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Khazrak the One-Eye is the legendary lord leading the Beastmen's Warheard of the One-Eye racial faction which was introduced in the Total War: Warhammer Call of the Beastmen DLC. He is the main playable Lord in the An Eye For An Eye mini-campaign. More than a savage and destructive beast, Khazrak has a keen mind for strategy combined with animal cunning and guile.


Possessing a ruthless cunning far above that of his bestial kin, Khazrak the One-Eye is the most dangerous and powerful Beastlord in the Drakwald. He has plagued the region for years, descending without warning and then slipping away into the shadows once more. Khazrak has a unique ability to control and harness the unruly spirit of the herd and devise simple but effective battle plans. He is unlike most Beastmen, his patient and cunning mind at odds with the normal headstrong nature of his kind. Khazrak's warband roams the Drakwald terrorising the townships and roads, and never before has a Beastman leader proven so elusive to retribution. No one is spared in Khazrak's attacks, his superbly trained Warhounds chasing down the few who manage to escape.


  • Armoured: Armoured units can block damage from any source apart from Modifier icon armour piercing.pngArmour-Piercing damage.
  • Melee Expert: Melee Experts might have a very strong melee attack or melee defence, or high values in both. Some also have melee-focused skills like Charge Defence. Use them to counter other strong melee units. When facing them, it is best to take them out before they can enter melee.
  • Vanguard Deployment: This unit can deploy in an expanded deployment area, allowing it to start the battle within striking distance of the enemy - or somewhere unexpected.

Campaign starting units[]

The Old World[]

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Khazrak starts with a secondary army:
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An Eye For An Eye[]

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Mortal Empires[]

Wh dlc03 bst bestigor herd.png Wh dlc03 bst bestigor herd.png Wh dlc03 bst ungor herd shield.png Wh dlc03 bst ungor spearmen.png Wh dlc03 bst ungor spearmen.png Wh dlc03 bst ungor raiders.png Wh dlc03 bst razorgor chariot.png

Immortal Empires[]



Trait beastmen.png One-Eye

"With a roar, it pointed, and a pack of nightmare dog-beasts turned their feral attention towards me."

Lord Effects[]



Legendary items[]

Start Position[]

The Old World, Mortal Empires[]

Wh dlc03 bst beastmen.png

An Eye For An Eye[]

Chapter Objectives[]

Chapter 1[]

Rank Name Objective(s) Reward(s) In-game description
Primary objective The Seeds of Hate The Beastmen rise from their forests and their filth, frothing over with fury at the 'civilisation' of man. They clamour for blood.
Bonus objective I Eat Your Fill Beastmen despise the notion of civilisation that man so adores. The land is fit only for reaping - to be despoiled and gorged upon. And so the herd ravages the land, claiming it for themselves.
Bonus objective II Beastly Machinations What dark and devious machinations do the Bray-Shamans devise? What brutality can the Gorebull wreak? Ahead of the vanguard, in amongst the foe, they demonstrate their terrible abilities and sow the seeds of man's destruction.
Bonus objective III The Call to War The herd is a mighty, unruly clamour of untempered wills, furious temperaments and single-minded hatred of mankind. Unusually, disunity is their greatest strength - the larger the herd, the greater the force they bring to bear.
Bonus objective IV Eye Opening The forces of mankind line up before Khazrak, in defiance of his rule and in defence of their pitiful cities. Yet the One-Eye does not fear men and their walls, for he is gifted with the blessings of Ruin.
Bonus objective V The Stench of Oblivion Before the brayherd, there can be no victory, and there is certainly no quarter. Khazrak's rage at man is unending; capitulation before the herd is simply a self-signed sentence of death.

Chapter 2

Rank Name Objective(s) Reward(s) In-game description
Primary objective Bitterness Grows From afar, the Beastmen watch the cities of man with a baleful gaze, longing to tear apart that which they so detest. And so it comes to pass.
Bonus objective I Riven Land The world was once riven by Chaos; torn asunder by powers beyond mortal understanding. And so the Beastmen strive to return the world to such a state, one ruined landscape at a time.
Bonus objective II The Call to Dark Deeds Though the herd knows the power and rage of direct assault best of all, there is utility in the machinations of a Bray-Shaman, or the direct, single combat of a towering Gorebull.
Bonus objective III Man & Beast It is not only man for whom the Beastmen's rage burns. The world itself inflames their ire, and anything that walks upon it - man OR beast - risks a reckoning with the herd, overwrought with unquenchable fury.
Bonus objective IV Summoning Ruin The herd must grow ever stronger. Worshipping before the Herdstone, feasting beneath the forest canopy, the Beastmen grow ever greater in numbers, quenching their hunger for flesh and for war.
Bonus objective V Heart of Ruin The Beastmen are the unholy hybrid of man and beast, born from the rending of the world and the emergence of Chaos. Ruinous corruption seeps from them, pervading every inch of land that they scour.

