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Wh dlc07 unit formation lance.png
TypeIcon formation.pngFormation
DurationConstant (togglable)
Effects+50% Icon stat speed.png Acceleration

+50% Icon stat speed.png Deceleration
+10% Icon stat speed.png Charge Speed
+40% Icon stat charge bonus.png Charge Bonus
-48% Icon stat defence.png Missile Parry (with shield)

-12% Icon stat speed.png Speed

Lance Formation is a unit ability on certain Bretonnian cavalry which allows them to change the shape of the unit (ie: change formation) into a lance/arrow shape. This formation gives them stat bonuses and allows them to pierce through enemy lines. Bretonnia are the only race in the game who can change formation in this way.


Forming a wedge before the charge enables mounted Knights to smash through enemy lines, causing great disarray among their ranks.

Units with this ability[]


Regular units:

Regiments of Renown: