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Mannfred von Carstein is a Vampire Counts Legendary Lord introduced in Total War: Warhammer. Cunning, devious and powerful, Mannfred von Carstein sees all before him as prizes to be claimed.

In the campaign, he is one of the two Legendary Lord choices for the Sylvania faction, alongside Helman Ghorst.


While Vlad von Carstein was the most physically powerful of the Vampire Counts, Mannfred was the most cunning. When Vlad was slain, Mannfred did not involve himself in the infighting that would see Konrad rise to prominence. Instead, he travelled far and wide, seeking to deepen his knowledge of necromantic lore. He made an unholy pilgrimage to the ancient tombs of the Nehekhara and the ancient city of Lahmia, where he wrested the secrets of the Liche Priests from bone-dry papyrus and scrolls made from human skin. Mannfred also studied the ancient spells in the first of the Books of the Dead. Eventually, his journeys took him to Nagashizzar. None can say what foul bargains Mannfred made with that surreal realm's inhabitants in return for forbidden knowledge. When Mannfred finally returned to Sylvania, he was more powerful than ever, and took over the Undead legions in the wake of Konrad's destruction. Mannfred was almost as masterful as Vlad at concealing his true nature. As he sought for allies, Mannfred would travel abroad in the guise of an Imperial lord. He was always courteous to those he met on his travels, as befits a noble from a powerful family. When Mannfred revealed himself at the height of his power, his appearance was far more horrifying - his face became contorted and corpse-like, and his scalp writhed with magical energy. Yet his newfound powers were not enough. In the end, Mannfred was defeated and his army annihilated at the Battle of Hel Fenn. Some storytellers claim that Mannfred is not vanquished. They say he rode from Drakenhof against the forces of Chaos when they invaded the Empire. If Mannfred has survived, then surely he will reveal his designs for the Imperial throne.


  • Armoured: Armoured units can block damage from any source apart from Modifier icon armour piercing.pngArmour-Piercing damage.
  • Melee Expert: Melee Experts might have a very strong melee attack or melee defence, or high values in both. Some also have melee-focused skills like Charge Defence. Use them to counter other strong melee units. When facing them, it is best to take them out before they can enter melee.
  • Spellcaster: This unit can cast spells.


Active Abilities[]


Campaign only:



Mannfred is unique in that he is the only lord to have access to 2 full lores of magic.

He also has access to both Lore Attributes:

Campaign starting units[]

The Old World & Mortal Empires[]

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Immortal Empires[]

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Lord Effects[]

Chapter Objectives[]

Chapter 1[]

Rank Name Objective(s) Reward(s) In-game description
Primary objective Sylvania Resurrected Occupy, loot, raze, or sack 4 different settlements. Treasury: +2000 Since Count Mannfred's unfortunate defeat at Hel Fenn, Sylvania has been in decline. No longer is it feared as the dread land where the dead do not rest, but instead is seen as Stirland's bastard child. Now a von Carstein resides in Castle Drakenhof once again, it is time for the Vampires to take dominion over their haunted realm.
Bonus objective I Intrigues of the Dead Assassinate 1 Character Treasury: +1000 A Vampire strikes from the shadows as well as at the head of his skeletal legions. The von Carsteins have always been masters of plots and manipulation; ensure this Lord's goals are achieved by bringing such intrigues to their conclusion.
Bonus objective II The Blood Kiss Recruit 1 Hero(es) Treasury: +1000 Raising a mortal with the Blood Kiss may sound an easy task, but we do not grant any living fool immortality. Such a gift should not be wasted on serfs - we must choose wisely.
Bonus objective III Fear the Night Be at War with 4 Factions Treasury: +1000 Our Lord's power comes from fear as much from the arcane. We need to ensure that his many enemies fear the von Carstein name and say it only in hushed whispers. Thus is our powerbase maintained and the cattle controlled.
Bonus objective IV Vampires Abroad Complete 2 Missions Treasury: +1000 To tarry in Sylvania, and skulk in other dark places that welcome the dead, is short-sighted. If our master is to achieve his destiny then he must send his servants forth to start pulling - or removing - the levers of power.
Bonus objective V The Curse of Years Have at least 15 Vampire Corruption in Stirland Treasury: +1000 As the dead rise, the land itself revolts against the unnatural. We must spread this curse beyond our borders, let the mortals observe and see that death comes for all!

