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Lord Mazdamundi is a Lizardmen Legendary Lord introduced in Total War: Warhammer II. In battle, Mazdamundi is a powerful and versatile spellcaster, and can perform well in melee with his mount Zlaaq.

In the campaign, he leads the Hexoatl faction.


Lord Mazdamundi is the oldest and arguably most powerful of the living Slann Mage-Priests. At the Dawn of Creation he was instructed by none other than Lord Kroak himself. With a matchless mind unfathomable to others, Mazdamundi is obstinate in his way and will not be deterred from that upon which he has decided. Although it took many interruptions to his thoughtful contemplations, at last the great Slann has fully bestirred himself, shaking off the lethargy that has afflicted so many of his kind. In the last few centuries he has become the most proactive of all the Mage-Priests. When riled, the Lord of the Sun City will levitate his palanquin-throne atop the largest Stegadon that can be found. The current beast, a colossal specimen name Zlaaq, has served Mazdamundi for almost five hundred years. Once aloft on his mount, Mazdamundi will march out at the head of the armies of Hexoatl. With a flick of his wrist, Mazdamundi has smashed cities and doomed armies. His Great Purpose does not allow for mercy. With singular determination, Mazdamundi will enact the Great Plan - the complete extermination of the unfit races!

Talent Tree[]



Mazdamundi has a combination of spells from the Lores of Light, Heavens and High Magic.

Mazdamundi also has 2 powerful vortex bound spells:

Mazdamundi has access to 3 lore attributes.

Other notable abilities[]


Unique Items[]

Lord effects[]

  • Venerated
    • Miscast base chance: -50%
    • Unit experience gain per turn: +50 (Lord's army)
    • Upkeep: -50% for Temple Guards units (Lord's army)
    • Winds of Magic power reserve: +40

Oldest and most powerful of the living Mage-Priests, Mazdamundi is a figure of awe even amongst his own kind.

The magic-related bonuses are equivalent to the Second Generation lord trait Slann Mage-Priests can spawn with.


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As is typical of all Slann mage priests in the game, Lord Mazdamundi is not in the best of shapes right at campaign start, but properly trained and leveled up is one of the most versatile, deadly and enduring spellcasters there are. Starting out with just a basic healing spell (Apotheosis) and without his signature mount, Zlaaq, he must be carefully protected in the early game and used mainly as a supporting caster and to bolster your frontline with his Encourage ability. Once he has unlocked his regeneration ability, Zlaaq and the poisonous Cobra Mace, he can be used like a spellcasting Stegadon; throwing him right into the melee with your frontline will no longer be a problem. If you also level up all his resistance traits from his unique and Slann skill trees, he becomes a charging, spell-slinging, poison-inducing, regenerating living fortress that can easily tank half an enemy army´s damage output and tear them to shreds with his Banishment, Comet of Cassandora and Ruination of Cities while your army mops up the rest.