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Lamentation of Despairs is a lord ability (Spites) exclusive to the Wood Elves race which shoots magic missiles that causes armour-piercing damage. It is strong against a single unit but weak against a single combatant, and good from a high angle but strikes any combatants in its path, including friendly units. It has a moderate casting range, a moderate range, a major cooldown and can be used infinite times.

In-game description[]

The vines and foliage manifest their rage, bursting forth to entangle and debilitate the foes.


Type Magic Missiles
Target Enemy

80m casting range

Projective range 80m
  • Causes armour-piercing damage
  • Strong vs. a single unit
  • Good from a high angle
  • Weak vs. a single combatant
  • Strikes any combatants in its path

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