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Karak Kadrin is a playable Dwarfs faction introduced in Total War: Warhammer. It is led by Ungrim Ironfist and can be found in the northern World's Edge Mountains.

Character General Ability.pngOathbound[]

The tale of Ungrim's family is full of woe, as those in the Clan of Royal blood bear a history of calamities. Many years ago, King Barador, Ungrim's five-time great-grandsire, suffered a terrible loss which drove him to take the Oath of the Slayers to forevermore seek death in battle at the hands of the most deadly enemy they can find. He was torn between conflicting vows: the Slayer Oath to seek out death and the oath of a King to protect his people. His son inherited his vows and continued the line of Slayer Kings, of which King Ungrim Ironfist is but the latest.

Although Ungrim cannot seek his death in the Slayer fashion, he grows ever more restless, leading the throng of Karak Kadrin into countless battles. Inspired by his High King and seeking to avenge the death of his lone son who was slain, Ungrim will march to war with the least provocation.

How they play[]

  • Icon forge.pngThe Forge: Experts in binding the Winds of Magic to stone or metal, Dwarfs can forge magical items to improve their strength in battle.
  • Bullet icon grudges.pngGrudges: Scores against the Dwarfs must be settled by any and all means necessary to keep order.
  • Icon underway.pngThe Underway: Dwarfs can use the underground tunnels to avoid impassable terrain and enemy forces.
  • Bullet icon dwarf unit roster.pngRoster of heavily-armoured units with strong leadership and a variety of deadly war machines.


I fear there is no foe worthy of my death!
~ Ungrim Ironfist

Karak Kadrin, the Slayer Keep, is a mighty Dwarfhold located at the western side of Peak Pass. It's location among the lofty, snow-capped peaks of the Northern World's Edge Mountains makes it the northernmost of the Dwarfholds, except for the constantly-besieged Kraka Drak. It's great fortifications and watchful underway guard mean it has never been breached by any invader. And there are many who try to invade the Old World through Peak Pass, however the Dwarfs of Karak Kadrin and their outposts in the pass keep it mostly safe for caravans.

Karak Kadrin is most notable as having the largest and most important shrine of Grimnir, the Dwarf Ancestor-God of battle, fearlessness, honour and matyrdom. Thus it is here that many Slayers gather in-between their heroic doomed ventures. Additionally, long ago King Baragor of Karak Kadrin took the slayer oath to die in battle, but was unable to achieve this, and thus passed on the obligation to his descendents. Ungrim Ironfist is thus the latest in the line of Slayer Kings, conflicted rulers torn between personal honour and royal duty.


At last! Ungrim Ironfist returns to the Slayer Keep, and with him come Runesmiths willing to share the rules of the runes. Let the forges fire, for a new era in Dwarfen artifice begins. And not a moment too soon, for the Age of Reckoning is under threat. Urki and Grobi scum of the Red Eye Tribe threaten the sanctity of Karak Kadrin and the surrounding Dwarfholds. The Ancestor God, Grimnir, will surely demand their deaths, and the Slayer King has never shied from killing Greenskins!

Event Province Region Neutral.pngStarting Territory[]

Mortal Empires start position

Campaign Territory Region
Campaign Select Mortal Empires.png

Mortal Empires

Peak Pass
  • Icon Marker Settlement.pngKarak Kadrin
The Old World

Event Commander Activity Neutral.pngLegendary Lords[]

Name Faction Effects Lord Effects Starting Units
Dwarf Ch Ungrim.png

Ungrim Ironfist

Faction leader.pngOathbound

There are few kinds of monsters walking the world that Ungrim Ironfist has not slain in battle. Ungrim deals death - carving a path of red ruin before him while singing songs of old in a booming voice.

  • Frozen.pngSuitable Climate: Frozen
  • Treasury.pngConstruction cost: -75% for Slayer buildings
  • Treasury.pngRecruitment cost: -50% for Slayer units
  • Battle movement.pngSpeed: +10% for infantry units
Trait Dwarf.pngSlayer King

"Bring me victory, bring me death!"

