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Legion of Chaos is a playable Daemons of Chaos faction introduced in Total War: Warhammer III. It is led by The Daemon Prince who can be named by the player.

How they play[]

  •  ?

Legendary Lords[]

Starting territory[]

The Realm of Chaos

Climate preferences[]

  • Suitable: Chaotic wasteland.png Wasteland.png Frozen.png Temperate.png Temperate island.png Savannah.png
  • Unpleasant: Mountain.png Magical forest.png Jungle.png
  • Uninhabitable: Ocean.png Desert.png

Faction effects[]

  • Undivided points.png Access to all Daemon units via Daemonic Glory
  • Reign of chaos.png Reign of Chaos: inflicting damage with friendly lords in battle will unlock random army abilities

Victory objectives[]

The Realm of Chaos[]

Forge of Souls[]

Complete the survival battle for each Chaos Realm and then win the final battle


Diplomatic traits[]

The Realm of Chaos

  • To be announced

Starting agreements[]

The Realm of Chaos


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