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The Lore of the Deep is a lore of magic introduced in Total War: Warhammer II with the Curse of the Vampire Coast DLC. It can only be used by some Vampire Coast units.

For the Drowned Dead spell, see unique spells.

Lore attribute[]

Kiss of the Deep

  • Causes damage to combatants. (4 seconds)
  • No matter how far away, none can escape the Kiss of the Deep, nor breathe again with lungs full of seawater.



  • The sea is summoned, and a great tide coalesces upon the battlefield to drench all those that oppose the caster.

Spiteful Shot[]

  • Sheer, undiluted spite sharpens the dead eye further.

Denizens of the Deep[]

  • Some things should never rise above the waves or be seen by mortal eyes.

Fog of the Damned[]

  • "They'll never know how many we are in this fog… Attack!"

Vangheist's Revenge[]

  • Every mariner has heard the tale of Vangheist, and now his restless spirit is summoned on board the Shadewraith to deliver a devastating broadside.

Kraken's Pull[]

  • Few have the strength to break free once the kraken has them within its horrid, tentacled grasp


Name Type Cost Duration Target Imbues Effects Contact Overcast
Wh2 dlc11 spell deep tidecall.pngTidecall Breath Cost: 5 Winds 6 seconds Ground 100m Causes moderate Modifier icon magical.pngmagical damage
Can disrupt unit formation
Expanding tear-shaped attack
Weak against armour
Tidecall (10 seconds) Icon stat speed.png-24% speed Cost: 8 Winds

Increased armour-piercing damage

Wh2 dlc11 spell deep spiteful shot.pngSpiteful Shot Augment Cost: 4 Winds 27 seconds Self/Ally 200m Modifier icon magical.pngMagical Damage Icon stat range.png+90 Accuracy Cost: 6 Winds

Increased duration (72 Seconds)

Wh2 dlc11 spell deep fog of the damned.pngFog of the damned Hex (Area) Cost: 8 Winds 35 seconds Ground/Enemy 200m
Affects enemies in range
-8 Icon stat morale.pngLeadership
-26 Icon stat attack.pngMelee Attack
Cost: 11 Winds

Greater effect on melee attack (-40 Melee attack)

Wh2 dlc11 spell deep denizens of the deep.pngDenizens of the Deep Augment Cost: 12 Winds 3 seconds Ground 60m Summons a unit of Rotting Prometheans
Summoned unit degrade over time
Wh2 dlc11 spell deep krakens pull.pngKraken's Pull Vortex Cost: 15 Winds 16 seconds Ground 200m Kraken's Pull (10 seconds) -48% Icon stat speed.pngspeed Cost: 20 Winds

Increased duration (30 Seconds

Wh2 dlc11 spell deep ghost ship.pngVangheist's Revenge Wind Cost: 16 Winds 7 seconds Ground 150m Causes massive Modifier icon magical.pngmagical damage
Medium, forward-moving area of effect
Strong vs. multiple units
Weak vs. a single combatant
Cost: 22 Winds

Increased armour-piercing damage


Units which can cast spells from this lore:


Items which have bound spells from this lore:


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The Lore of Deeps is a solid lore of magic that is usually not taken due to the strength of Lore of Vampires. The attribute is the reverse of the healing magic of Lore of Life, damaging all enemies. Useful given that the Vampire Coast armies are generally quantity over quality.

Tidecall is similar to wind blast in terms of destroying unarmored infantry, be careful though, your infantry will be hurt by it if you aim it poorly. Spiteful shot is decent, but is mostly useful as a cheap spammable spell to proc the Kiss of the Deep augment. It is especially effective on artillery like Queen Bess which ensures that each of its limited shots make maximum impact.

Fog of the Damned is a decent debuff ability that lasts for a good while and reduces melee attack by a significant amount. The leadership debuff is less useful, but it can lead to some breaks if the unit is wavering. The usefulness of this is questionable as the Vampire Coast typically does not aim to win the infantry battle. Denizens is useful in the way that any summon spell is useful for stopping an enemy's advance or disrupting archer lines. Rotting Prometians are particularly hard to kill, and will likely survive most attacks until they begin unbinding. A great tarpit unit spell. Kraken's Pull is a good slowing vortex, but otherwise not very notable. Finally, Vangheist's Revenge is certainly the flashiest spell in the lore and can put out crazy damage against groups of infantry. However, it is expensive and slow to cast.


Vangheist is a character from the lore: Every mariner that sails that Great Ocean has heard the tale of Vangheist and his turncoat crew, for it is a tale of bitter treachery and greed. Lured by promises of immortality, Vangheist slew his wizard master in cold blood, not wishing to share that which he sought. And immortality he received on reaching journey's end, though it was not in the manner that Vangheist expected. When the warship returned to the mortal plane, both crew and vessel had long since rotted away, leaving nothing but a ghost ship. It had become the Shadewraith, doomed to spread the misery of its eternal curse to all who look upon it.