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Light Wizard is an Empire spellcaster hero unit in Total War: Warhammer. Light Wizards illuminate their foes with magic drawn from the Lore of Light, blazing and binding enemies with purifying brightness.


The Lore of Light lies under the province of the Wind of Hysh and the symbol of the Light Order is the Serpent of Light. The wizards of the Light College - also known as Light Wizards - are rarely seen without treasured tomes and arcane scrolls in hand. Light Magic is renowned for its powers of protection, yet a Light Wizard can also conjure blazing lights to bind and burn the enemy. This lore is the hardest to master, for the Wind of Hysh is particularly diffuse. To compensate, the Order employs many acolytes to aid its more senior wizards. This is unusual amongst the Colleges, for wizards of other Orders rarely take on more than a single apprentice at once. The pyramidal hall of the College of Light itself goes largely unseen; it exists within a magical aether realm, parallel to, but separate from, the mundane world. Deep in its labyrinthine dungeons lies the greatest sorcerous treasure vault in the Old World, which also serves as a prison for many evil artefacts. It is the sacred duty of the Guardians of the Light, an arcane society of the Order's most powerful wizards, to keep them locked safely away from the world.



Lore of Light




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