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Marienburg Docks is a Special Port in Total War: Warhammer & Total War: Warhammer II located in Marienburg.

"Marienburg is not a safe place in which to loiter, although the riches that pass through make it worth the risk."


There are many dangerous places in the Old World, but the Squiddock of Marienburg is right up there. It is here that the wares of the semi-criminal Burgomeisters are unloaded, ready for their onward journey into the Empire and hopefully avoiding any customs tariffs the Emperor sees fit to levy.



  • Icon income plus.pngIncome generated: 150
  • Growth.pngGrowth: +30
  • Replenishment.pngCasualty replenishment rate: +15%

Dark Elves[]

Tomb Kings[]

  • Icon income plus.pngIncome generated: 100
  • Growth.pngGrowth: +10


  • Icon income plus.pngIncome generated: 500
  • Growth.pngGrowth: +10

Building Chain[]