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The Lore of Yang is a magic lore of spells, introduced in Total War: Warhammer III. It is unique to Grand Cathay.


The lore of Yang focuses on buffing allies with resolute belief or disrupting enemies with walls of wind. In particularly dire situations it can also unleash mighty explosions upon the enemy, bringing with it the power of the Celestial Dragon Emperor himself.[1]


  • Jade Shield (Ward Save)
    • A blazing wind of light creates a potent barrier against harm, as well as invigorating all living things who shelter beneath its protection.
    • Gives a unit significant damage resistance.
    • Overcast version increases duration.
  • Dragon’s Breath (Breath)
    • If the enemy sees the Dragon in a single glance its fiery breath will burn them to cinders.
    • Conal damage spell, applying a field of fire to burn enemies.
    • Overcast version deals increased damage.
  • Wall of Wind & Fire (Wind)
    • A vortex of fire and wind distorts everything seen through it and sows disorder and confusion among the enemy, leaving them vulnerable.
    • Wide, slow-moving wall of fire damage spell.
    • Overcast version adds armour-piercing damage.
  • Stone Ground Stance (Augment (Area))
    • The Yang of all loyal Cathayans present comes to the fore, making even the humblest footsoldiers resolute and ready to fight and die where they stand.
    • All units in an area receive extra mass, leadership, and the Expert Charge Defense trait.
    • Overcast version effects a wider area.
  • Might of Heaven & Earth (Augment)
    • Soldiers present are filled with the pure power of the Yang, which makes them stronger and more skilled, and their weapons blaze with celestial energy.
    • Imbues a unit with flaming, magical attacks and increases their melee attack, base damage and armour-piercing damage.
    • Overcast version further increases these stats.
  • Constellation of the Dragon (Explosion)
    • Blazing starlight leaps from the Wizard’s fingertips, dancing and forming the constellation of the Dragon Emperor before descending upon the foe and exploding among their ranks.
    • A great explosion that deals large damage in a big area.
    • Overcast version deals more, armour-piercing damage.


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