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The Lore of Vampires is a group of magic spells in Total War: Warhammer which are available to Vampire Counts and Vampire Coast spellcasters. The lore contains a good mix of damage and hex spells, as well as some that allow the caster to heal undead units and even summon new undead.

Lore Attribute[]

The Curse of Undeath[]

Wh main lore passive the curse of undeath.png As the powers of ill Magick are wielded for the purpose of Necromancy Dreaded Spells , its unwholesome energies invigorate the Undead.

  • The Passive of the Lore, active mapwide on casting another spell.
  • Restores up to 56 hitpoints
  • Heals before Resurrecting


Curse of Years[]

Wh main spell vampires curse of years.png The Wizard spits out an ancient curse, causing his enemies to age at an incredible rate - their hair turning white and skin shrivelling up.

Type: Hex
Strength: Strong and long lasting effects. High costs and recharge.
Cost: 11 Winds of magic
Duration: 32 Seconds
Cooldown: 47 Seconds
Target: Ground, enemy 200m
Effect Range: 40m
Effect: -25% Speed

-24 Melee Attack

+15 Ability Recharge (seconds)

MP Rating: 2/5 Useful for delaying key enemy abilities or spells

Expensive, typically not very impactful

Gaze of Nagash[]

Wh main spell vampires gaze of nagash.png Bolts of siphoning ill Magick leap from the caster's eyes, withering flesh and blackening the bone beneath.

Type: Magic Missiles
Strength: Useful in the right context. Balanced cost and recharge.
Cost: 7 Winds of magic
Cooldown: 44 Seconds
Target: Enemy, 250m
Effect: Causes moderate magical damage

Good against armour

Good against large combatants

Strong vs. a single combatant

Good at high angle

Overcast Cost: 14 Winds of magic
Effect: Increased number of missiles
MP Rating: 3/5 Useful against lords, single entities, and some cavalry

High AP damage, 10 bolts when overcast, 5 standard

Invocation of Nehek[]

Wh main spell vampires invocation of nehek.png The caster intones the dread syllables once uttered by Nagash, restoring friendly targets.

Type: Augment
Strength: Weak and disposable, can help in a pinch. Low costs and recharge.
Cost: 6 Winds of magic
Duration: 18 Seconds
Cooldown: 30 Seconds
Target: Sellf, ally, 200m
Effect Resurrects combatants

Heals injured before resurrecting

+864 Hitpoints

Overcast cost: 12 Winds of magic
Effect Added effect area- 30m
MP Rating: 6/5 Arguably the best spell in the game. Useful for extending the lifespan of expensive units, I.e. bloodknights, hexwraiths, graveguard, heroes, and lords who have taken significant HP damage.

Always worth bringing, solid overcasting potential

Max Distribution: When overcast, can affect up to 4 units (undead units only)

Raise Dead[]

Should not be confused with the mechanic for Vampire Counts, used to recruit units on the campaign map.

Wh main spell vampires raise dead.png The power of ill Magic can awaken mortal remains to reinforce the Undead legions under those summoner's control.

Type: Augment
Strength: Useful in the right context. Balanced cost and recharge.
Cost: 4 Winds of magic
Cooldown: 39 Seconds
Target: Ground, ally 60m
Effect: Summons a unit of Zombies
Overcast cost: 6 Winds of magic
Effect: Summons a unit of Skeleton Warriors (Vampire Counts)
MP Rating: 5/5 Useful for interrupting enemy missile and artillery units, screening high tier units and lords, and diverting enemy attacks during an engagement

Overcasting raises a unit of skeleton warriors instead of zombies

Vanhel's Danse Macabre[]

Wh main spell vampires vanhels danse macabre.png Friendly targets are filled with magical energy, making them even more aggressive!

Type: Augment
Strength: Weak and disposable, can help in a pinch. Low costs and recharge.
Cost: 4 Winds of magic
Duration: 29 Seconds
Cooldown: 28 Seconds
Target: Self, ally, 200m
Effect: +25% Speed

+24 Melee attack

Overcast cost: 8 Winds of magic
Effect: Added effect area: 40m
MP Rating: 4/5 Useful for saving losing engagements and boosting frontlines

Especially good on Cairn Wraiths and Hexwraiths

Wind of Death[]

Wh main spell vampires wind of death.png The Wizard can caste forth spectral winds that howl through the enemy ranks, tearing their souls from their bodies.

