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The Lore of the Big Waaagh! is a lore of magic introduced in Total War: Warhammer on the game's release. It can only be used by the Greenskins.

Lore Attribute[]

Power of da Waaagh![]

Wh main lore passive power of da waaagh.png Boosted by the positive energies of fightin' Greenskins, all Spells of Da Big Waaagh increase in power.

  • The Passive of the Lore, active mapwide on casting another spell.
  • Type: Augment of the winds
  • Duration: Constant
  • Target: Self
  • Active if: Casting
  • Improved power recharge rate (25 Seconds)


Brain Bursta[]

Wh main spell big waaagh brain bursta.png Projecting violence in a mental wave, the Shaman glowers at his target and lets loose a bolt of brain-melting force.

  • Type:Explosion
  • Cost: 7 Winds of magic
  • Duration: 14 Seconds
  • Cooldown: 31 Seconds
  • Target: Ground, 200m
  • Causes moderate magical damage
  • Large explosion area
  • Strong vs. a single unit
  • Weak vs. a single combatant
  • Weak against armour


Wh main spell big waaagh eadbutt.png A wave of green energy emanates outwards, forming a shockwave of power that assaults any unfortunate foe.

  • Type: Breath
  • Cost: 7 Winds of Magic
  • Duration: 8 Seconds
  • Cooldown: 45 Seconds
  • Target: Ground, 150m
  • Causes moderate magical damage
  • Can disrupt unit formation
  • Short, wide, expanding, tear shaped attack
  • Strong vs. a single unit
  • Weak against armour
  • Overcast: 12 Winds of magic
  • Increased damage

'Ere We Go[]

Wh main spell big waaagh ere we go.png As the Shaman chants, he leaks fighty-energy, boosting the fierceness and prowess of friendly units nearby.

  • Type: Augment (area)
  • Cost: 11 Winds of magic
  • Duration: 38 Seconds
  • Cooldown: 47 Seconds
  • Target: Self, ally, 200m
  • Effect Range: 40m
  • +40 Melee attack

Fists of Gork[]

Wh main spell big waaagh fists of gork.png In a fit of fighting fury the target unit becomes harder than iron, increasing both its attack and defence capabilities.

  • Type: Augment
  • Cost: 7 Winds of magic
  • Duration: 35 Seconds
  • Cooldown: 43 Seconds
  • Target: Self, ally 200m
  • Imbues: Magical damage
  • +24 Melee attack
  • +24 Melee defence

Foot of Gork[]

Wh main spell big waaagh foot of gork.pngThe Shaman implores the sky with wild gesticulations. The almighty green foot of the Orc god descends to crush the foe!

  • Type: Explosion
  • Cost: 18 Winds of magic
  • Duration: 8 Seconds
  • Cooldown: 54 Seconds
  • Target: Ground, 200m
  • Causes massive magical damage
  • Huge explosion area
  • Can disrupt unit formation
  • Strong vs. multiple units
  • Weak vs. a single combatant
  • Overcast: 26 Winds of magic
  • Greater armour-piercing explosion damage
  • Increased explosion damage

Gaze of Mork[]

Wh main spell big waaagh gaze of mork.png Mork gives the Shaman the ability to project beams of coruscating energy from his eyes.

  • Type: Magic Missile
  • Cost: 4 Winds of Magic
  • Target: Enemy, 250m
  • Projectile Range: 250m
  • Causes moderate magical damage
  • Strong vs. a single combatant
  • Good against large combatants
  • Good from a high angle
  • Weak against armour
  • Overcast: 6 Winds of Magic
  • Extended range to 500m



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The Lore of the Big Waaagh! is a rarely used lore as it only has 2 practitioners. Wuurzag is a very effective Lord choice in campaign and multiplayer. He relies on spamming spells to trigger his Bonewood Staff for its map wide augment.

Overall it is a very simplistic Lore of magic that focuses on damage or augments. The Passive is straightforward and just boosts magic recharge. Brain Bursta is a decent area explosion spell. It does well at blasting clumps of lower armour enemies. Gaze of Mork is cheap and good for sniping out single entities like monsters or characters. Fist of Gork is notable for causing magic damage as well as boosting melee attack which is useful for fighting ethereal units or otherwise having physical resistance. Foot of Gork is the haymaker and possibly one of the most damaging spells in the game. It can absolutely destroy anything underneath its area. There is a decent wind up, so savvy opponents will have a chance to dodge. Regardless, this spell will shred any elite unit.