Chapter 3

Rank Name Objective(s) Reward(s) In-game description
Primary objective Burgeoning Rage With splintering roars, the great throng of Beastmen descend upon the world of men. With much clamour, and a singular hatred, they charge and do not cease.
Bonus objective I Seams To Be Even when the land is cracked and broken, when the world's life seeps from every pore and fissure, still the Beastmen will not stop. They will raid, they will fight, and they will despoil it all.
Bonus objective II The Jaws of Victory Praying before great Herdstones in the centre of their forest homes, the Beastmen call for the strength to sweep away mankind, performing acts of such heresy that the portents of these dark deeds are felt behind man's 'impenetrable' walls.
Bonus objective III Fight! Fight! Fight! Mankind knows the threat posed by the Beastmen is real, and ever growing. Only through unity do they foolishly think they can halt this tide of madness. All band together to face the herd, yet it can never be enough.
Bonus objective IV The Ever-Rising Herd Every beast knows that, for their efforts, they will be rewarded by the Dark Gods. Mutations, aberrations and greater powers are bestowed on those who spread their Ruinous desires, and so they gather, fight and destroy.
Bonus objective V The Tendrils of Ruin Corruption courses through the Beastmen as surely as the blood flows through their veins. It is this Chaotic corruption that drives them forward to greater, darker, and ever more twisted deeds.

Chapter 4

Rank Name Objective(s) Reward(s) In-game description
Primary objective Flourishing Venom Every tower, every gatehouse, every thatched home is an affront to the Beastmen's very essence. With fire, brawn and rage, the unending herds will see it all destroyed.
Bonus objective I Roar of the Beast Everything has its price. Even the Beastmen, who deride 'civilised' notions of society and wealth, must pay one another in kind. Bones, flesh, stolen crops, ash, blood - all are valuable to some beast, somewhere.
Bonus objective II Head of the Herd At the head of the herd is the Beastlord, a powerful creature whose demonstrations of raw power have ensured his ascension. None dare oppose him, lest they can overpower his savage might.
Bonus objective III Shock & Roar A herd without enemies is a herd without purpose. When resting, they think only of war, when feasting they think only of greater battles. The world is full of enemies to destroy, and the Beastmen WILL destroy them.
Bonus objective IV Total Roar The Beastmen hate mankind and anything else that dares to get in their way. Their bitterness is unmatched, their hatred unparalleled. Across the Old World, there are none who hate and war as much as the warherds.
Bonus objective V Let the World Fall The failing world of man will know the touch of Ruin too when the Beastmen destroy their homes and conquer their lands in the name of Chaos. The Uncloven Ones will know the hideous touch of the Dark Gods.

Chapter 5

Rank Name Objective(s) Reward(s) In-game description
Primary objective The Tree of Wrath The land burns, the seas boil, the world cracks and blooms into destruction. The Beastmen, bloody-handed, see this, and know that it is right.
Bonus objective I The Death of the World At the very end of all things, when Chaos purges the world of its hope and vitality, the Beastmen will know they played their part in its destruction and be proud.
Bonus objective II The Herd Obeys Great herds are led by great Beastlords; those who can weather the trials and tribulations that the herd suffer. Hatred leading hatred; there is no greater strength.
Bonus objective III Let Ruin Consume Even when the world goes to rack and ruin, still some will fight in desperate, pitiful hope. They, too, will be washed away in a tide of blood before the Beastmen's calamitous vengeance.
Bonus objective IV Unseen Masters Ever watchful, the Bray-Shamans coerce and manipulate the Beastlords, telling them what to do, where to go, how to grow. The Bray-Shamans direct their herds, cultivating them like festering buboes.
Bonus objective V The Blood is the Prize The Beastmen will dive into the very earth itself to fight new enemies, and have fought under stone, forest and sky. Those dwelling on the land are nothing before their might - they are powerless before the fury of the herd.


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In terms of Multiplayer, Khazrak leaves a lot to be desired. Morghur is the best Legendary Lord because he regenerates and provides useful utility, Malagor follows because he has magic. Khazrak however, lacks the health or defensive capabilities to preserve himself or provide utility like the others. He is a fearsome melee combatant, but one slip up against a faction that can focus him down with arrows or Characters will kill him very quickly. As such, Khazrak is better as a niche pick to throw your opponent off guard. He should be committed to only the most important engagements and kept moving on his chariot so that he is never pinned down.

In Campaign, Khazrak gets enormous benefits to Bestigors. It is really a competition to stay alive until you can spam armies of them to fight off all but the heaviest infantry. His starting Minotaurs go a long way to destroying any early game army, as they are arguably the best unit on the Beastmen roster. Obviously with the Leadership bonus it is best to fight against human factions especially in the early game as Beastmen units have overall low morale.

Some suggestions for starting moves is to first destroy Estalia then work your way north into Bretonnia. If you can knock out a faction or two that is great but it won't really matter. You just want to maximize horde growth, character experience, loot, and weaken your enemies. Avoid fighting a head to head engagement, always be ambushing or hiding and attacking on your terms. You never want to be the defender (unless you have a second Lord as bait) because that means you were caught. From there work your way East into the Empire, again knocking out factions if you can. Perhaps wise to ally with other "evil" factions like Clan Skryre, Clan Moulder, Norsca, etc. The biggest threat to you is the late game consolidation of "good" or order factions, so you need to head them off as soon as possible.


In Warhammer I, Khazrak's trait allowed him -3% reduction to recruitment (or upkeep can't remember) for Bestigors. This led to him being a bit of a meme when it came to Warhammer II and most units would get at least a 10% reduction but more likely 50%.