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"Master, the mortal fools, the Knights of the Flame, pose a threat to us..."

- Priest Nerutep warning Arkhan the Black[1]

Knights of the Flame is a minor Bretonnia faction introduced in Total War: Warhammer II. It is led by Mogen of the Flame and can be found in Araby, in the western Southlands. There are two other Bretonnian factions close by, Thegan's Errantry and the Knights of Origo.


Coming all the way from Bretonnia, these Knights are part of a grand crusade against the warlords of Araby. Having saved Estalia from the Arabyans, the noble Knights wanted to put a stop to the terrible deeds of the sorcerer Jaffar.[2] After having sacked several of his cities and established control in Araby, these Knights of the Flame are part of the crusaders that are left.


Eye of the Vortex campaign
Mortal Empires


The Knights of the Flame serve as early opponents for Arkhan the Black. They are often assisted by the other crusading Bretonnians, the Knights of Origo and Thegan's Errantry.

Playing as a Bretonnian in the Mortal Empires campaign you can try to assist them in their Errantry wars against the Tomb Kings and Vampire Counts factions in Araby. It might be hard to save all of the three crusader factions since the Knights of the Flame often get overwhelmed by Followers of Nagash relatively quickly, but the other two should survive and might even win against their enemies. Furthermore, there are technologies you can research as Bretonnia to increase your standing with the crusading factions to be able to aid them even more.


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