Chapter 2

Rank Name Objective(s) Reward(s) In-game description
Primary objective The Spread of Undeath Occupy, loot, raze, or sack 8 different settlements. Treasury: +4000 Mannfred's influence must spread across all of Sylvania and beyond into the Empire itself if he is to realise his dread ambition of becoming the first and only Eternal Emperor. But before he can rule, a powerbase should be established and fresh troops risen for the challenges ahead.
Bonus objective I Day Walkers Assassinate 2 Characters Treasury: +1000 The von Carstein bloodline has always excelled at deceit and disguise. Vampires have many guises - a court noble, a renowned wizard, a loyal servant, a baron's spymaster - It is in these roles that the Vampires turn fate to their advantage.
Bonus objective II The Legacy of Nagash Have at least 25 Vampire Corruption in the following provinces: Eastern Sylvania, Stirland, Western Sylvania, Zhufbar, Averland, Ostermark Treasury: +1000 When the Great Necromancer, Nagash, first dabbled with Dark Magic it seeped into the world and broke it. Now many millennia later, Nagash's legacy continues - ravaging the world wherever Necromancy is practised.
Bonus objective III Always Another von Carstein Be at War with 5 Factions Treasury: +1000 Mannfred was not the first von Carstein, nor will he be the last. In the last few decades there always seems to be another of Vlad's despicable sires crawling out of his crypt. Each as power hungry as the other. But it is Mannfred we serve and so we must ensure he maintains power.
Bonus objective IV At the Centre of the Web Complete 8 Missions Treasury: +1000 Mannfred lies at the centre of a great web of intrigue. A manipulator worthy of Tzeentch! From his lair, our master sends word to his puppets of tasks to be done, accounts to be settled and missions to achieve.
Bonus objective V A Bloody Quest Complete 1 Quest Chain Treasury: +1000 Our master has scoured the world for forbidden lore and artefacts of power. It's a search that continues and so word has reached us that another item of great power is within Count Mannfred's grasp.

Chapter 3

Rank Name Objective(s) Reward(s) In-game description
Primary objective The Long Night Occupy, loot, raze, or sack 12 different settlements. Treasury: +6000 Now is the time for Fell Bats to blot out the sun, for gloom to fall upon the lands of the living and the Long Night to begin. Mannfred's dominion shall extend far and wide if the prophecies in the Liber Noctus are to come true.
Bonus objective I The Ghosts of Hel Fenn Assassinate 3 Characters Treasury: +1000 Of the von Carsteins, it was Vlad who was seen as the military genius - taking his Undead hosts to the walls of Altdorf itself. Mannfred, however, was thwarted at Hel Fenn. If this new incursion is to be considered a threat, then our master's forces need victory in battle.
Bonus objective II Revenge of the Doomlord Maintain control of 45 units Treasury: +1000 Rise the Undead legions - let them tirelessly march forth just like the armies of the Doomlord of olde!
Bonus objective III The Climate of Terror Have at least 25 Vampiric Corruption in the following provinces:

Eastern Sylvania, Stirland, Western Sylvania, Zhufbar, Averland, Ostermark, Eastern Border Princes, Northern Worlds Edge Mountains, Peak Pass

Treasury: +1000 The von Carsteins dominate their homelands because of the terrifying climate they propagate. The few mortals that reside in or close to Sylvania live in constant fear, such is the power of the Midnight Aristocracy.
Bonus objective IV The Curse of Centuries Complete 15 Missions Treasury: +1000 As the Undead rise and march forth, the influence of Dark Magic spreads across the lands - fell creatures take roost in once-homely caves, trees become rotten and twisted, and even houses buckle and decay as the corruption spreads.
Bonus objective V Fury of Nagash Be at War with 5 Factions Treasury: +1000 Back in the mists of time, when the Kings of Nehekhara rose up against Nagash, they were initially repelled by the Great Necromancer's awesome power. Our Lord must echo such victories and repulse all that challenge us!

