with a touch they can heal fallen comrades. Jade Wizards tend to roam the dark forests where Life Magic flows more freely. There, far from the press and bustle of the cities, the Wizards learn from the trees of enemy movements and imminent threats, before returning to Altdorf with the news.



  • Scouting
  • Boost Income
  • Discover Under-Cities
  • Steal Technology
  • Wound Hero
  • Assault Army




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  • In Multiplayer, if one brings Karl Franz on Deathclaw it is practically mandatory to bring the life wizard. This is because if one invests so heavily into Franz they need to be able to keep him alive as he has no way of healing on his own unlike Boris. This probably also extends to Generals of the Empire on flying mounts, but less necessary as it is a smaller investment. In campaign a life wizard certainly helps to keep Franz going, however there he can gain access to healing through items or defeating Isabella Von Carstein in battle.
  • In general, the life wizard is for keeping elite and low model count units healthy and fighting longer. He pairs well with units like Demigryph knights, Reiksguard, Greatswords, and most characters.