Type: Wind
Cost: 20 Winds of magic
Cooldown: 44 Seconds
Target: Enemy, ground 150m
Effect: Causes major magical damage

Medium, forward-moving area of effect

Good against armour

Strong vs multiple units

Overcast cost: 27 Winds of magic
Effect: Increased damage
Strength: Strong and long lasting effects. High costs and recharge.


Certain units have the same spells from the above list broadly with one tweaked to them, see list below:

Command of the Unliving: available to Strigoi Vampire Lord and Strigoi Ghoul King instead of raise dead spell.

Type: Summon
Cost: 9 Winds of magic
Cooldown: 57 Seconds
Target: Ground 60m
Effect: Summons a unit of Crypt Ghouls

Good at flanking enemies

Overcast cost: 16 Winds of magic
Effect Summons a unit of Crypt Horrors

Good at flanking enemies

Awaken from the Grave: available to Helman Ghorst instead of raise dead.

Type: Wind
Cost: 12 (?) Winds of magic
Cooldown: 48 Seconds
Target: Ground, 60m
Effect: Summons a unit of Grave Guard

Good at melee combat

Overcast cost: 12 Winds of magic
Effect: Summons a Wight King

Good at melee combat

Drowned Dead: Available to Lore of Vampire casters from Vampire Coast.

Type: Summon
Cost: 7 Winds of magic
Cooldown: 41 Seconds
Target: Ground, 60m
Effect: Summons a unit of Zombie Pirate Deckhands Mob

Good at defending spellcaster

Overcast cost: 10 Winds of magic
Effect Summons a unit of Zombie Pirate Gunnery Mob

Good at flanking enemies


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Curse of Years is not a bad spell and is useful in dueling scenarios between characters, however the rest of the spells available overshadow it

Similarly, Gaze of Nagash is quite a good armour-piercing magic missile attack. Unfortunately, it is quite pricey compared to other spells in this lore, but can be useful in niche scenarios for quick ranged damage.

Invocation of Nehek should always be brought on your caster because of its amazing utility. Useful for healing your lord or valuable units who have gotten injured. It also resurrects models, allowing units to be brought back to full strength. You cannot go wrong with this spell unless you use it to randomly heal a unit of Zombies. Notably, Invocation can only heal three targets in its radius when overcast as of a WHII patch. It healing & resurrecting spell passive for key unit or a blob of units is critical in maintaining an edge in battle. Raise Dead & Drowned Dead (Vampire Coast) is critical for shutting down missile units or tarpitting enemy Lords or infantry. It can summon 7 times for V. Count, 4 times for V. Coast as very great fodder unit (NOTE: Vampire coast can only summon lower times and little higher cost of WoM in term for their better fighting stats) .

Vanhel's is quite good and the overcast version can give your units the edge in a pitched fight. For that reason, it is usually overcast for maximum effect.

Raise Dead is the perfect spell for blocking an enemy's movement or simply buying time/bodies to bog down your enemies. They can be cast on enemy ranged units to stop them form firing or placed directly on a friendly character to insulate them from damaging enemies. Similarly, this spell offers great utility and you can hardly go wrong with it. Usually, the Zombies are enough to get the job done and the skeleton warrior version is unnecessary. For this reason, the other overcast versions like Crypt Horrors or a Wight King are also unnecessary. The one exceptions to this rule is the Zombie Pirate Gunnery Mob, notable because they are a ranged unit and can pack a punch if summoned off to the side of an enemy and allowed to broadside them repeatedly, dealing significant damage.

Wind of Death can singlehandedly destroy several units if they are bunched up. Usually best used against infantry, but it can also destroy cavalry units if they are caught in its wake. Wind of Death is one of a god tier "wind" spell that destroys infantry lines. Very expensive and very costly, but absolutely devastating when pulled off correctly. Use carefully because it costs an absurd amount of magic. Overcast is generally worth it for the extra damage.

Invocation of Nehek, Raise Dead, and Wind of Death are probably the most famous spells in the game, making the Lore of Vampires strongest lore of magic in term of healing, resurrecting and summoning new unit etc zombie + skeleton warriors and zombie deckhand mob + zombie gunnery mob for V. Coast.


Vampire Counts[]

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