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Luminark of Hysh is a Empire war machine unit in Total War: Warhammer. A weapon from the College of Light, Luminarks vaporise enemies with pure energy by channelling the Wind of Hysh.


A Luminark of Hysh is a large and complex magical war machine created by the Wizards of the College of Light Magic. Each consists of an array of enchanted mirrors and aether-lenses, resembling the innards of a vast magical telescope mounted atop a great wheeled platform. These mystical weapons are crewed by a pair of Acolytes - students of the Patriarch of the Light College himself - who tend to the machine's array of precision instruments. As the Acolytes set about focusing lenses, tilting prisms and polishing mirrors, they continuously intone spells to channel the Wind of Hysh. As the invocations gain in tempo and volume, the Orb of Sorcery at the machine's core glows with increasing ferocity until a blinding white light leaps through the Luminarium's arcane optics, manifesting in a destructive beam of soulfire so intense that it vaporises anything in its path.


  • Low Rate of Fire: This unit has a very low rate of missile fire.
  • Magical Aura: This unit is surrounded by one or more magical auras that either support nearby friends or harm its foes.
  • Solheim's Bolt of Illumination: The Luminark fires a highly-accurate beam over large distances, causing tremendous damage to its target but with a small area of effect, making it a poor choice against weak infantry.



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Where the Great cannon can be used to snipe out armored enemy units, it is still not the most accurate. The Luminark is a sniper though and should only be used as such. It does magical flaming armor piercing damage meaning there are few targets it won't put a dent in. Conserve its ammo and save its shots for ideal times when an enemy is vulnerable. Targets should always be enemy lords and large single entity monsters, don't waste your shots on infantry. This unit claims to be a chariot, but do not use it as such unless you are desperate. It will take a large amount of damage with its horrific melee stats.

The abilities on the Luminark should not be discounted either. The Locus passively hampers the recharge of the enemy Winds as long as the unit is on the battlefield. It is not horrifically debilitating, but if your enemy is angling towards high cost spells like Burning Head, Overcast Invocation of Nehek, Soul Stealer, etc., it helps lengthen their ability to cast a pivotal spell again. Secondly, the Aura of Protection gives a passive 12% damage resistance which can help if the Luminark is near a flank or has protecting units engaged in a fight.

Siege attack[]

Use to take down towers with other artillery. Once towers are down put unit at the gate to support infantry with its magical aura. The aura's ward save will be most effective supporting already durable troops, especially greatswords, and will allow them to be competitive with higher tier infantry. The Luminark has a flat trajectory and so they have trouble firing over the walls so its better to place them inside the gates, provided you can protect them.