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Khemri requires Rise of the Tomb Kings to play.

Khemri is a playable Tomb Kings faction introduced in Total War: Warhammer II with the Rise of the Tomb Kings DLC. It is led by Settra the Imperishable and can be found in the northern Land of the Dead.

The Tomb Kings were previously a great human empire called Nehekhara (now known as the Land of the Dead), themed on ancient Egypt. However, the empire of Nehekhara was destroyed by the necromancer Nagash and his vampires, causing the mummified dead of Nehekhara to rise. The Tomb Kings now seek to reclaim their lost glory, and take vengeance on Nagash and the vampires. The armies of the Tomb Kings consist of ranks of skeleton soldiers and chariots, supported by towering animated statues of bone and stone.

How they play[]

A summary of Tomb Kings gameplay:

  • Units: Tomb Kings focus on ranks of skeleton infantry and chariots, combined with powerful animated statues and constructs.
  • Elite units: They also have Regiments of Renown and campaign-exclusive Legions of Legend.
  • Realm of Souls: As Tomb Kings armies take damage in battle, a bar fills up mass-healing the army and allowing a Ushabti to be summoned.
  • Day of Awakening: In campaign, Tomb Kings do not require money for unit recruitment or upkeep, instead having unit/army caps which are increased by buildings/technolgies.
  • Canopic Jars: A unique resource used for research and by the Mortuary Cult.
  • Mortuary Cult: A cult of priests who use resources to craft magical items and elite Legions of Legend.
  • Nine Books of Nagash: In the Eye of the Vortex campaign, Tomb Kings don't compete with rituals, but rather search for these books.


"Settra does not serve!"

- Settra the Imperishable

Khemri is the oldest, largest, proudest and most powerful of all the ancient cities. The monuments built in this grand necropolis are vast and majestic to behold, crafted by the most skilled Necrotects in the land. Graven images of gods and monsters peer down from every rooftop, and statuary marks the corner of every dust-scattered street. Throughout Nehekhara's long history, the greatest of all the kings were those of Khemri. It became established early on that whoever ruled the City of Kings was the mightiest sovereign in all the Great Land, he to whom the other kings would pledge allegiance and offer tribute.

In the heart of Khemri lies the lavish royal palace in which Settra the Imperishable sits upon a throne made of gold, soul-diamonds and a wealth of other gemstones worth more than the combined treasures of a dozen lesser kings. Beside this court of power looms one of the most magnificent structures ever created by Mankind — Settra's Great Pyramid. Within this ivory edifice, Nehekhara's fearsome legions await the king's command, standing ready to march to war and destroy his enemies. However, even this majestic monument, rising hundreds of times the height of a man, is dwarfed by the Black Pyramid of Nagash — a wonder and a terror to all who behold it, lying silent and ominous on the outskirts of Khemri.

In battle[]


The armies of the Tomb Kings consist of ranks of skeleton soldiers and chariots, supported by towering animated statues of bone and stone. Khemri has an even larger focus on chariots than the other Tomb Kings factions but generally plays the same.

In campaign[]

Legendary Lord choices[]

Faction effects[]

  • Public order +2 (all provinces)
  • Growth +10 (all provinces)
  • Construction time -1 (province capital/settlement buildings)


Khemri is in a permanent war with Followers of Nagash and they cannot sign peace.

Climate preferences[]

Climate preferences for Khemri:

  • Habitable: Savannah, Desert, Wasteland
  • Unpleasant: Mountain, Jungle, Island, Temperate
  • Uninhabitable: Frozen, Magical Forest, Chaotic Wasteland

Start locations[]

Eye of the Vortex
Mortal Empires

Victory conditions[]

Eye of the Vortex[]

Campaign Victory

Domination Victory

Mortal Empires[]

Short campaign

Long campaign

Chapter Objectives[]


Rank Name Objective(s) Reward(s) In-game description
Primary objective
Bonus objective I
Bonus objective II
Bonus objective III
Bonus objective IV
Bonus objective V


The following is a possible strategy when playing as Khemri.

Your first enemy will be the Top Knotz tribe, their Savage Orcs will shred through full stacks of Skeletons. Their physical resistance and decent combat stats ensure they will outlast and out damage most of your forces. Every victory will be a Pyrrhic victory, won through overwhelming numbers. Settra is your best bet, he deals the most damage, has spells, and mounts that can do a lot of heavy lifting against the orcs. Once you have conquered the Top Knotz, one must decide if they are conquering or allying with Numas/other Tomb King factions. From there, proceed West until you reach Arkhan and destroy him. Then one can go whenever they want to get the rest of the Books of Nagash.