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Library of Hoeth is a Special Landmark in Total War: Warhammer II located in the White Tower of Hoeth.

"The Loremasters of the High Elves take great pride in their vast scroll collections."


High Elves[]

  • Unlocks Icon hero.pngHero recruitment: Loremaster of Hoeth
  • Wizard.pngUnlocks Icon hero.pngHero recruitment: Mage
  • Magic.pngWinds of Magic power reserve: +3 (all armies)
  • Technology.pngResearch rate: +6%
  • Hero capacity: +2 for Loremasters of Hoeth
  • Hero recruit rank: +3 for Loremasters of Hoeth
  • Wizard.pngHero recruit rank: +2 for Mages
  • Siege defence.pngProvides garrison:
  • Siege defence.pngUnlocks recruitment of:

Building Chain[]