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Lost Convoy is a shipwreck and fell cargo treasure hunt introduced in Total War: Warhammer II.

Version 1[]

This wreck was once part of a convoy, brought low by the angry Sea God, Stromfels. The precious goods in the holds was lost with the ships, much to the chagrin of their investors and factors back at their homeports, but their loss is your opportunity. Your crew make ready to take on salvage.


Version 2[]

A convoy of trading ships carrying myriad precious goods across a nearby sea trade route have been brought low by the angry Sea-God, Stromfels,, much to the chagrin of wealth merchants and investors back at their homeports. Knowing that such a wreckage could be a highly profitable salvage opportunity, you sail towards the area, but unsurprisingly, others have also caught wind of it. You could continue your approach, but this might end in a confrontation at sea...

Sail to the Wreck[]

We must continue our salvage mission, for the potential riches are worth the risk. Rivals be damned!

You can fight a battle against Rogue Pirates with the following units:

Reward if you win

Such vast wealth does not go missing out on the open ocean without pirates catching wind of it, and before long a galleon helmed by a particularly belligerent Vampire Admiral appeared in a cloud of broadside guns and hissing black powder weapons, blocking your passage. After defeating the Undead freebooter, you looted their galleon's coffers before sailing on to claim the salvage from the convoy for yourself.

  • Treasury +8000
  • Plus the normal loot from winning a battle


  • Only a miserly hoard of treasure will be recieved