  • Military spending.pngUpkeep: -25% for Slayer units (Icon Army.pngLord's army)
  • Melee.pngMelee attack: +10 for Slayer units (Icon Army.pngLord's army)
  • Wh2 dlc11 army abilities battle supply.pngPassive ability: "Journey's End" for Slayer units (Icon Army.pngLord's army)


Event Mission Neutral.pngVictory Conditions[]

Dwarfs Victory

Short Campaign Victory WH1.pngShort Campaign Victory

  • Ensure that the total severity of grudges in the Great Book of Grudges is no greater than 9.
  • Ensure that the following building has been constructed:
Great Slayer Shrine of Karak Kadrin
World Walkers.pngWorld Walkers Wintertooth.pngWintertooth Clan Moulder.pngClan Moulder
  • Maintain control of 5 province(s) including the following, either by direct ownership or through Treaty Vassal.pngvassals and Treaty Military Alliance.pngmilitary allies:
Peak Pass N. World's Edge Mtns. Zhufbar Rib Peaks Gianthome Mountains Northern Grey Mtns. Southern Grey Mtns.
  • Maintain control of 7 units of the following type:
Slayers Giant Slayers
  • Maintain 60 units in total.

Long Campaign Victory WH1.pngLong Campaign Victory

Same as the short campaign victory but with the following additions:

  • Ensure that there are no active grudges in the Great Book of Grudges.
  • Destroy the following faction(s):
Crooked Moon.pngCrooked Moon Argwylon.pngArgwylon
  • Maintain control of 10 province(s) (up from 5) including the following, either by direct ownership or through Treaty Vassal.pngvassals and Treaty Military Alliance.pngmilitary allies:
Southlands World's Edge Mtns. Charnel Valley Atalan Mountains Spine of Sotek Titan Peaks Obsidian Peaks Iron Mountains
  • Maintain 100 units in total (up from 60).


Event Diplomacy Neutral.pngDiplomatic Traits[]

When controlled by the AI, Karak Kadrin has the following diplomatic traits:

  • Defensive - More concerned with maintaining borders than expanding them. Conquest is not their business.
  • Reliable - What is agreed is set in stone. It is highly unlikely that this one will break a treaty or go back on an agreement.
  • Holds Grudges - Dwarfs do not forget grudges, indeed they harbour them, recording the slights and wrongdoings in great volumes.

Event General News Neutral.pngStarting Treaties[]

Karak Kadrin starts with the following treaties already in effect:


The following strategy guide is written by one of our editors and discusses how to play Karak Kadrin and Dwarfs in general, it should not be seen as an absolute truth but rather as a guideline.

The most key strategy for Dwarfs is maximizing your ranged firepower, very few races can trade with you at range given that Quarrellers have shields so they have a 30% missile resistance and solid armor stats. The typical thing you should do is a solid core of 2-3 Quarrellers or Rangers (cost efficient but lose shields) and 2 units of Thunderers for that extra punch. Now take several units of Miners (Blasting Charges) and your front line should be Dwarf Warriors. Arrange your army in a curve so the enemy are pulled into you and enter a kill box of gunfire as your tanky Dwarf Warriors endure the charge. Your infantry are purely here to hold the line and let the ranged units do the job. Having a few units of Longbeards (Great Weapons) is great for filling any holes the enemy pushes into your line and boosting leadership and always take one unit of Slayers to deal with Cavalry. Also the only TRUE viable lord are Runelords. Their buffs are extremely strong and the Rune of Wrath and Ruin puts down a heavy slow on the target allowing Slayers to run down even some mounted units.

The most key thing is keep your guns firing. They are your bread and butter for your army. Dwarfs have amazing armor and defense stats but just don’t have the punch of other races like Chaos or Lizardmen in melee. But you have overwhelming black powder rivalled only by the Empire and Vampire Coast, both of which lack leadership and defensive options. You are tough. All your units can take a beating. And, dear God, do Dwarfs know how to "gunline". May you settle many grudges and fulfill your Slayer oaths.


  • As noted earlier, before the Resurgent Update Karak Kadrin was a minor, non-playable faction.