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Lore Attribute[]

Roiling Skies[]

Wh main lore passive roiling skies.png Spells from the Lore of Heavens manipulate the ethers of the skies, buffering and pummeling winged creatures.

  • The Passive of the Lore, active mapwide on casting another spell.
  • -24% Speed for flying units (25 seconds)
  • -22 Melee Defense for flying units (25 seconds)
  • Active if: Unit is flying


Chain Lightning[]

Wh main spell heavens chain lightning.png Lightning arcs across the battlefield, leaping from foe-to-foe with crackling fury until there are none left within the storm.

  • Type: Vortex
  • Duration: 21 Seconds
  • Target: Ground, 150m
  • Causes magical damage
  • Large moving area of effect
  • Strong vs. multiple units
  • Weak vs. single combatant
  • Cost: 15 Winds of Magic

Comet of Casandora[]

Wh main spell heavens comet of casandora.png Reaching to the highest heavens, the Wizard draws a wandering meteorite down upon the battlefield.

  • Type: Bombardment
  • Duration: 7 Seconds
  • Target: Ground, 200m
  • Causes magical damage
  • Large strike area
  • Strong vs. multiple combatants
  • Weak vs. a single combatant
  • Cost: 12 Winds of Magic, 24 when Overcast
  • Greater armor piercing explosion damage when Overcast

Curse of the Midnight Wind[]

Wh main spell heavens curse of the midnight wind.png The Wizard issues a three word curse, hexing the target unit and blighting their ability to attack and defend

  • Type: Hex, instantly affects units in target area
  • Duration: 25 Seconds
  • Target: Ground, Enemy, affects enemies in range, 200m
  • Effect Range: 40m
  • -34 Melee attack
  • -30 Armour
  • Cost: 11 Winds of Magic, 17 when Overcast
  • 50 Second duration when Overcast

Harmonic Convergence[]

Wh main spell heavens harmonic convergence.png Divining auspicious signs, the caster guides the minds of targets, augmenting them with the foresight needed for victory.

  • Type: Augment
  • Duration: 24 seconds
  • Target: Ally, 200m
  • +24 Melee defence
  • +24 Melee attack
  • Cost: 6 Winds of Magic, 10 when Overcast
  • +30 Armor when overcast

Urannon's Thunderbolt[]

Wh main spell heavens urannons thunderbolt.png The caster calls down a mighty ball of lightning and hurls it - should the foe be struck they will surely be shattered!

  • Type: Bombardment
  • Duration: 4 Seconds
  • Target: Ground 200m
  • Causes magical damage
  • Small strike area
  • Good against artillery pieces
  • Strong vs. multiple combatants
  • Weak vs. a single combatant
  • Cost: 8 Winds of Magic, 12 when Overcast
  • Greater armor piercing damage when overcast

Wind Blast[]

Wh main spell heavens wind blast.png The Astromancer seizes the winds of the battlefield, directing them against the foe to batter the targets with unhallowed gales.

  • Type: Breath
  • Duration: 6 Seconds
  • Target: Ground 80m
  • Cause magical damage
  • Can disrupt unit formation
  • Expanding tear-shaped attack
  • Strong vs. multiple units
  • Weak vs. a single combatant
  • Cost: 7 Winds of Magic, 11 when Overcast
  • Increased armor piercing damage when overcast





High Elves[]

Mage (Heavens)

Archmage (Heavens)

Grand Cathay[]



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The Lore of Heavens is an offensive Lore of Magic with many damaging spells. The Lore attribute is niche, but quite powerful when it is active, bring it if you expect flying units or bring your own flying units to ensure aerial dominance.

Chain Lightning is an effective vortex spell, but its random nature combined with its cost makes it a little too expensive.

The Comet is an effective blob detonator that does massive damage, however it is a very slow cast, giving your enemy plenty of time to respond. It is recommended to keep your enemy in place using a Hero or Lord, then drop the comet in the center of the blob that forms. Be aware that the splash radius is very wide, so it is not recommended to use this nearby your own infantry units.

Curse of the Midnight Wind is a solid hex spell useful for debuffing key enemy units.

Harmonic Convergence is one of the best spells from the lore as it provides a balanced upgrade to melee stats. Overcasting is generally not worth it, but if you feel the armor will help, then go for it (best used on a lightly armored unit).

Urannon's Thunderbolt is a quick spell to cast that does decent damage in a small area of effect. Because of this it is actually not bad at dealing damage to large single entity targets or clumps of elite enemies. It is surprisingly effective at sniping out individual artillery pieces like a cannon or even stationary units like the Casket of Souls.

Wind Blast is truly the best spell in the lore that absolutely destroys lightly armored infantry. It can be used to clear out the enemy chaff very effectively. If you need more armor piercing feel free to overcast, but it remains best used against light armor.