Chapter 4

Rank Name Objective(s) Reward(s) In-game description
Primary objective Behold the Midnight Aristocracy Occupy, loot, raze, or sack 16 different settlements. Treasury: +8000 Mannfred's fell influence saturates the lands, but for the scions of Sigmar's Blood to truly fear the power of the Vampires then all the Old World must be taken in von Carstein's name. Nothing is beyond the reach of the Midnight Aristocracy!
Bonus objective I From the Charnel Pits Maintain control of 60 units Treasury: +1000 The Necromancers have raided the charnel pits and brought us fresh corpses. These should be joined with our legions to create a mighty Undead host worthy of the von Carstein name.
Bonus objective II Political Domination Have at least 25 Vampiric Corruption in the following provinces: Eastern Sylvania, Stirland, Western Sylvania, Zhufbar, Averland, Ostermark, Easter Border Princes, Northern Worlds Edge Mountains, Peak Pass, Hochland, Ostland, Talabecland, Wissenland Treasury: +1000 Mannfred must maintain political power of his domains. If he is to keep his quarrelling, power-hungry siblings in check then there cannot be any reason for them to question his motives and will. For should a rival Vampire sense weakness, it will strike.
Bonus objective III I Grant Thee A Great Boon! Reach Rank 20 with 1 Lord(s) Treasury: +1000 There is a danger by giving a creature as ambitious and predatory as a Vampire too much power. But Mannfred has been around his kin for centuries and knows how to deal with such turn-coats. However, he needs servants that are more than mere pawns, so must grant them a modicum of his power.
Bonus objective IV Invocation of Power Reach Rank 20 with 1 Hero(es) Treasury: +1000 Mannfred sees his agents as little more than tools, yet some tools are more useful than others. For those lucky few minions, great rewards await - depending on how they serve our master of course.
Bonus objective V The Curse of Ages Be at War with 5 Factions Treasury: +1000 Mannfred's pall of darkness reaches across the nations, infusing the land with Dark Magic. Every place it touches, the dead no longer rest easily in their graves and crypts are broken open from the inside. And so the Undead take the world from the living...

Chapter 5

Rank Name Objective(s) Reward(s) In-game description
Primary objective An Eternal Emperor Occupy, loot, raze, or sack 20 different settlements. Treasury: +10000 The time is now - Mannfred von Carstein needs to make his move and take Sigmar's throne, or claim the lands from any foe - living or immortal - that dares resist the inevitable. Mannfred will rule over all as an Eternal Emperor - an immortal king that even the Chaos Gods bow to!
Bonus objective I The Endless Legion Maintain control of 100 units Treasury: +1000 The Undead are inexhaustible - able to constantly replenish with each new killing. The mortals fear our legions, for they know deep down that, eventually, they will rise up and join them. It is time for our master to field such an army - a legion of Undeath that no foe can challenge!
Bonus objective II Blackest Will Have at least 25 Vampiric Corruption in the following provinces: Eastern Sylvania, Stirland, Western Sylvania, Zhufbar, Averland, Ostermark, Eastern Border Princes, Northern Worlds Edge Mountains, Peak Pass, Hochland, Ostland, Talabecland, Wissenland, Middenland, Nordland, Reikland, Southern Oblast Treasury: +1000 The machinations of the von Carsteins are complex and despotic. At the height of his power our master, Count Mannfred, must be ready to fend off any plot from a rival sibling ready to strike from the shadows. With immortal glory so close, maintaining his dominion is essential.
Bonus objective III Circle of Blood Reach Rank 20 with 3 Lords Treasury: +1000 The Eternal Emperor stands ready to take his throne! His most loyal subjects will be rewarded with immortality and other gifts that no mortal could even comprehend; prepare those our master has deemed worthy to enter his scared circle.
Bonus objective IV Those Who Serve Reach Rank 20 with 3 Heroes Treasury: +1000 The mortals must fear Mannfred's touch - fear that his reach is long and that nowhere is safe from the dread Count. To extend such a reach he needs willing servants, with the power and status to influence every area of mortal society.
Bonus objective V The Curse of Immortatlity Be at War with 5 Factions Treasury: +1000 For Count Mannfred to sit upon a throne of bone as an Immortal Emperor, he must spread his influence far and ensure that his Unliving Empire is ready for its dread sovereign.



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Out of all of the Vampire Counts, Mannfred is the easiest to play. The most advantageous skill is the increase in wind of magic reserves, combined with items that give regeneration rate and power reserves, Mannfred can pick off the enemy lord or army before engaging in actual combat. Mannfred's mobility is also boosted by his hellsteed and the Zombie Dragon. A master of magic and a fearsome combatant on his dragon, there are few who can stand against him.