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For the province, see Laurelorn Forest (province), and for the landmark building, see Laurelorn Forest (Landmark).

Laurelorn Forest is a minor Wood Elves faction introduced in Total War: Warhammer II. It is led by Phaonix and can be found in the northern forests of the Empire, between the lands of Middenland and Marienburg.

The faction was added in The Empire Undivided Update. It will also appear in Total War: Warhammer III.


Laurelorn Forest lies at the northern coastline of the Empire of Man, home to reclusive communities of Eonir. While both Middenland and Nordland claim the forest as theirs, the Elves dare either to try to enforce their claim. It lies west of Salzenmund and the Silver Hills above it, and stretches west to the borders with the Wasteland.

The Elves of Laurelorn are isolationist, wanting to be left alone in the beautiful woods they have come to call home. Unlike Men, who seek to tame the lands in which they live, the Elves of Laurelorn regard the forest and its land as a living thing, something they should live in harmony with, something over which they feel protective. They do, however, recognise that Mankind provides the bulwark of the defence of their lands against Greenskins and Chaos, so they try not to antagonise the surrounding realms of the Empire, unless they try to establish dominion over Laurelorn itself.[1]

Diplomatic Traits[]

  • Isolationist
  • Hates Beastmen


  • When playing as Wood Elves, you gain the ability to confederate this faction after upgrading the Oak of Ages. The mission requires you beat any faction belonging to Norsca in order to confederate.
  • As Orion or Durthu they can offer a nice safe haven for your forces to heal and build infrastructure for local recruitment should your conquests bring you North.
  • One can generally ignore these elves diplomatically when playing non-Wood Elves factions. When playing as Reikland or The Golden Order they may become annoying when you confederate the other Elector Counts and the forest borders you. They may lash out and are probably best being purged then. Unless your territory is bordering theirs, they are unlikely to be anything to be concerned about.
  • If anything, they may make a nice trade partner should you manage to have friendly relations.

Starting territory[]

Mortal Empires



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Wood Elves are incredibly isolationist as a faction and rarely leave their own territory, let alone their magical forest. Because this forest is not connected to other Wood Elves, this faction is particularly fond of training 2 or 3 stacks of units and parking them in their province. This makes them incredibly hard to take down as it will usually involve a massive skirmishing battle. They may go to war with Nordland or Middenland, but are unlikely to be conquered due to their strong garrison imbued by the Laurelorn Forest landmark.

As Warriors of Chaos/Norsca/Beastmen conquering the Old World, they help form a strong bastion in the Northern Empire. Middenland alongside Nordland and potentially Reikland could already be difficult for horde factions, now there is another threat in these elves. Again, they are unlikely to sally out against you unless you are vulnerable and within striking distance, but their added strength makes sure the North is full of threats to you. For Chaos and Beastmen specifically, they also remove a safe area to heal and replenish. If encamped near them in a weakened state, they could strike out, be wary. A safer path may be to travel South through Ostermark or West through Brettonia/Marienburg if you want to conquer the Empire.

As an Ogre Kingdoms faction, this will be one of your early opponents.