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The Lore of Yin is a magic lore of spells, introduced in Total War: Warhammer III. It is unique to Grand Cathay.


The lore of Yin is a more esoteric school, with the power to reflect projectiles or summon the ghosts of the dead to assist in battle. Those who practice it can shield their allies behind obfuscation and remove foes in the dead of night.[1]


  • Storm of Shadows (Hex)
    • Ghostly shadows spring from the caster’s outstretched arms, enveloping the foe in dancing shades that make their footing uncertain and their vision confounded by the gloom.
    • Greatly reduces the speed of a target unit.
    • Overcast version changes to units within target area.
  • Cloak of Jet (Hiding)
    • This shadowy barrier of dark Yin energy turns aside enemy sorceries, protecting those within its midnight embrace from the elemental winds.
    • Target unit gains Snipe, Stalk, and Unspottable traits.
    • Overcast version increases the duration.
  • Blossom Wind (Wind)
    • A wind of leaves and blossoms rolls across the battlefield, cutting into the enemy with supernatural power and blinding them with its fury.
    • Column damage spell that also inflicts Blinded!
    • Overcast version deals additional armour-piercing damage.
  • Missile Mirror (Hex)
    • A magical of shifting darkness and howling wind snatches the enemy’s missiles from the air, even as they are fired, and hurls them back at their owners.
    • Target unit’s projectiles are reflected back on it for a duration.
    • Overcast version lasts longer and as a larger cast range, keeping your wizard safe from harm.
  • Talons of Night (Vortex)
    • An icy wind rolls out across the battlefield, filling those who enter its coiling gloom with panic and fear.  
    • Large, persistent, damaging vortex spell.
    • Overcast version deals more damage.
  • Ancestral Warriors (Summon Unit)
    • The warriors’ ancestors are summoned from the underworld, rising up to strike at the enemy with a furious assault before vanishing into the earth once more.
    • Summons a unit of Ancestral Warriors to fight for you. Ancestral Warriors are a strong Halberd Infantry unit. They will degrade over time.
    • Overcast version has a longer cast range.


Grand Cathay[]