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Legendary Lords or LLs are powerful individuals from Warhammer Fantasy lore. In Total War: Warhammer and its sequels, they are Lords Commander.png (a type of character unit) who are playable in the campaign, multiplayer and custom battles. Each campaign must be started with the player choosing a legendary lord + faction.

Most legendary lords lead their own faction that is unique to them.

Currently as of Total War: Warhammer II, only 5 factions have multiple LLs: Reikland.pngReikland, Karaz-a-Karak.pngKaraz-a-Karak, Sylvania.pngSylvania, Von Carstein.pngVon Carstein and Wh main chs chaos crest.pngWarriors of Chaos.

During a campaign, players can also recruit other legendary lords for their race through diplomacy (confederation), completing certain objectives (especially for factions with multiple legendary lords) or other means. Beastmen can force other legendary lords to confederate with them using Dread. Greenskins and Norsca can force other legendary lords to join them by defeating them in battle.

Note there is also unique lords, which are different to legendary lords.

List of legendary lords by game[]

Please see the following articles for full lists of legendary lords in each game:

How Legendary Lords work[]


  • In campaign, only one of each Legendary Lord can be recruited at a time - they are unique. For instance, there can't be two of Karl Franz on the campaign map.
  • When starting a campaign, players pick a faction and then a Legendary Lord to begin with.
  • Some factions have multiple legendary lords available.
    • In this case, the player must pick one to start the campaign with and then must complete certain objectives to "unlock" his/her faction's other legendary lords for recruitment.
  • If a legendary lord belongs to a different faction (of the same race), the player may instead confederate that faction to gain access to the legendary lord.


In some cases, legendary lords which have been indefinitely eliminated from the campaign can actually be revived. The requirements to do this are different for each legendary lord in each campaign.

Skills, abilities and effects:[]

Character traits:[]

Other info:[]

  • During a campaign, when engaging in diplomacy with a playable faction, that faction will have a Legendary Lord representing them as the faction leader.
  • Some legendary lords require paid DLC to play as, others may be free but require the player to download them from Steam manually.
  • Legendary Lords will have special quest missions, which often culminate in a set piece battle and the lord gaining a legendary item.
  • Legendary Lords cannot permanently die (only be temporarily wounded) unless their entire faction is wiped out.

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